Friday, April 12, 2013

Saijou sakura

Marking my last hanami in Hiroshima (perhaps, inshaAllah)

The event was held for all Malaysian in Hiroshima.

It was a short get together on a verrry breeeezy day! phew.

Nevertheless, it was awesome and I had fun enjoying the last moment of sakura. Alhamdulillah..

I am quite busy now, but taking a short break to put this entry just so that I wouldn't forget the moment:)

It was on Sunday afternoon, the same day husband left for Taiwan (he's still there at the moment :'( ), so we went separate ways at the train station. It was such a sad moment lambai kat, I took the first shinkansen back to Hiroshima.

Oh, did I forget to mention?I had a high fever since that Saturday. It was prolong and..torturing T_T

I don't want to be sick and stay at home alone. So, thank God the event was moved to a later time., dengan kedemaman, yours truly meredah naik train ke Saijou (a place where most Malaysians live).

chamwhoring with G. we have our personal photographer ya know;D

With M'sian ladies. Mosf of us are students.

Finally..M'sian in Hiroshima:)


Otsukaresama minnasan!



  1. pity me because i went to tokyo during early spring...but i 've seen some sakura tree starts blossom...i miss japan already!

    1. awww:( too bad.its ok, u cn use this alasan to come back here again ^_*

  2. Replies
    1. kan?satu taman yg besar gile tu pink je dr atas bukit :') aww..its ok anum, u've been there.nanti boleh dtg lg;)

  3. cantik sgt. so u dh sihat? husband i pun baru elok demam. take care

    1. alhamdulillah..dah soon as taking antibiotics, teros kebah.u have to drag ur husband to clinic tau.buat ayat2 sedeh lelaki mmg gitu.hehe..i selalu smpai,cara die nk pujuk ialah g clinic:p



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