Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bila susah nak apply US visa...

...maka I have to let a representative go instead of me.
Yours truly is the first author of this paper, but I could not go. Sedih juga actually.
But, oh well, I have already completed the graduation requirement given by the university and the sponsor.
I was supposedly scheduled to go. SInce I am a Malaysian, residing in Japan, Hiroshima pula tu, complicated sangat T_T ceh...

This paper presentend in Houston, Texas.

My requirement for myself? Not yet. A little bit more. Doing now:) Another paper in progress.

p/s: Thank you Usui sensei and Shintani sensei. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Three Arrows

Today I'm wearing a purple top. Well, not really purple. A plum purple (un)matched with a purple tudung.
Anyway, there's one sensei who always complimenting (commenting) on my appearance everyday which apparently so colorful!lol XP 
He is one of anak jati Hiroshima la boleh kata. He always proudly tell me stories about Hiroshima, always encourage me to go to Hiroshima exclusive shops, anything Hiroshima he will recommended me to try.
So, boleh kata he is so patriotic gitu.

It happens, the purple that I'm wearing at the moment is the color of Sanfrecce (read:san-frec-ce).
I know right??I was at first so synical about the name. 
Can you guess what is Sanfrecce?
It's the Hiroshima soccer team. 
San means three, and frecce means arrows. Sanfrecce as a whole means three arrows.
According to my sensei, the emperor of Hiroshima during the edo period was famous with his three arrows, hence the name of sanfrecce.
geez..I know, the rhythm doesn't feels right especially when we want to cheer for the team!lol!
Oh, and purple is apparently a Japanese red.

Anyway, I went to a sanfrecce match last weekend.hehe..
Apparently, Sanfrecce is now at second place!sugoiii!!!
My husband was so excited that I got him the ticket. hehe...He said Sanfrecce is strong. So, the game must be really exciting.
Turned out, it was exciting!!No time for your adrenaline to be degraded. lol!

The game was held at the Big Arch, Hiroshima. So easy to go anyway. The exciting part, when we reach the station, there's bus in lines to pick up the Sanfrecce's supporters (us!). So systematic. Even the bus drivers were wearing Sanfrecce's jersey. Banyak gila bas la. All for Big Arch.

When we arrived, with me looks so purple (hehe), I was instantly caught the attention of the journalist., you know, they invited me for interview and photo session. They were so teruja gitu looking at especially my XD
Tapi yang over gila jawab soalan wartawan...sape lagi..kan..mamat yang pegi tgk sanfrecce pakai baju  Cantona, Manchester United T___T tak malu sangat T_T Padahal wartawan tu tertarik ngan bini beliau yang sangat purple -__-" 
At the end of the conversation, the journalist remind us to get the magazine which will be out in XP

How's Sanfrecce?
That day, Sanfrecce faced Saitama ( XD)
I think Sanfrecce is so strong. They keep attacking the whole game. Seriously!The players were like playing just at one side of the field, i.e the Saitama's side. lol XD.
However, so frustrating though. So many climax without finishing.
Despite the performance being so satisfying, the game ended with nil for both.

Tapi Sanfrecce memang sugoii!

The Big Arch, me in now-turn-to-sanfrecce's top, and hubby in Cantona's Manchester United jersey -__-"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A vs B=dilemma

A: source
B: source

A to B wa dochira ga ii?
Between A and B, which one is better?

Dochira mo ii (both are fine)
But after looking a little deeper, I prefer B T_T
But it's too late already T_T
I wanna go B T_T

*wiping tears*

If it's you, which one would you choose?

Monday, June 18, 2012

The cons of a decade relationship

Almost a decade before we finally got married.
Honestly, I did not really ready in many ways to be a wife.
But, the situation lead us to that. It`s totally kerja yang maha Esa yang menyatukan kami.
If jodoh kita sampai, mashaAllah..banyak sangat clue2, dorongan yang akan memudahkan kita ke arah itu.
Alhamdulillah mine is a smooth-sailing. Hiccups usually came from the unnecessary dunya things lah kan. The prep and all. Alhamdulillah juga I did not really made it a big deal except us got to nikah.
It is a wise decision at least not to care about how people would think my majlis is. That would be the case why people really want a `beautiful` majlis. 
Anyway, this writing is not about that.
You know how I live in here alone. Some weekends I would be busy with appointments with friends. A few times I went to baking class, piano lesson, read books, experimenting in my kitchen, `partying` with my friends at my house, cleaning, going to labs, shopping, cooking for a week stock (like baby starting solids:P).
Note that everything I do at home I was not entirely alone. My husband is always on skype.
We always argue, singing along, screamed at each other (ok, it`s just me who did that:|), listening about our day (again, I usually have so many stories in one day that I had only a tad memory about his days if ever he managed to tell me anything:| I think I have to improve on my timing since we don`t have all day to listen to my rambles:|) or even watching movie together (me through skype..sigh). The point is, we are always on skype! I think if my neighbor could listen to me, they might have been worry about the possibility of having a schizophrenic lady next door.hehe..

No, this condition however does not improve my loneliness, does not really help me ease the pain of being away from him. I know he feels the same way too. This has done us nothing, instead making our heart grows fonder for each other every minute. Alhamdulillah...I pray the feelings will be refreshed even more as we are aging and when we finally managed to live by each other`s side later, inshaAllah.. 

OMG, I did drove you out of the topic am I?tsk.

 Not just I talk alone in my house, I always appear to be talking alone while walking, cycling and shopping.
Sometimes when I don`t have confidence (read as trying to hide my jejak from hubby), I decided to go jalan-jalan (read shopping) alone without first telling him. gahahaha..Woman, you should understand me.
This shopping kicks comes at random. You cannot simply fight this feeling ok. Especially when malls are just across the roads at every point of your turns!

So, I go la..usually when I have 1 or 2 hour of free time. I just follow my heart kan which at the time I came to my conscious, my bakul already penuh..then the phone rang. 
"Wani..put back all the things you grab. Menyesal nanti" guess who this was, girls:|
I usually feeling a little annoyed, "But this small kettle is so cute (it was not even compatible with my induction stove). And this food processor (which looks like a trophy deserved to be kept in glass box) is cute too!!I don`t have food processor. Also, you should see this coffee set (price absurd with only one cup and a silver tray)." sigh..if it wasn`t because of him, I may have by now filled my house with many useless stuff and perhaps no savings!>,<
We have to admit that men are wiser at this area. Or is it just the case of us? >,<
Sometimes, when I was walking (fast) heading to the mall just 5 minutes from my house, my husband will call me and asking "ha...nak pergi mana tu??" He wasn`t said hello or moshi-moshi yet>,< I suspected that my body may have been planted with some sort of tracking device:| agree?

Worse, he could predict what my gift will be a year ahead T_T

So, what to get him for our anniversary>,< Tak lama sangat lagi ni T_T
I tried not to speak of anniversary or birthdays, but at times this topic occur and I felt a little offended on how he is looking down on my `talent` of giving him present. Yes, for a decade we have been together. 
Is it the worst record...ever?:|

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Current project

My current project;

sneak peek...
I hope I can finish this soon...
Now, the problem is, how can I cuci and make it like a photobook as the end product?
Kalau di Malaysia, panjang sikit langkah, here errr....
I wanna do this fully on my own if I can. Taknak mintak tolong bebeh T_T

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

I'm not sure whether you can relate with what I'm about to post this time.
This time around I nak share my experience visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
Actually, you can find many peace memorial museum around the globe (nampak sangat dunia ni penuh dengan peperangan). But Hiroshima might be one the most attractive as it was the first place in the world victimized by the scariest weapon of all, the atomic bomb.
Don't just look at this issue as small. I was at first could not relate, have difficulties to understand their feelings. Until I came to visit this museum, and saw with my own eyes the leftovers of the bomb. 
It does looks like a doomsday to me in which a city full with houses and livings, became dust in a blink of an eye. That's how scary this weapon could be. That is also why, keeping atomic bomb in a country granting them some sort of security. At the moment, the highest number of atomic bomb possessed by Russia. hehe..maybe takde sape berani nak cari pasal ngan Russia at the moment:p

Learning from books maybe not as interesting as visiting the real thing kan?
Yours truly also did not realized that the buildings, bridges, monuments that I passed by so many times actually play significant roles during the tragedy. Until I came to this museum then I know.
Okla, I don't want to membebel panjang, let me share with you a few of the attractive parts in the two-level museum.

The first level is mainly about the introduction, the chronology of why it happened, why hiroshima, why atomic bomb, why and why and why. Very useful for people who has so many questions like me:D

This is especially interesting. The watch stopped at exactly the time the bomb was dropped. I bet this must be full with radioactive >,<

Letter from Einstein to the President at that time, telling his discovery on the probable most dangerous weapon of all time. See how science turn bad.

How Hiroshima's fate was determined. At first, there were 4 cities 'short-listed'. Then due to good weather Hiroshima's fate was sealed. Look at the top-right picture. Can you see the T-shaped bridge? That's the target of the bomb from the sky. The bridge is still intact till today where I always cycle on top of it. Bottom-right is how the 'little boy' looks like.
The entrance of this museum is only 50yen. For me, a student, it's free. But 50 yen??Please la..murah gila T_T The museum sangat interesting. I'm glad my husband enjoyed it so much, which is rare!haha..

Friday, June 15, 2012

Because of you, Dad...

I was not born in a rich family.
The good thing about it is, I am simply satisfied with small things, only simple gesture is enough to make me happy.
Last week, Hiroshima is having weather transition from spring to summer.
So, the days are always breezy especially when the sun was about to set. 
Anyway, one of the day, I decided to come home early. 
I usually use my journey home, the cycling time as thinking time.
That day, my mind keep running the memory of me and my late dad.
The weather reminded me the day when I was in standard 1-2, when I was still wearing the dark blue pinafore to school.
If I have to school in morning session, my dad will send me there. I will always be the earliest to arrive. My dad like it that way. Not just school, but anywhere that he has to send me. He likes to keep time that much.
When I was in the evening session, he will try many ways to pick me up.
I was always a small child. That made him extra worries I heard.
When the day he fetch me and it was raining, we always stop by the nearby roti canai stall and he usually had a roti canai with kuah banjir and air milo panas. When he had to share the drink with me, he will avoid caffeine, I know.
He knows his kid well. He knows I eat and drink very little. Anybody who knows me would know that.
So, my dad usually will just koyak sikit the roti canai for me and pour the milo on the saucer for me to drink.
That's one thing I really miss (I feel like crying at the moment).
Yes, he always pour a part of his hot drink on the saucer and tiup to cool for me. I love that anyway:(
I really miss that.
Then, when he started talking with some of his acquaintance in the stall when they happened to meet, he will proudly told them I was his anak. hehe.I was cute back then, people will always found me entertaining.lols:p

My late dad was a good dad.
He is not a rich man, but he did everything to provide his children. 
Let's say my abang and kakak who are way older than me.
My abang is the most untung among us siblings. He got the tertiary education fully sponsored by our dad. He even provided with car and a motorcycle during his student years. 
Then during my sister's time, my dad did everything to get my sister a car. Because he was so risau my sister riding a bus to university.
Then when he managed to buy a kancil for my sister, my kakak pula tak berani bawak.
So, he took time to patiently train my sister to drive. That time, my dad was not advised to drive due to his eye condition. 
Then I expected the same when my time comes.
But the universe denied that. My dad passed away just a few days after I finished my matriculation final examinations.
That time, I never really think about what my brother and sister have obtained but not me.
Never. Till I write this entry.
So, I live with whatever I have during my university years.
When my dad passed, I have to get a loan to pay for the fees. Alhamdulillah we are in Malaysia, as long as you are secure for university, inshaAllah, it's easy to get the money.
For pocket money? I work many part time jobs as tutor. Alhamdulillah..I earn so much with the help of people around me, the nice people I met during the journey.
When I reach the bump in my path, I always pray to Allah and at the same time talking to my dad silently.
I am so much convinced, even though he is not around to be with me during my journey, he had actually assisted me, protected me, until today, that I have achieved so much.
I have to say that he was the only light in my life. Sometimes I feel he was the only reason I am doing what I'm doing. And, I am still. Because of you, dad.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parisien Macaroon

I finally know how to make these..
I know..hehe
Finally I know how to make macaroon!!
I don't like macaroon. Paling boleh makan 1 small bite.
Manis sangat T_T
And it is indeed consisted of purely white egg, lots of sugar and almond powder.
Memang bahan yang sangat mudah and ringkas.
No doubt I would be selling this later. Easy to make, and modal pun murah.
But why la macaroon usually are sold so takai (expensive)?
Because this is sooo easy..i'll definitely will be making it again and again and again..gahaha..

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Made in Japan only!

To coffee or tea lover, I'm sure you understand the importance of having a properly served coffee right?

Don't you just love this pot? 
I've been looking for a nice coffee pot like forever.
I've been dreaming for a tea/coffee set, with Japanese element, like months already!
Bosan gila dah kot. lols!
Ada banyak yang cantik but most of them (yang affordable) are made in china!!
wats de poin?>,<
So, yesterday I had guest during tea time.
And guess what, I served them coffee in plastic cup:|
And I have to mentioned "the coffee worth a treasure despite of the cup." I know right..who would say such thing to a guest >,<
Then, in the evening I went out for a matsuri walk with my friend that I stumbled with this cute pot.
Nothing says "I was made in Japan" with the pot.
SIap ada brand kedai kopi yg tak berapa nak best lagi. lols!
But it's cute, high in quality, high durability, light, and......CHEAP!
So, finally I have a decent pot to go with my kawaii coffee cups which I have finally decided to use them, replacing the plastic cup that has been in used for months:| And I have the collection of these pretty sakura cups for quite a long time already.Tapi sayang nk pakai.lols.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Good news, bad news

Bad news,
Summer is here.
The season with most hates I guess.
Panas wehh T_T
That's why I decided to buy a BIG hat! (caps lock are put in purpose:D)

Which one suits me better?;D

I was actually influenced by my friend Ulfah. hehe..
Last year I was influenced by another friend to buy a UV umbrella.
But I found it isn't practical for me especially for me whom all about practicality.
So, I decided to ditch the UV umbrella and opt for BIG hat which I first got attracted looking at Ally/Ellie in Cougar Town.hehe..
It's undeniably looking a bit weird on a hijabster, but oh well,I'll try my best to make it look good on me ^_^

Another news, good news.
Do you know that I have struggled to just eat chicken/meat in here due to lack of supply in Hiroshima City?
It's hard for other Malaysia in Hiroshima to understand my excitement coz most of them are residing in Saijou, the more rural area where the main campus of Hiroshima University is located, therefore, the higher population for students.
So, I survived mostly with other source of proteins; seafood and eggs.
Nasib baik, I was trained to eat fish everyday in my house. So, fish for me is a must. Tapi let's be honest kan, ayam is so easy to cook and keep. And sometimes, you do craves for red meat.
In that case, I have to import chicken/meat from Toyohashi that my husband bought for me in prior.
Memang sedikit leceh but what to do, at least ada jalan.

Since last month, I received a good news that a Halal shop has opened!
Two minutes away from my house! ALhamdulillah:)
It's like, turun lift, lintas jalan and there is the kedai! yatta!!
Syukur, banyak dah kehidupan di sini dipermudahkan olehNya. Slowly, this place has transformed as my comfort zone:)
Stopping by the shop on the way home:)


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