Friday, February 21, 2014

Running away from Running Man, people!

For the last two weeks, I have been staying at my in laws. I decided it is the right thing to do to accompany my two sister in laws because parents in laws are doing their umrah. Little that I know, staying with them will change me in the way that I have never...imagined (insert bunyi guruh here).

Before this time, I could never understand anything when I pass by them watching this Korean`s version of variety show; Running Man. Every time, I will go 
"what is happening? Why you girls laughing that hard??"

Until, I gotta stay with them, and they made me watch this one episode, I can`t remember which one but I was totally in awe and laughing to the point that I almost peed in my pants. lol xp I can`t remember which episode because obviously..I watched too many in the period of one week! OMG!
I didn`t just watch it because of it crazy hilarious, I watch it because for it `unpredictability` (if there`s such a word) of every episode! You know how I will go "blerghh.." if watching a very predictable movie or drama which at the end of the show I feel so "blerghhh" too?.
Most of the time, the game will test the ability of the participants to strategize. As the viewer, it made me think too..and scream the tips from the top of my lungs to the TV screen as if they can hear me. The bottom line is, this game made you think..and laugh at the same time. Both are things I would like to do, hence the craze over the show. I can`t believe Korean are so funny. Excuse me, I rarely watch any Korean drama or movie. I thought I love Americans sarcasms, but turned out Korean sarcasms are as well funny and..cute! haha. I can`t believe there was no script at all. The participants are already that hilarious especially that Kwang Soo. lol xp

One of the hilarious moment..Kwang Soo tries to kiss Ji Hyo to win her heart..if you know each of the characters, I swear you will be short of breath after watching this. lol xp

I realize my new addiction is quite frightening when I sleep, eat, drive, cook, bath, cleaning...Running Man. My little sister who has been in Running Man arena for the longest time already find me annoying because I keep asking about the program to her and made her listen to my review of the episode I had watched. I pity her though..I am already annoying as I am and this new addiction just made me more annoying than ever!

Before I stop, here`s my friendly reminder;

People..if anybody told you to watch this show, I recommend you DO NOT ever fall for that..and DO NOT ever try to understand what is happening when you see people are turning blue laughing their hearts out while watching this show. If you have a nature like me; like to laugh..please stay away from this show. Or else, you`ll be like face has turned a bit like a joker you know..due to too much laughing..I think I could not put my lips back to normal anymore. lol xp.

Enough with the dear Running Man fans out there..which episode will you recommend me to watch next? :D

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Just now I went home for lunch with my mother.
I will be away in no time. So, I want to spend quality time with her as much as I could, even if it means I will have to be in rush all day, have to walk several miles just to get to and fro of my car. But, I am more willing to be a bit tanned and smelly rather than feeling extreme guilt for not seeing her when I could.

So, while we are having lunch, mom tuned into the Wanita Hari Ini which was then discussing about `anak halang ibu bapa berkahwin` topic. I will not discuss further on this matter in this blog though. So, at the end of the slot, I asked her if she has ever thought of getting married. FYI, my father has passed away for 11 years already (Al-Fatihah). I told her, it is okay to want to get married again. You know why I think like that? Let`s flashback a bit..a few hours before I rushed home...

My field of speciality at the moment is cancer study at the molecular stage. So, I have to understand the disease starting at the single cell stage. Most of the time I have to study the protein folding and using the knowledge to manipulate the cancer to respond to the drug we are studying. The more I read about proteins, molecules, I realize nothing can actually exist alone. They will always be in pair (dimer). If they are not in dimer, they will have some sort of back up, in case they failed. That is why, cancer is difficult to kill. 
Ok, enough with the science. The bottom line is, everything I see here is created in pair.

Of course, mom doesn`t need to get married if she doesn`t want to. Because the dimer I mentioned just not are not just existed as heterodimer (pairing of different types). It could also homodimer (pairing of similar types). If mom like it, she can live in homodimer with me! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to handle braggers!

Do you know somebody who can brag about him/herself ALL THE TIME?

Like the above scene in the big bang theory when Howard has jut gotten back from the space, and everything he talks about was the space/the mission/or the fact that he is an astronaut!

I`m sure all of you has met at least one person like that. Even if when I said `it is hot in here` and... (s)he can brag about how wonderful and noble her/his job is. AHmaaazing! lol xp

Don`t feel annoyed, just...have fun and do experiment like the above!

I have done it several times me, not a single time I didn`t have a good laugh. Tapi dalam hati jela..hahaha.


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