Saturday, April 30, 2011


Shitsumon:"Why can't I be a housewife like your other friends' wives??=/"

Kotae:"I know you well enough so I sent you there (Hiroshima)"

Ok, he's right..Deep down I know he is right. But still I suffer so much of this extremely long distance relationship=|

Still..I keep questioning him this every time we fight=p

Hiroshima Castle

"have u visited Hiroshima Castle?"
"Oh, it's a must. Everyone of us has been there. It's just 10 minutes away from your house, dear" -while showing me their pictures with the castle. Some in winter and winter=p-
"I will..I'm waiting for the right time" you go..finally I visited one of the attraction in Hiroshima city; The castle.
The 'right time' I meant was..I wanna have a picture of myself with the castle! I just have that imagination when I came here=p In fact I have a lot imaginations picturing myself with absurdly stunning view=p
Wanna see how it turned out like??^_^
The most decent photo to share with all of you=) Believe don't wanna see the rest=p

When you least expect something..the things happened. Guess what..the next day fate brought me to Fukuyama Castle!I never asked for it..but I got another picture of sakura+castle.
I love Hiroshima Castle more!Hence the tepekan picture above ^_^

OMG Wani...sibuk dgn castle2 di Jepun ni..adekah anda sudah ada gambar dengan castle di Malaysia??=|tsk2...

Puan Wani

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion statement

"You wore almost everything"

"I did??" -mata besar-

"what is your fashion statement exactly??"

"fashion??how can they make statements"

"I mean your signature"

-face palm-

"Your identity??" -face palm in return-

"Oh..sorry.." -actually understood the question..just that she cannot accept the fact that she's being questioned about her attires while thinking nobody cares-
"Got it..let's put this attires should be practical and comfortable. Practical means it is easy to handle for toilet business also to my other movements..I will not wear any complicated layers of clothes as it will consume a lot of time and effort to manage (not to T_T). This is also applicable to my hijab. It supposed to be holding my hair nicely and it must not be causing any uncomfortable-ness along the day.."

-Long statement to cover my almost everyday hideous attires-

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fact..I'm telling the truth

Hubby and other boys (all kot) never locked their home.
# I still remember I need to pray but I won't make it on time if we have to do it at home. So, hubby stop at this house rented by his boy friends la kan..he opened it and we solat 2 waktu terus dlm tu..I was like.."WTH..are we breaking into other people's house??" and he went next door to get me cans of root beer=|but I still have to tahan my pee..I cannot pee't that a toilet??eww!!!

Later I learned..they all never locked their home..(but please at least lock it when you go home Malaysia!)

Hubby left every gadgets in the car..List me now..iPod, radio, ape tu yang tunjok2 jalan tuh..and the list goes on..=|
#Cube masuk carrefour Subang dgn kerete beliau skrg ni..mmg 4 tingkap pecah teros=|

No scanner at the entrance and the exit of malls or shops.
#Believe it or not..there's none..they even arrange the selling stuff outside of the shop, and cashier inside. Easy for criminal=p but they do that way because there are none=)

There's nothing bole cabut2 here cz no reason for that=|

That's all I can think of now.
Update you guys soon ^_^

Jya ne,
Puan Wani

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Golden Week

I still remember when I was in long distance relationship (LDR). I used to wait for him to come back around this time. It was fine during his student years cause we will be on sem break. So, he will be around me a little longer. But when he has started working, the longest he can cuti was..err...1 week=|and oh yes..1 week tu pun sebab wedding day=|

Japan is not like Malaysia. We here don't have many days off (if Malaysia it would be many many..even menang bola pun, shall we be thankful to Malaysia=p).
The culture here kan..they like to 'kumpul' cuti.
For example, one cuti in week A and 1 cuti in week B. So, susah nk cuti sekejap2..kumpul tros dua hari in week C. Got it?
That's what happen in Golden week (more or less) whereby scattered holiday happen very much near to each, isytihar cuti seminggu..begitulah..

But, I am a lucky little girl who lost her rabbit!
Professor gave me extra cuti because..I am a very poor young lady who has to stay far far away from her prince charming, hence the extraness=p

My 'evil' friends are planning for Korea trip..yeah..without me=|

My in laws are coming to, let's see how we (me n hubby) being their tourist guide=p

Puan Wani

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Onomichi:Hanami atas gunung

I was intended to put more pictures for this post..but won't be so pleasure reading while waiting the whole day for the photos to finish loading=p hehe..I always forgot about how bad our (Malaysia) internet service are when I'm here=p Gomenne ..
But I think we don't have to worry for long...I think Malaysia will catch up soon=)

Night hanami done..Hanami without the sakura (T_T) also done..What else??
Can think??hehe..

It was all unplanned..and we had no idea about the gunung and..the hot weather on that particular day=|

Most of the students here will have host family. Usually they will only have one host family. Sometimes you can have 10.haha..So, by having host family (which is of course must be a Japanese), senangla nanti bile your family nak dtg from Malaysia. No need hotel=p
Me??I don't have host family..coz I don't have time for that=/ Lagipun I have a husband here..Technically, he is my family=)

Ok, enough with that..

The idea for the trip came from my friend, G, host family. I refused at first..but when I think back..why shouldn't I join? Sakura is not coming so often and it's just hanami..I still have to eat right??Nothing to lose there..So I agreed.

We went out so early that day to catch morning train to Onomichi. It's quite far from Hiroshima. I was excited because that was the first time I went out of Hiroshima to other places (besides Toyohashi, Nagoya and Tokyo=p haha). And I mean..with friends=) We really thought it's gonna be a short hanami, i.e. eat, talk and then we can go shopping in Diamond City afterwards..

When we arrived, G's host family briefed us about Onomichi and the place they proposed for hanami. I was's just a picnic right??
We have to walk about 5 minutes to this one village located on the hill slope.
The look was exactly like Greece. Everything was built on the hill slope. Not far from the hills where houses are built, was stunningly beautiful sea with small ports and trust me..breathtaking view of long long hanging bridge.

But, we never thought the road up there will be so steep and..err...difficult. In my case, I think I faced the worst situation coz..I was wearing heels!!I am not a heel person okeh..I was just wearing heels on a day I think I might not be walking much..but that was not JUST a longggggggg walk..we are like mendaki gunung batu yang sgt2 steep..T_T..Imagine that..and don't forget our picnic bag=|oh and don't forget the suddenly hot weather as we walk up the hills=|

Please bare in mind the heels I wore were 3 inches which I jarang2 pakai!Seriously..nk bediri pun susah sebab the very steep road up=(

Other that that..we still enjoy the view on the way up..We saw a lot of building like this..mcm harry potter x???=p *Damn! G wore flat shoes=/* and of course variations of sakura tree bending towards the alleys up..protecting the rays for us=)

All of us dressed up extra well on that day..coz we had other plans in mind and having hanami with G's host family was a small part of our day schedule..we planned to dismiss at 1. But at 1..we still were..mendaki and tolak each other and...dragged each other up=/
This is the half way up..there was the main shrine of Onomichi..The guy was more hillarious coz he pakai baju mcm artis korea daki gunung=p ahhaha
Also, this place is famous with that 'batu besar'...I don't know why..
and this photo showing how half dead we were and ready to drag our foot up some more=p
Finally..sampai the peak..just the shrine where you can see the whole Onomichi..=) sgt2 cantik. and be careful of the strong wind. It can pushes you down the 'balcony' haha..and if you 'lucky' you are still alive..then you can climb back up=/
Ok, we are almost there..I just wanna show you the pathway along the hills when you past the shrine. Sakura tree along the road till..I couldn't made sure where's the end!Like a painting when you don't have enough space to draw=p

Trust me you don't wanna see our face after the 'climbing' session=/

Memang gile pergi mendaki tapi x plan lgsg T_T

But what can I say..what an experience!

So, if you plan of coming to Japan, come to Onomichi for some adventure!=p don't forget your heels..haha

Find out more about Onomichi here ^_^

Btw, the adventure wasn't stop until the climbing session okeh..=|

Bile menghitung hari je nk balik..mood baik je ^_^
Puan Wani

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Night Hanami

During my bachelor year..I met many girls who likes Japanese related things, especially the drama or anime. Honestly..I don't get it!haha..Have I now 'get it'??Still..No=p
I downloaded everything that's watchable by me here as all programmes in TV are in Nihongo T_T..
The TV station do provide english movies but..shockingly..they did narration over everything!
Can you remember soap opera once upon a time where their mouth moves differently and the voice came out sounded so differently??=p was like that=p annoying!

Eh, tajuk hanami laaa...

I know hanami from my friends who likes everything Japanese...=|
I know a few of them..they talk like anime..and reacted to the surrounding like the anime also=|
*you know who you are* haha
Hanami basically means having picnic while enjoying sakura. How to enjoy sakura??just by watching me..they got a point=)
Besides, (this is from my point of view) blooming day is like the day they finally able to stay outside due to extremely comfortable weather. So, personally I think they just want to enjoy the 'freedom'=)

Knowing me who wants to do everything because of the 'i'm gona die tomorrow' mindset=|..Of course I used this time to the maximum..
I did day well as night hanami..and yes..all in one weekend=) Hectic??yes..see my house..then you believe it=p

First, night hanami.
To fulfill this 'to do things before I die', I was kind of 'force' my Malaysian geng to do hanami together..bahaha..I don't care even we have to just drink sky juice under the dark sky..haha..
I proposed to do 'Nasi lemak night hanami' haha..
And lucky me..they agreed to the plan.

I chose nasi lemak coz..I think most people love it despite of the calorie=p
Apart from that..this is one dish that we can prepare the sides from different kitchen.
Alhamdulillah..everybody gave 110% cooperation to make the night hanami a success ^_^..

Here's the servings of the night=) I made the sambal udang..hehe..*pedas la cili jepon*

The shivering participants=p oh..including the photographer pelis..*ampun Yoo* haha..

For the record..I think the most magnificent hanami view I had witnessed so far the one and only Heiwa Koen (a memorial park of the first atomic bomb tragedy)...our night hanami spot..
the thing is..we do night hanami..hence the no-picture of the surrounding =| waaaaaaaa!!!!!
btw..our hanami spot was located by the river..can see or not *_*

The night hanami was one perfect hanami for me so far..despite of:
1-Sudden attack of coldness!
2-Sambal yang sgt pedas T_T
3-Kong's only dish (you don't wanna know =p)

Other than that..I was so happy ^_^

Err..yes, there will be another post about hanami..I promise you this one will be..extra different=p *poyo*
Puan Wani

Sakura tree at night=)

Friday, April 22, 2011

sakuraless hanami..sigh

Look at the picture above..hehe...'sakuraless' hanami with my darling (oh..I don't know which emoticon to put!whether to refer to 'sakuraless' part..oh 'hanami with my darling' part o_O)
Let's imagine the 'supposed to look picture' whereby..the tress above my head is filled with white pinkish petals=)
I know..why on earth we did 'hanami' without sakura??!! can it become hanami without sakura T_T..huhu...but he insisted to go=p plus, I am a person who love picnic..anything, no problem to pack everything and sit on the grass=)
Oh wasn't that bad..the environment was more dramatic despite of the sakuraless tree. Because the petals filled the air and flies around us while we eat=) hehe..(walopon asyik kene tutup semua hidangan kalau xnak jadi lauk sakura=p)..
Overall, we did had a great sakuraless hanami=)

Don't laugh okeh..coz not just us in the park..a lot of peoples also missed the sakura weekend a week before that..

One week before that??why haven't we had hanami together??
Longgg story..but it was!haha..not all..part.
But it's ok..I never regret it..
Before sakura arrived, I have a lot of plans in mind. Since this will be my first sakura moment kinda feeling like doing everything..and can't stop thinking 'How if I die within this year??I wouldn't be able to see this....that...', I decided to do everything before the sakura passed!Unfortunately..'pretty-ness' doesn't last long. Also applicable to sakura2=/
They only stayed for a week!with the help of hujan..they stayed even shorter=|
I nagged hubby to go to Kyoto..yes, I consider the place as the most beautiful spot in Japan..I think everybody in here will agree to that.

Initial plan was to tell the whole story about 'how I get my sakura dream to life'...but it will be too too long..better stop here..and I'll tell you what was I doing dumping my husband during the most beautiful weekend in Japan=/

yes, girls..we do have priority conflicts..some times=/
Puan Wani

Don't you see this like a piece of..heaven??=) stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still around=)

I am so missing blogging!!!
I am now in the midst of real 'Japanese work ethic'..huhu..before this I only heard about it..and now..experiencing it..As a 'true Malaysian'..I am having a hard time to get along with 'beyond absurd' schedule..
in logic..all works can only be completed in time if only..sleeping time is erased=|
Notwithstanding..deep down I know..all these will make a better me in the future..InsyaAllah=)

And well..despite of how busy I elaborate my life is currently..I still managed to visit..a small piece of 'heaven'

Here's the sneekpeek=)
Ok, stay tuned for more..=)

Jya matta everyone!
Good night! ^_^
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bread pudding for lazy bums=p

I have promised my friend to post on bread pudding recipe..
It has been a veryyyyyyyyyy long time since I last made one. Like 2 years ago kot=/
Ok..without further ado..

The ingredients..
1) a cup of sugar.
2) 4 eggs
3) 4 spoons of melted butter
4) 600ml evaporated milk or any kind of milk
5) a pinch of salt, drop of vanilla essence
6) loaf or any kind of bread you might preferred
7) banana or any fruits you like
8) raisins or any sprinkles of your likings
9) A blender

1- Blend together no items no. 1 to 5
2- Arrange the breads in a baking pan. Don't forget your fruits *see picture below*
Arrange the bread and fruits and make sure there are very little empty holes between them=)

*I usually opt for banana..other fruits give great taste could be peaches or pineapple*

3- Pour the blended items into the baking pan.
Ok, here's the key; when you pour it, give some time for the bread to absorb it..
facilitate absorption by pressing breads with a fork.
Keep pressing and add the blended items little by little..this process will take some times.
*This is very important it well to ensure the 'puddingness' of your bread later on =p*

4- Sprinkle some raisins on top..

5- Bake: 180 degree, 45 minutes.

Freshly baked from the oven=)
*Once it cooked, let it cool in room temp. for a few minutes before you cut it. Don't keep it in the oven..nnt die penyek=p*
Ok, cut it in pieces you desired=)
*tips: Rotan je tgn sape yang cungkil bread pudding cantik anda tadi ngan garpu- mase anda tgh mandi=|*'s so obvious I composed this post in a hurry T_T..
Jya matta ne..Puan Wani

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

DisneySea:Duffy Madness

Do you know what character is that??err..I mean the brown bear tu..bkn pink bear at the front=p

That's Duffy. The Duffy..The bear always appear as the toy for Mickey and Minnie..
sigh..until that pon they market this thing..
This thing is a new madness in Disney's land.
Everybody was carrying it..even the boys..and they take care of it like a real baby..
I saw some of them put the bear inside stroller and cover them with selimut bebagai..sigh..
Some were carried like a baby..and most were put in their coat like carrying a baby in baby carrier=| Yang x tahan lagi..most of them carried more than one Duffy..and of several different sizes!wth!haha..
Ok..let's check on Duffy in.. where else..Duffy's shop=| see..there's even kedai dedicated just to sell Duffy and it's stuff..
When I said means..baju for DIFFERENT SEASON..and everything else that's for me..ridiculous!
Ok, the smallest size Duffy cost 4,000 yen..(about rm100=|) And no, they are not usually carrying the smallest one!arghh!!!
Ok, don't let me start with Duffy's muffler=|
Look at how they make Duffy so trendy..
They also pasang some sort of seats for Duffy for photo taking purposes o_O sgt overrated=|
Oh, no..this photo xde kene mengena dgn Duffy dan keluarga beliau=p
that's us..leaving DisneySea..before the place was struck by tsunami T-T

Disneyland vs DisneySea??
Puan Wani votes for..*drumroll* Disneyland!ahaks!=p

Sunday, April 10, 2011

DisneySea:What else?

Gomennasai as I will be writing about DisneySea again T_T

Going to places like that..guys will have nothing in mind..other than get onto the rides as many as possible!gosh..
For me pulak..I want to enjoy every single detail of the view..ahahaha...(ye..mmg membazir kalau difikirkan tiket masuk T_T)
Ok..I manage to find one view showing the top of mermaid castle..still..this picture doesn't show the best view..
Told ya about how you could be exhausted due to long hours walking??
No worries..ade local transportation going around..but..we just cannot wait la..every angle..sebelah, celah..all amazing!So, we decided to feel every single steps in there! ^_^

Okay..since morning we only had melon pan..of course we were so hungry by the time we arrived.
The restaurant there also got theme. The themes are according to the location. Of the restaurant/cafe located in mediterranean territory, the foods offer were as the same concept. So, we have this idea that..mermaid land served only seafood..
And yeah, turned out we were right! ^_^
We had seafood pizza, ebi (prawn) burger and scallop soup ^_^
I cannot explained how delicious they were!especially the ebi burger..sedap sgt!!
I was intended to try scallop burger for dinner..unfortunately..they close very early T_T
Oh, behind me..mediterranean territory=) cantik kan ^_^

When you come to this fairytale land, one thing that you should never missed...
Pictures with the icons ^_^..
Grab the hold of them as you are walking around the place!
You have to be fast and muke tembok to get pictures with them ok!

Let's see a few snaps from my collections ^_^
We are about the same height=p
With the Cruella..eheh.mmg jahat gile pompan ni....die tolak2 sume org...haha

Ok, I hope my writing here would help you picturing DisneySea from afar..
I heard this place will only be open again for visitor in August..;/
Look at the bright side..meanwhile you guys can plan your trip here! eheh..

What else??hmm..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tokyo DisneySEA

Sambung dr post yang ini, well..I think most of you could guessed=)
We were having fun at Tokyo DisneySea..a day before the historic earthquake..

Don't worry..I won't be babbling about my schedule while I was there=p
I'll just share with you about what you could find there..
I don't know about you, but I never heard other places with DisneySea..Disneyland banyak la kot..That's why I nk sgt pegi=p

Oke, first of all, DisneySea is not as huge as DisneyLand..
And for me, the buildings, views, likings will be inclined towards Disneyland=) of course..castles everywhere!
But for pwincess T_T..
The rides are mainly for adults as for the movie adapted for them..
Like Indiana Jones, Journey to the center of the earth, etc.

Nevertheless, the architecture for Disneysea still marvelous!

Oke, like other DisneyLand, Universal Studio..this place also divided into particular themes..
For example, mermaid land and Mediterranean territory.
So, as I mentioned it here, I'm sure all of you can imagine what will you find at all these places.

I like mermaid it's beautiful!and the games mostly invented for kids kot..that's why I like it..No hormones ever secreted subsequent to the rides T-T The view outside the mermaid land also stunning..but gomennasai..I couldn't find the pictures T_T"

At mermaid land, most rides are found indoors. But at the exit, there are small roller coaster..hehe..hubby xnk naik sbb x mencabar katenye T_T
Oh, floating jellyfish=p lgla x mencabar..haha..naik turon solero shot yang mini=p but for those who gayat, it is advisable..cubela!!haha...x tinggi pon=p but we all decided to try cz..i don't know..dh xde org queue kan=p

Ni pulak..ikan buntal putar (I forgot the name..but it was ikan buntal..)
That's me bile kene putar=p MAse kene!tp bile bgn nk turon..dah senget=p

One thing I have to warn you..whenever you go to Disneyland or Disneysea..your foot will be extremely exhausted!Wear comfortable shoes okeh!
Besides rides, there are many2 shows you can enjoy. In mermaid land shownye ialah..mermaid show!!who else is the star??of coz la Ariel ^_^ But..we cannot use our, I just show you the stage before the show started T_T..Alive Ariel was so beautiful!!I wonder la how Disney crew could find these beautiful girls to act as princess and all..

And later in the evening..when we were very exhausted..we decided to rest from walking by watching a broadway show..
Err..sorry..we both immediately fell asleep as the first singer came out;/ tsk2..mmg due2 xde stendet T-T

We are so japanese!we woke up when the last singer (Mickey Mouse) about to end his last line of the song=p we were so much refreshed after that=p

And we follow the crowd out..everybody was lining up for..

Venetian Gondola..haha..
Hubby was so stressed that he has to lined up for 20 minute just to ride the damn slow gondola=p I love it though..Romantic kan ^_^
And when we passed this one konon2 'sacred' junction..everybody has to make a wish..=p
Oke..this is one dangerous ride..Indiana Jones..Until 9p.m..waiting time still 200 minutes T_T giloz!

I really hate it when I have to accompany my husband for dangerous rides!
You know..I am a very small, fragile and everything soft=p
Nila kapal korek for journey to the centre of the earth..sekerii...
First you have to take elevator up berape feet tah..but tinggila..and you will ride the kapal korek turon menjunam..waaaaaaaaaa..
it was fun though=p

Oh, this was my first ride..muke br bgn tido=p roller coaster yang x bahaye sgt..
the real roller coaster??no, thanks=|
And bile penat...kite naek ride yang x de feeling..seperti perahu sinbad ni.haha..selow je...sambil dgr lagu sinbad=p
Storm raider..this one serious bes gile!!bes gile!!!
if you guys have a chance coming here, please consider storm raider..
I was amazed of the rides!I don't know if I can say it's a you just need to sit on a chair with all the others..
when you come out you are wet (haha..) and your jantung bedegup kencang=)
I sgt salute dgn inventor storm raider ni=p
Tower of husband was soooo excited to try this..but I was sooo scared!naseb baekla x sempat..haha..
It's like 2 times of solero shot in Genting Highland kot..eeeee....x mola..ade yang saket jantung=/
Tp seriously..this is the main attraction here.
Columbia ship..where 'talk with turtle' is located..
Talk with turtle??wth je when I first told this is also one main attraction..
But...the turtle talks!haha..and he was funny!!funny sgt!!But the turtle talks japanese T-T..but I got my translator..and I laughed because of his reaction to the questions given by the audience=)
This one also a must go ^_^ gamba atas gondola n org sdg make wishes=) oh yeah..the gondola driver (bg name sendiri je=p) did sang for us=)

Other attractions was...Water parade..
For me??nah..I like Disneyland Parade much much more ^_^..jauhla dlm air dorang, x feel sgt..and xde pwincez2..I like princesses=p

Ok, that's all that I have in mind to share with you for now..There are a lot more for sure ^0^ the name implied, yes, it is located by the sea. So, the next day..this place also was affected by the earthquake and tsunami..
I am not sure whether they have fully recovered by now..

If you guys still are not feeling nausea reading my average writing, hehe..can you please stay tuned for the next episode;p
Puan Wani

Friday, April 8, 2011

hari esoknye dalam sejarah..

I'm sure everybody has heard about the major aftershock last night near the epicenter of the last massive earthquake..
Of course we were extremely surprised by the extraordinary follow ups quakes.
We were told about the 1 month aftershocks since the 1103 strikes.
But I don't think we are expecting another major strike.

When my husband called telling me the news (I don't have TV at home..and I don't see the need for me to have one=p), the first thing slipped into my mind was..Fukushima reactor! Oh God..I hope the situation are much under control and hopefully the mother earth have some mercy towards us here..I pray for the situation to not be anymore worse than it is now! InsyaAllah..

As for today, no latest report saying any harm done on the reactor subsequent to the last night's quake and tsunami despite of the location of the reactor power plant which so near to the epicenter itself! I really really hope the earth plates has now stable...;/

Tapi..I am writing now to share with one peaceful day before 1103 chaos.
Alhamdulillah..I had a great day!

Everything happened on that day was planned in a very short notice..
Our initial plan was supposed to be executed on..guess when??1103!But..hubby decided to go a day before..Alhamdulillah..we are saved from a worse situation that we have been in. Allah has better plan for us=) So, we go..early in the morning..heading to Tokyo. It took about 3 hours to reach Tokyo from Toyohashi by car. Trust Japan..3hours driving is considered very much near.

Hubby keep insisted to stop for subuh prayer at this one destination..
I remember I was so sleepy..the road was dark..but when the sky was about to get bright, I saw this one huge..huge..mountain in front of me..oh, when it was standing in front of you..with dark background and the huge thing is white in color..ehe..I felt slightly eerie at first and jaw dropped as I realized what it was=) we are..the big mountain I white was..Fuji san (Fuji Mountain)=) It was beautiful..beautiful..when you are on the can give it a more closer look..but I could not get a pretty picture in a moving car T_T

Ok, then we stopped again..mostly for toilets..
Gosh..I should have take pictures of their RnR..Everything was like in 5 stars hotel!I almost cried of terharu looking at their beyond imagination RnR T_T..You cannot think of any problem when driving for long distance!

At this one RnR, hubby was purposely stop by for melon pan.
Melon pan. I never like it. They tasted like a plain, dry bun (in Malaysia la..hehe..). I don't see any special for it. Sometimes I wonder why they called the bun melon pan when there's no melon in it..or whatsoever about melon with the bun=|
But this melon pan where my husband said the location of the most famous melon pan..proved me wrong..
I was skeptical at first..I told can this melon pan could be improvised=|
Look at the above picture..I seriously fall in love with this melon pan..
At the RnR that's famous for melon pan, I saw many types of melon pan??and put in ranks??
The one I show you is in the first rank..albeit the ugliest look=p It contains melon cream..and they are extremely exquisite!
Seriously..I was more attracted to the others..which in lower rank coz their looks drooled me!
But what to do...hubby insisted to buy the first and second rank..
Then we we bought so little T-T..
Ok, until now I am still addicted to melon pan..but to get one like this..never at other place T_T

Two lovebirds in a car for 3 hours..I don't feel anything..
In a blink je I think, we finally here..
I've been longing to go here..I just want to experience this place..
Located in Chiba..and one place significantly affected by the 9.0 massive quake on 1103.
We felt lucky in a way..that we are one of the last visitor on the last peaceful day they had there.
Part of the view=)
The view at night..

So, can you guess where was I then??=)
Puan Wani


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