Sunday, April 10, 2011

DisneySea:What else?

Gomennasai as I will be writing about DisneySea again T_T

Going to places like that..guys will have nothing in mind..other than get onto the rides as many as possible!gosh..
For me pulak..I want to enjoy every single detail of the view..ahahaha...(ye..mmg membazir kalau difikirkan tiket masuk T_T)
Ok..I manage to find one view showing the top of mermaid castle..still..this picture doesn't show the best view..
Told ya about how you could be exhausted due to long hours walking??
No worries..ade local transportation going around..but..we just cannot wait la..every angle..sebelah, celah..all amazing!So, we decided to feel every single steps in there! ^_^

Okay..since morning we only had melon pan..of course we were so hungry by the time we arrived.
The restaurant there also got theme. The themes are according to the location. Of the restaurant/cafe located in mediterranean territory, the foods offer were as the same concept. So, we have this idea that..mermaid land served only seafood..
And yeah, turned out we were right! ^_^
We had seafood pizza, ebi (prawn) burger and scallop soup ^_^
I cannot explained how delicious they were!especially the ebi burger..sedap sgt!!
I was intended to try scallop burger for dinner..unfortunately..they close very early T_T
Oh, behind me..mediterranean territory=) cantik kan ^_^

When you come to this fairytale land, one thing that you should never missed...
Pictures with the icons ^_^..
Grab the hold of them as you are walking around the place!
You have to be fast and muke tembok to get pictures with them ok!

Let's see a few snaps from my collections ^_^
We are about the same height=p
With the Cruella..eheh.mmg jahat gile pompan ni....die tolak2 sume org...haha

Ok, I hope my writing here would help you picturing DisneySea from afar..
I heard this place will only be open again for visitor in August..;/
Look at the bright side..meanwhile you guys can plan your trip here! eheh..

What else??hmm..

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