Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Susahnya hati..

Akibat pegi blakang rumah pun nak naik basikal..yang jarak 50km pun nak naik basikal sedangkan Hiroshima adalah sebuah bandar yang sangat terkenal dengan street car =| hoho..
Saye adelah pembasikal tegar (sebab hamba kan baru je tahu naik basikal sepanjang 26tahun kehidupan -__-")
Maka, lihat!tayar sudah botak..
Yang susah hati kerana..satu tayar beharga 4000en. 2 tayar 8000en. Basikal saya ni kesuluruhannya tak sampai harga satu tayar pun T_T..mane x berat hati nk beli tayar je..baik beli basikal baru terus!Tak gitu??
Tapi..basikal ini sudah dirasakan seperti baby sendiri=) Like my Kelisa back in Malaysia=)
Don't worry Bluiey..I will take care of you =)

Ok, tamat sudah luahan susah hati saya..semoga tayar tidak pancit di pertengahan jalan kerana saya masih enggan membeli tayar baru..hehe..

Monday, May 23, 2011

After a hectic day..

And feels so hungry tahap infinity...then you get back to your office and sees this..

Ape lagi!!mkn la mcm anda mkn nasik!!haha..
At least this has put smile on my face after a long, tiring day=)

Thank you Dr.Kanda!!
Wani-chan ^_^

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ichiman 'Food'

Just a few days before Golden week, I was invited to this one Alumni Meeting and Party for our...err..rich department!
The thing was held at this one hotel..5 minutes from my house=)
No..I'm not gona be telling you about the 'Japanese Style' Meeting which..you could guess..extremely senyap..I can hear my own breath..so, I breath slowly during the whole show=|

After that, then we had party..again..their style. Sgt sopan. Our seat was properly planned. So, I have to sit with somebody who speaks english "well".

To my surprise..actually..all participants have to pay ichiman (about RM400) as registration fee.
But..none of us ryugakusei (foreign student) paid=p
Oh, then I remember how big my mouth was telling my sensei "it was so expensive!I don't think I will go". So, finally they let us go for free T_T Too late..he knew I am a Malaysian..=|

So, for ichi man..What do you get here??Hmm..

Sashimi..No..I didn't eat the red one=/

Chawan mushi
This is the starter..plates of Japanese kuih.
Sushi. I know..this doesn't look like sushi at all=p

Ok guys..ade Rm400 bolela mkn mcm ni. Don't forget to leave some RM20 to fill ur empty stomach later=p hehe..

Gomennasai..I don't know. Blogspot fenin..gambar tak bole nk pusing T_T
Puan wani

Friday, May 20, 2011


I am NOT a blogger yang menjadi idola ramai...hoho
Tapi apalah salahnya if we put some credits for ideas that came from this humble blog in fact from any other blogs kan??
I have stumbled through many bloggers who used ideas from here and also using designs I used in my own wedding..
Co-incidence maybe??

Bye2 Ichigo..

The whole keturunan knew about how I will suffer If I didn't get fruits for a day. This is serious!
I used to stop by kt fruit stall on the way home..almost everyday..or I can say..everyday=p
If musim mangga, I usually bought the least 2.5kg/day.2kg for me..and .5 kg for people who will stare at my mangoes when I reach home=|don't make me elaborate on rambutan, manggis, buah ciku, durian, mate kucing, longan, jambu batu, jambu air madu, betik, epal, langsat dan keluargenye, etc..
If grapes..the least I usually bought about 2.5kg also..and usually only 1.5kg were successfully carried home (1kg already selamat digested..).
Pisang?no..x berape nk minat..by I love pisang goreng!!(ok..talk about pisang goreng later)

Hubby kept telling me about how pricey fruits are in Japan since..err..years ago.
Then I found out..he's lying..in Japan, all things are pricey!potential of getting homeless here is so high *_*
Don't ask me how do I feel if I convert the price of everything=| huhu..you won't eat again -_-"

Anyways, I'm enjoying ichigo (strawberries) while they are still on the rack. Summer is approaching..and it's time for tembikai and peaches ^_^
A plate of ichigo with milk..my usual 'mouthwasher' after dinner ^-^ heaven!when you have it while talking with hubby on skype^_^..

Live your life to the fullest ya..
Puan Wani

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two today

No.1: I am definitely most certainly sickly homesick!!
No.2:Reading Quran really gives you a peaceful mind=)

Buat Suhaila

This post is the continuation of this post.
I have been postponing getting the thing done for months!!Lot's of problems occur in the process of getting the gift that I have in mind.
After the earthquake and a few aftermath..people was like avoiding Tokyo..
Finally...rezeki Puan Suhaila tiba juga..

Here you go..hehe..Posted on the last two days. Hopefully..the box reaches you safely=)

And hope you like this ^_^

Good luck in your reception prep, dear Puan Suhaila!!

Puan Wani

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blame Blogspot

I think everybody knows about blogspot down for 2 days..(lebih kurang)..
Unfortunately I am one of the unlucky blog owner who lost their recent posts.
When I am able to access my dashboard, the posts were there and put as 'scheduled' although the date has passed..
So, I changed the post options by changing the publication time.
Ok, the posts got published...but the comments all hilang...
I have no ideas where they have gone to T_T..
Therefore, for those who has leave comments and it was not here anymore..'blame blogspot' =p

Tu saje..^_^ Happy weekend everyone!

Nabana No Sato

sigh..I have posted a teaser here.

Ok2..I know..dah basi=( *mcm bento harini..huhu..now I'm so hungry dengan hingus meleleh2 n gigi penuh teselit cokelat..gross T_T)

I am not sure if spring has actually over..Why too soon!!Everybody talked about weird weather since the major earthquake. But, nobody 'dare' to justify more about this because we are also not sure how the earthquake and weather are related=p
*wow..again..not related introduction*

Ok, back to the teaser..
In Nagoya..there are not so many interesting places you can visit. It's not that they are not interesting...they are just less advertised=p hehe..for woman..we have no problem. We can just go to kedai kain for every visit=p

Apart from the castle and the outlet (heaaaavennnn), for spring Nagoya will provide you with ..

This place is all about...


More flowers..

Yes..more and more flowers till you don't know which stalk to give your attention too...to hold..to touch..to hug..to smile at!!
I don't know if it's only me..I appreciate flowers if they came in few stalks=p hehe...

and yes..more flowers in many colors that allow you to do these..=|
Ok, and..ice-cream perisa tulip! This one..I like..life experience! ^_^

Actually, in nabana no sato..you can find not just all these..there are more than I can explain.
We tried so hard to catch the perfect view witnessed by us. But trust me..no camera can catch what we have seen..You guys just have to come and see it yourselves ^_^
No worries, there are so many places like nabana no sato on earth. hehe..In Japan alone..almost in every prefectures..at least. Come! It's worth a visit ^_^

I consider nabana no sato is better than any other park because..check this out !=p haha...

Now you know ^_^..

Happy Birthday Paie!!and Happy Birthday (seriously birth day) to her new born baby Boy!!!*The best birthday gift ever received by her I guess* ^_^
Puan Wani

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Waa...Now I know myself..I am a person who can only write when I feel happy!
Gloomy struck making me having mind block! (particularly at the region specialize in expanding ideas=|)
Therefore, chotto matte kudasai...let me suck happiness around here first k...

*sucking* *sucking* *sucking* (while walking around...er..the hospital=| how many part per million of happiness traces I'll be able to absorb=| sigh..)

Besides that..cliche reason will be..b.u.s.y.


I got proof=|


I know..teaser again..wait till I finish sucking all the happiness around here..like dementors=p haha..
Till then..matta! ^_^

Sunday, May 1, 2011

1 May

"Esok bertolak pukul 2pg..U tido cepat!"

-Woke up at 130am to get ready. Saw him walking to the bed. Thought he was getting ready..-

"Kite betolak lepas suboh!kunci jam pukul 4."

-what??he just went to bed??-

Now it's already 10am..we are still at home..The wife is updating the blog and teh husband..I am not so sure..=|

Well, today is the 1st of May *while the husband thought it's 31st of April=|*

We are going to Tokyo..fetching my in laws in Haneda. Update you guys soon of our activities=p ahahah (konon femes blogger=p)

This entry is just to wish my ex-fiance.. Selamat Ulang Tahun pertunangan pertama !!haha
I love u!



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