Monday, February 28, 2011

Love vs Down low

Let's put ourselves for a while in this situation..

You have been with this one man since you were 15..

He was your first and only love that you have known..

You went through everything with and down..

He was with you during the darkest hour..

He was in fact witnessing the darkest memory of your life..

and suddenly this one man..comes out..and telling you one revelation which even love..cannot save you and him.

Image: Source

I am very sure that most of you recognize this lady.
She is Fran Drescher..hehe..Ms. Fine in my most favorite show ever. I am watching that till now. It's a must for me when I have to dine alone at home=) I am still Wani..searching for laughter every minute in my life=)

I love her. I think her acting in the Nanny was effortless coz she's in person is exactly like what we have seen in the show.
I even like her in person, you know.
She found her first love at 15. Then she married the same guy; Peter Marc Jacobson at 21. And they open a production house and produced The Nanny together. The husband wrote the scripts, produced it and the wife executed it so well. They had been one couple envied by people in the 90's.

Until...the husband thinks he's a gay.

The husband was having a hard time identifying who he was because the one thing he knew was..he's really in love with his wife.

He did came out..telling the world that he's a gay.

A few years later, they are officially separated. And Fran was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Like we all knows, she survived that and now in charge of many campaigns for cancer.

Recently, they are back in Oprah Show. I was so touched when the husband told Oprah and the audience that he still loves Fran, and Fran interrupted the conversation. It was like she doesn't wanna hear that.

Despite of this hard truth, they said that..they are friends..

Oprah asked Fran how did she survived the separation?
Fran said it was very hard since she had never been with other man in her entire love other than his ex-husband..(and of course cz she was 15 when they declared lover).
Apart from that, in 80's they had been robbed..and Fran was raped in front of her husband.
They thought they had went through darkest time among the darkest..

For me, this is one tragic love story.
Fran is still single..I am pretty sure her love for his ex-husband has never fade despite of the down low.
The husband...what else to say..he confessed his love towards Fran in the show.

If only the world doesn't have gay=|

Let's pray for the love that we built lasts till death do us apart=)
Puan Wani

Friday, February 25, 2011

picture can lie


What does this picture said??

While all pengantin had a very romantic look-into-the-eye cake feeding session..
I faked my reaction during the first reception..
but during the groom's..hehe..I could not hold anymore..My face will be weird when I gotta to put the angel-smiled look=| (It's the gene..I inherited the Giselle mak mertue tiri's look probably T_T)

But hey!I am a very soft spoken sopan santun wife in real!

Puan Wani yang..takleh balik lg T_T


-could not explain how nice is today's weather-


Eight years ago..


8 years ago..


It was the final day of matriculation year. My sister and brother fetched me up and we arrived home late in the evening.
As I sit in front of the TV, my dad arrived home..and I remember he was moved so quickly and was looking for me while I was just in front of him.
He said "Mana Wani??"
and I was like??" la Wani..x nampak ke??" and turned my head back to the TV.

during dad asked, "How's final??"
I was almost choking coz I know so well that I didn't used my maximum brain capacity.
It's true that I played too much cz there, nobody was around to monitor me T_T..
I told him "I didn't do good".
He wasn't scolded me. Because he knew so well the rule of talking to me. I will be so honest that it will be no use to scold me.
And he didn't get angry..he just said very simple things..which usually very successful in touching his daughters heart. He always a good motivational guru for me and my sister.
Me and my sister agreed that we could not listen to my dad's talking about how we should think about future and life. Because it was all true..and usually we ended up with tears.
And yes, I was in tears after he talked to me how I should not wasted all the chances that I have T_T

I stayed in the room, crying because of a few sentences he said that night.

That night, I passed him sleeping on the couch on my way to the toilet. My step was hold. I didn't know what was holding me. I looked at him and my heart whispered, "Your dad will leave you tomorrow."
But my brain tried to deny it!How could I said that to my father!I slapped my chest a few times to stop the whispers.
I went to sleep.


I was at home alone. received a few phone calls asking for my mother.

Again the phone call for my mother from the same woman. Luckily my mom was there and she managed to receive the call.
She was told to come to the hospital because my father was admitted. We got no idea about the worst it could be. The nurse who called my mother did her job so well I guess. We could not catch anything from her voice.
That time my sister was having her final examination. So, we decided to wait for her to finish and wait for my brother from work. Only at 3 we arrived at the hospital. We were greeted by 2 doctors and brought to a room. I was so stupid. I could not read anything from the situation.
Until..the doctors told us about my dad..who they could not saved..

My mom was so devastated..she vomited a lot. Fainted so many times.

I still can hear my dad sang for my mother before he went to work..and I remember cursing them for being romantic in front of the neighbor..early in the morning T_T..

At least my mom had the last sweet moment with his husband.

Oh my..I almost cried in the middle of work.
I thought I had recovered..
Looks like I am still keeping the devastation over Abah's lost inside.

Rest in peace Abah. My pray will always be with you.

Si kecik Bangah,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bride and Groom's Bestfriends=)

Hello again ^_^

Oh God..I think my body shut down earlier than it supposed to!I should be feeling this on Friday T_T

My brain is in exhaustion (due to too many feeds in this week) you mind reading average mind??T_T

I haven't yet write about our two best friends on our wedding=)

I am very sure all the brides feeling the same too when it comes to choosing your maid of honor. You sure wanted your bestest friend to always be by your side on the day right?
Best friend is not necessarily somebody who is completely out of our bloodline..sometimes, your best friend could be your own sister or cousin.

Before I proceed, my sister is truly my best friend. He knows all my secret (although..I didn't know the thing supposed to be a secret T_T). But, having very few family members, having her as maid of honor..doesn't make sense..haha..she has to be the master of the floor of my sister is wayyyy bigger than's not going to be nice in the photo (becoz I am so so extra small T_T).

Luckily, I have various size of best friends=) and also enemies T_T haha..

I finally asked my old friend from high school, Dr. Najo=) She is the first I had in mind..and luckily we are 'rakan sebaya' (x paham??check out the pictures=p)

We are friends since SAMURA up till now. I assumed she knows me deep inside. She knows the evil inside me too I supposed..n yet she stays befriend with me. We saw each other's ups and downs. And together we passed the darkness of matriculation life=p (Naj..I think we should have pleaded for other matriculation when the first day we arrived in Kurniawan T_T).

If you guys would like to see an angel wearing a human mask, please...introduce yourself to Najo. hehe...I have never met anyone having such a heart. If only I can be reborned T_T She is so beautiful! For me, she defined one beautiful woman ^_^..therefore, I decided to have her as my maid of honor (MOH). Turned out, all our pictures are all pretty!yey!!

At first, Najo can only be my 'maid' for the first reception..(plus, my MIL said that MOH for bertandang will be taken care of by them).
A few days before bertandang, I was asked by my MIL if I have a friend to be my MOH. And..Naj texted me asking if I need her as MOH coz she managed to apply cuti!!!
I was sooo touched!haha..she 'wasted' her cuti to be my 'maid'!!

Thank you Najo..
All fell into places=)
Alhamdulillah..I had my bestfriend to play the role..which I consider very important. I was so sad when she wanted to leave me with my husband..haha..

With our own best friends on reception husband's best man?? His name is Kicap.
I don't know how to describe the weird relationship they have.haha..
They have this very strong chemistry and the bond which you wouldn't understand as a woman. haha..
In conclusion, they are really best friend..(I don't know how else to describe..=p)
So, speaking about his best man..I don't think he would want other person than Kicap (which happened living in Subang Jaya..hehe..strategic home for both majlis=p)

With our own..same best friends on bertandang=)

Well guys, we never gave you two specific instructions on how to treat us on the day. Because..we weren't defining you as our maid..instead our best friends that we honored to witness our special day as close as us=)

Thank you for spending your two days=)

Your ex-boss;
Puan Wani=p


I think spring is around the corner..
Daily temperature keep rising from day to day.
This will be my first spring.
Nothing I wish for other than..having more time with my dear hubby x______________x

I wanna have many2 session of hanami (picnic 'with' sakura).
Definitely one of my fav season cz..I gotta do a lot of outdoors..and one of my fav is..picnic!Oh, I so love doing picnic. I am used to it since child ^_^..looks like my children will have to like it too=p


Author who thinks that..ability to write is dependent on hormonal regulation=| true??o_O
Puan Wani

The Minis that I missed

Hello everybody ^_^

Well, do you guys have nieces or nephews??
hehe..I do I do!! (sambil loncat2)..

When I was a child, I used to be called 'adik' cz I am the bongsu.
My life that time revolve around my one brother, who is the eldest and my one big sister whose that time very close to my brother cz you know..some weird chemistry between the 1st child and 2nd child.
I bet you guys mesti drop jaw if you heard about how my brother being so over protective towards my sister.haha..He used to be kaki pukul if ever my sister hated some guys (which also..definitely another kid.haha).
I used to play with other neighbors..and I got my dad who was so over protective towards me. But still, this two duets (my bro n sis) looked after me kdg2 la..
They don't usually play with me coz..yeah..I am so gurly=p haha..

So, we are the three stooges in the family until my baby sister arrived (you would not believe me if I show u my baby sister cz..she's twice my size T_T). Since she arrived later in our lives (which we are all have reached puberty=p) so we did not had the child memory together..hehe..
One of the funny thing was, when my brother bring my baby sister walked around the neighborhood, some people were talking as if the baby was actually my brother's T_T

Trust me, all God's plan all are good. My mom gave birth to my baby sister at her 40's. My late father was much older that time. We are all grown up. 7 years after that, my father passed away, leaving my mom miserable. With my baby sister now, she spent her old days at home doing things that she is passionate about (helping out people in needs). If my baby sister hasn't arrived, my mom must be very lonely right now=(

Well, my brother is married. He is blessed with 3 stooges too! And it was scary some times to see your child hood memory became clear again in front of your eyes!
They are my brother's children.

During my bertandang..
The boy is Amir or Abang (my brother's miniature), middle girl is Qistina or Kakak (my sister's miniature) and the small girl is Qasrina or Baby (my miniature).
Their behavior very much like us??Wasn't it scarier T_T..
Abang and Kakak have such a good chemistry (like my brother and sister too T_T). So, they usually play together..
And Baby..always do her own business ( me once upon a time=p)
Another thing is..Baby is very small for children at her age (I am a petite too T_T) and she has this very 'becok' and outspoken mouth (which I believe she got it from..who else.??me T_T)

What's the purpose of this post daa???
Nothing..I just missed them sooo much!!Really hope they will grow up..and be a good person. They don't have to be a doctor or engineer..I just want them to be proud of themselves and be happy in their life=) Good luck guys!

-Mak Lang-

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding:I wasn't posing;)

Hi everyone ^_^

I think it's true..
blog's background do play a factor to attract this case, I am the reader=p
With the new look..I am soooo rajin to read up all my writings..
Oh God..I feel embarrased of my own writing T-T

Moving on..

Remember this post?? about the Do Not Do Poses?? haha..
I love that post despite of the fact it was embarrassing T-T. but I lost all the comments during the process of changing layout. Gomen ne T_____________T. I also frustrated with that. And of course..for one person who has the computer ability at the same level with kindergarten..recovery is almost impossible T_T..
Just to let you guys know..I really appreciate all the comments..even though it was only 'hahahaha' like SCR always do=p

Well, most of the comments said my picture turned out fine despite of the 'ketaksenonohan' T_T..

I honestly honestly admit that..they are all..spontaneous which turned out..'like that'=|

But..sometimes, spontaneous shoot or..candid turned out fine.

I would called it the okay moment;

Okay moment 1: It's ok to give your 'true' smile T_T after putting your wedding smile all day=p
Owh..most of the time..I 'smiled' like that..wanna see me laugh??=|hoo..that's gonna be scary=|

Okay moment 2: Running but feeling like dancing..I don't really like okla.. we are actually lari2 sket nk g kat pokok=p

Okay moment 3: Taking a break between photo shoot..but make sure you still begaye despite of berehat =p

Okay moment 4: Sakit pinggang dengan bergaya..hehe
This was when I sakit pinggang and my husband was talking to friends. Still..sakit pinggang dgn senyuman..T_T

Trust your photographer ^_^ and don't think too much about the parts which is not according to plan. Enjoy every single thing that you have on the day. Think of how to maximize the availability rather than..worrying of the missing. All will be reflected well from your face ^_^..
Don't regret on anything, k.

Good Luck!
Puan Wani ^_^

Gomennasai T_T

Konnichiwa everybody!!

Is it layout changing season??hehe..
I am not sure whether it is true..but I can feel the vibe from here..huhu...

Anyways..No..of course it's no true=|

I have a friend who has the ability to scan my heart=|

She had problem with her many reason for her to she did changed..
She showed me this one vector graphic ( I know what it is).
The picture has the LOVE statue which has so much chemistry with my love story=p *haha..sile muntah*..
So I was excited..and spent half an hour to set up my new blog yang..lg pening T_T..

Please come again reading from here..huhu..I know the layout is sort of pening T_T..
Gomennasai T_T

Despite of the kacau bilau on the orders..I love the background=p

This is one of the picture which had received so many comments when I posted it in fb=) As the consequences, every time my friends saw this thing, they will alert me..haha..they said this statue remind them of us=)
p/s:(ignore wajah kami mase mude tu=p)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our chemistry

One fine evening when hubby found our wedding videos captured by my sister in law...

(oh yes, we have been married for half a year..but we never watch that=p haha)

then he chose one file to be played..

(his aunties were giving wedding wishes for us on the video)

Hubby: Bes jugak tgk ucapan2 dorang ni..
Me: ahaa..(while hiding myself inside a cozy futon! Tell you..once u trapped in this creature..just cancel all your appointments will u=|)

...after few seconds..

Hubby: You wanna see more?
Me: (not answering..but looking at him)
Hubby: Nex2 time la..

Me: Ok!!Play the last airbender please!!(This sentence was not finish when the TV went black again=|)

...That's the 100th times we treated our wedding videos..and welding album like that T_T...

Our official wedding video??
Nah..only my mom has finished watching it for the 50th times =|

Jya matta,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding: The Don't poses=|

Salam all..

After 6 months of marriage..only now I have the appetite to go through my wedding pics..haha..
but of course I cannot go through every details..yet! It is even hard to finish 'em all in one night.

So, as I'm going through the first album..I picked up a few (a few in larger proportions T-T).. pictures which I would classified as inappropriate T-T..

It's hard to put the theory here..
Let picture do the talking.

Ok..I have been told about this soo many times! But I was totally forgot about this!
Lesson no 1: Don't laugh soo big on the throne..or you'll get a picture like that=| I bet elders must have hated me on that day T_T

Lesson no.2: Feed your husband well before the majlis..or else..he will eat like a guest=|

Lesson no 3.: Be the one who looks politer among the other girls around you..=|

Lesson no 4: Make sure you look like a bride instead of the bestman=| in conclusion, eliminate any form of competition..
Lesson no 5: Sit on a proper chair if you feel tired=|

hehe..follow my lessons..then you will not see any pictures like above in your wedding album=) Ganbarre!hehe..

But I love to see myself..I mean the real me not hidden despite's my wedding!

Pengantin Hyper

Salam all!

There were a lot that I wish I could do better in my life.
That own wedding shoot.haha..

It's true some B2b at that time said that..we have to prepare with a few poses before the event so that we won't be fully dependent on the photographer.
Sometimes, the photographer also has no idea on how to pose us!haha..and of course..some times..we just did not like the pose as much as they do=p

My experience?
Natural poses turned out thousands time better than directed poses!
The problem was..hubby and me..never put our effort on discussing what kind of posses or shoot that we would prefer. In fact..we rarely discussed anything about our own wedding!
Of course..we only gotta see each other one day before the solemnization T_T..
Still..that is not a good reason not to have discussion on this matter.
(The actual reason was..we never had thought about this T-T)

I was crowned as The most sporting bride by my videographer..(I was so embarrassed to even look at my own wedding video)..and the most hyper brides by most people.haha..

I must say..our 'shahdu' pose..didn't work.

Some don't need any plans..
where better things happen when you least expect it.
Like my outdoor photoshoots.hehe

Because of my hyper-ness..
we got a lot of I-think-interesting pictures taken.
Take a look..a few of them. baju got a lot of pins..angkare tailor..
While clearing up those pins..
This is not the shoot that the photographer asked us to do..haha..
That was when I told my husband..I cannot stand with the shoes anymore=(
I was waiting for the photographer to set up their stuff..
We were waiting for the photographers team to ask permission from the KTM's authorities
While waiting to cross the alley..and I cannot stand the shoes=p

Tgh mengumpat org gile..hehe

Lesson of the day.. have to study the pose prior the shooting, occay T_T


Hi! and salam..

I think my blogspot isn't working well..noticed it from day one.
Can we change the clock??I don't know how to change the time setting. It isn't the same with the local time. So, all this while..I just agak2..=(

Oh well..actually time does not allow me to jot something in this humble blog. But I cannot stand anymore!!I need to talk! But here nobody can understands what I am talking about except Dr. Choon..(who is Malaysian..hence the ability to understand=p but he is busy T_T).

So, having a blog is veeeerrryyyyy useful for somebody who needs an escapade!and listenerss...xde..readers pon jadila T_T

I was asked this question so many times..for years..

"You called your bf/hubby Bebeh??"

My answer..Yes..I do.
haha..I don't know if anybody do call their hubby or bf that..(but I am quite sure there are few of my friends calling their hubs by that name now..)
How do I decide to call him bebeh??haha..
I have no idea..I never set in my mind what do I call my hubby/bf in my whole life.
The name came just like that..seriously..
It just suits him best.haha..
even he had questioned me that=p But I seriously cannot give the exact answer..

Because the calling comes from the heart=)

Ok people...I'm sure you have a special calling for your loved ones=)

Mind sharing?
QueenForADay (I love to end my writing with this alta ego..unfortunate!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First product with manik


I planned to spend tonight writing in this blog. My mind was flooded with ideas this afternoon. But I refrained myself to write in here as I got so much reading to do!
It's so tiring to hold your mind back some times when so many ideas filled up your brain at the same time..and you are already exhausted!
So, I chose to do work that have to be done at their proper time.
In fact I promised myself to neglect all the social networks available in this world..and put my full attention to work!
I think my weakness would be ..focusing on things which do not have..entertainment value=(
Looks like I should be working in media related company=p instead of doing this healing people thingy T_T

Oh well..let's go straight to the point.

I always love sewing..
Maybe because I love fashion, dresses..baju ape2la..I love to own fashion them to take care of them.
But due to money constrain..I always wish that I could sew my own dress!the least I wanna sew my kids' dresses. InsyaAllah..
However, due to never ending books education in my life..(tsk2..) I never have the time to learn sewing. But I always draw the way of doing sewing in my mind. It's just cannot draw the skill of using sewing machine T_T..
So, I usually used my own hands to produce small products like pencil case, hp case..and all the cases for things that could fit in cases..hehe..

I always sewing manik that difficult till you could get charged for bucks for a simple design (which just a straight line..double price if the line was doubled). So I decided to try..since I need to get rid of my husband's image in my head..(yes..he inhabited most of it!it's hard for me to be productive!Sorry sayang=|..n of course that doesn't work). Plus, when you have tried something that you think possible for you to will feel another satisfaction in my life=)

The problem was..I am in Japan..I don't have any dress that needed manik improvisation. Hmm..what do I do?
You know The Facebook?? I must say FB is one of the greatest invention of our time!
I shouted on my wall.."for those who would like to give their baju kurung as my lab rat..please drop a comment in the comment box".
In a blink of an eye..I got one.hehe..

To show my appreciation..I will not charge her for the manik..but of course she has to be ready for the outcome=p

When she handed me the baju..I was having a minor palpitation..haha..coz she said she wanted to wear the dress for her graduation??!!what??!!haha..

So I was determined to try my best..
I got a lot of ideas..seriously a lot..
I was tired of thinking which design suits her and the dress..
Finally..I just let my hand decides..

As the charcoal touch the dress, everything happens so fast..and..tadaaa

The overall look..I don't know whether she will like this..I don't really like the color unfortunately..but I think this is the best choice that suits the person and the dress's color..
again..this is subjective=p

Detailing..close up

The lengan..close up

I must thank Oprah for her company during the mission. haha..
and..thank you bebeh for lengthening the time I took to finish this up=|

Any more 'lab rats' available for me?

Wani nye Blog..

It's ok..I usually started my day with doing nothing =p
Let's answer tag from MissButterfly=)

*sume font mmg copy paste=p*
1. Apakah Status Anda?
Married..and not living together..(ok paparazzi..twist it in a good way will you??sigh..)

2. Ceritakan tentang diri anda
same with Ms. B..I am also pemalu and pendiam..hence the blog..

3. Ceritakan tentang blog anda
Actually for my wedding. Record of ideas. Purely to share with my friends who also about to get married at that time. On the way..I met with some strangers whom later I got to concern about them as well.
However, I am not a blogger who do exchange links frequently as I don't have time for blog walking..especially leaving a comments..
Right now..I think I should be writing more about real things other than a few days fairy tales..

4. Apa pendapat anda tentang dunia blog?
I got to sharpen my skills for writing.
I gotta to preserve my vocabs (in a fear that I might lose them due to usage of third language, i.e Nihongo. Yes, it's because I know my capability very well brain only supports two language at a time T_T)
For me..who loves my friend so much that I refused to leave their life, blogging is a way of me rambling about my life away from them-so it's a way of keeping touch.
Of course a way of sharing knowledge and exprience..*however, depending on readers..some times..they interpret our writing as a way of 'show off' those who had that in mind..peliss..if everything that we are about to share is show off..what's left to share??=|
A tools of meeting new friends who's gotta learn from us..and us..gotta learn something from them

5. Nasihat kepada kawan-kawan yang baru nak buat blog
Please do..
everyone has their own reason to have one. Your blog..your rights..if ever you wanna generate money from that=)

6. Nyatakan keunikan blog anda
hehe..with lots of grammatical and spelling error of course..
I am one writer who never do proof reading T_T..(exam pon x penah semak kan pulak blog T_T)

7. Sampai bila nak menulis blog dan impian anda dalam dunia blog?
Until I found there is no reason for me to write anymore..
Impian??never have think that thing so seriously..hehe..just please mind your words in your writing-)

8. Tag 5 orang yang anda kenal:

hehe..sume bukan blog B2b=p

Red tulips


On Friday..
When I thought he went to work..

He brought this home..for his wife=)

Fine, I'll cook for you extra dishes =p

Monday, February 14, 2011

When you get lost

Good morning!!!

I was supposed in the shinkansen ..heading to my workplace, Hiroshima T-T..
Instead..something happened last night..and I am now stranded in Toyohashi..
Should I be worried??*check out my grin-->but I don't know how to make grinning face using hubby's desktop T_T..*

Actually, this topic has been long overdue..(blame the keybod T_T)

Do you guys ever heard of Okonomiyaki?
I remembered posting about this food in my fb. Some people keep asking me..what is okonomiyaki??(while most of them are a big fan of tako yaki=p)

Instead appearing like a ball, okonomiyaki appears like a pancake..could probably be the Japanese style pizza..hehe..coz you could put almost everything in it. The taste would be solely depends on the sauce. So, you could definitely cook it yourself at home..just buy the sauce=p
However, I think..this food is really overpriced T_T

Hiroshima is also famous for it's okonomiyaki.
Hiroshima style would be okonomiyaki with either soba or udon..and pork is a must!
Then of course nothing we can do..except..avoid okonomiyaki lor..

However, one day..oh, let me friend and me planned to go to the Hondori..(our escapade when we got tired of my case..I don't have any idea how could I get tired when I didn't even started real work..yet T_T)
Then we ended up..sesat..again *our record when we ride a bus..we never alighted at the right bus stop!* In Japan, all stores closed at 8p.m. Some are 5p.m. Only some restaurant close till late. Unfortunately we alighted at this one mall..I think it's like the Garden in Malaysia. So, most of the kedai in there are somehow exclusive compared to the next building, Sogo (hehe..yeah..I live very near to Sogo). We got hungry..and decided to just spend the night with a dine in an exclusive restaurant=p haha..out of nowhere=p

Look at what I decided to try..

Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki..minus the pork! Because this restaurant is kind of exclusive..they entertained our requests without failed..hehe
How was the okonomiyaki??
I must say..HIroshima style is the best!coz it uses less flour..hence the 'muakness'. Must be careful of the sauce too..coz some brand contains pork..again. This one..of course no. I must say the sauce is one of very healthy sauce (made of many types of veges and fruits). The okonomiyaki itself is one healthy serving (filled with lot's of veges).

My serving with my friend's. The food which looks like nasi pattaya called Yaki Soba. Nothing much..just plain fried soba wrapped in omelet. The taste is delicious again because of the sauce=p
Lastly..hehe...the writer with the food..yeah2..I was hungry hence the awkwardness of my face T_T.

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is really a must-do things to try while you are in here. If you can, you could just produce one at okonomiyaki is really expensive!Buy the sauce, lots of cabbages, soba and..eggs..Put some seafood or proteins in it..tadaaa...u got a healthy pancake!

Ok guys..this keybod really annoys me!
Jya matta,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Suhaila..


Mind my typing..I don't know how to use my husband's laptop T_T
Anyways, this devoted follower,i.e. SCR=p has left me a comment in fb..telling me about my 100th follower=p bahahah..It took about 3 add another two followers into my blog.hahaha..pathetic..I know I know..

However, I thank you for reading my ntah ape2 karangan T_T

Dear Suhaila (How should I address you with..I could not find your infos..hence..)
If you read this, can you please leave me a comment on how to reach you.
You could just leave me your e-mail address!That will do.

Thank you Suhaila! and also..all of my other followers..=)

I wish I could write better than this..T_T..oh keybod..y??T_T

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100th followers


I know I blog is so 'humble' (to replace the word unpopular=p).
Blog with the same age as my blog (or..later) has already got hundreds of followers=p Still I am happy with this slow progression.

Now, there are 98 followers.

So, I would love to give a token of appreciation for the 100th followers ^_^
Never dream of doing something like this=p

Let's see who will hit the jackpot.

oh, oh...wanna know what you will get as the 100th follower??
Let's find the winner first=p ahahah..
One thing for sure..the prize will be from here..I mean..Japan =)

Heading back to hubby tomorrow..hence the good mood ^_^
Ex-Kisaki ^_^

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lunar New Year


Have been meaning to write in here for so many days...
I got a long list of topics to write. However, since the issue is sort of tedious to put into words..I put them on hold=p haha..
I was busy with my another postponed project T_T..yaitu...jahit manik ^_^..
My hubby is so menyampah with me who is sooo into manik all nights=p I think deep down he is fine..coz he get to play PS3 while I menjahit...
But then..when suddenly skype dropped..we did noticed!and quickly call each other back..and our own business=p haha..
Oh, I love my acitivity currently when I got to test my talent on sewing manik while watching Oprah show endlessly =)

Also, have been meaning to wish all my chinese friends; Gong Xi Fa Chai!!have a prosperous new year ahead!^-^
When you go outside..seeing the know a lil bit here and there that was not taught at school.
For example; I was a lil bit surprised knowing that Vietnamese celebrate Gong Xi Fa Chai. But they didn't call it Gong Xi Fa Chai la.haha..They called it 'Lunar New Year'. Despite of difference in the names and the way they celebrating it, the purpose is still the same; to celebrate their new year...
I asked them; do you have this custom of yee sang??
They don't have it.
But they have some special food which are eaten during this special day.
Among them, I love this 'sweet meat'.

Sweet meat??for real?Can I eat meat from Vietnam?hehe..I also was worried when he said he wanted to give me some 'sweet meat'. I am worried of how do I reject him..again??
Fortunately, the 'sweet meat' is actually dried ginger covered with sugar. It's like the dried guava in Malaysia. So, it tasted sweet and and the same time..ginger hot!of course..u eat ginger just like that!
But I love it!^_^ especially when you eat them in this cold weather =)

Simple food right? Never thought of ginger could just be eaten like this!
He gave me a lot coz I love it! So many times I was left 'crying' due to too many ginger consumed at a time=p haha..

For those planning for Vietnam, please consider this as one of your omiyage!

Happy Lunar New Year!

The unplanned tryout

Konbanwa (its already dark in here..hence the greeting ^_^)

Lately my life was kinda smooth in every points. Name it work, love life, friends..everything were just right. I cannot explain how thankful I am to be meeting all these wonderful people (Alhamdulillah). It made me realized even more that..human kind are all the same. What differ us from each other is what we believe.
I am thanking my husband for the time he spent doing nothing at home just to accompany me who has no plans for this weekend.hehe..I was not intended to do any activities that consumed so much energy as I was so tired for the whole week. The worst part I made he did was..he spent time with me else right??T-T..and we did our own past time activities while turning on skype. yeah...pathetic.. but some time we watched movie together. Since he bought a very huge LCD tv, I could just share with him the TV from here. All through skype.
We did so many things to feel like we are around for each other. I hope we will come out with so many other ideas to work this marriage out. But no doubt, my love for him grows stronger everyday despite of the distance=) Hopefully we will forever madly in love like now..or even better. InsyaAllah..

This evening when I am about to open my Nihongo book (after got perli from husband T_T) my friend Ulfah (let's call her Ul chan=p, she's from Indonesia) called, asking my help to apply inai on her nails and toes. Then I said ok.

After all fingers and toes were painted..I got addicted in handling the tube=p I convinced Ul chan to paint her hands=p bahaha..Nothing that she knew that I never did this thing..seriously never..I never use inai tube or anything associate with it!hehe..I just follow my heart and I painted whatever it was in 5 mins=p

Here you it first looked like=)

Hehe..yeah..I do have an artsy talent hidden in my was highly expressed once upon a time..and got suppressed by environmental factors..(what schoolT_T)..I wasn't that artsy like I am so talented pon=p hehe..

The after look. it was inai mekah (i saw the tube). Very nice color isn't it? No additional materials were added in the process. We used the inai straight away from the tube and wait for half and hour before washing it all away.

I wanted to paint her foot anyways. But I got mental block immediately when I work with foot=p guess I just don't like to work with foot=p ahahaha..

I guess I had succeeded in trying another thing in my life which before this was so mystery (for me)=p
So, after this, I could just do this myself (of course not on my ownself=p)

Do not afraid to try things yourself whenever you feel like trying. Nothing to lose if ever you failed in the attempts. The winning part had tried=)
Jya matta,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Manual of snow=p


Here I would like to give you sort of manual of how to play in snow=p haha..
I had never set my mind of what I will do when I have to live in snow.
So, here you go!For those who likes snow..but think again..what you can do with them ^_^

1) How to keep yourself dry

Ok..if you ask me will you get wet playing with snow??the answer is..yes, but it took time for you to feel the wetness cause of temperature was below zero so any water formation will be frozen. However, you will get wet anyway!so, to prevent that to happen..(of course you would not want that to happen..or you will be uncomfortably cold!plus wet! uncomfortable that will!)

That day I was so degil!I wanna wear my best winter coat (so all my pictures turn out nice=p).haha,.plus, I feel the warmest in this coat=) But it was made of..wool..of course it will get wet easily T_T

No worries!it was just not me who's unprotected from water that day.
I sprayed myself with water-repellent ^_^..It worked wonders!I got just a lil wet (at the part where I forgot to spray T_T). So guys, if you are thinking of going to snow..and so lazy to think of proper baju to go with (plus you think of fashion everywhere you go=p) water repellent really a life saver=)

2) How to keep yourself warm
Actually..I never thought about this..haha..but my friend G insisted to put this pocket warmer (the white packet I believe containing some sort of metals which keeps you warm when you got in touch with it. But the heat it produced is in-situ. But still helped=) Looks like koyok=p)
She glued the warmer my foot.hehe..She offered to put them on my foot, not my fault of appearing like a princess in this photo T_T (padehal I was so manje T_T).

I remembers my first winter dated 2 years ago in Tokyo. I was soo in need of this pocket warmer. But now, I am kind of 'kebal' ke ape tah..that I don't see the need for it anymore=p

3) Don'ts in snow

Do not lay yourself at a snow which looks like a was actually so soft that you might got swollen!

4) Do's in snow
You must!you must!slide down the hill in tyre!I did this for many2 times till I think my pants were wet T_T so, I stopped.haha..
At first I had doubt to try this. It looked dangerous..coz the tire slide so fast! hehe..but I did it many2 times at the end=p (even my friend had to stop me T_T)

Baring in the soft!I felt like sleeping in icing cake=)and be careful of the thickness and probably any deep holes. We almost fell into a deep hole!
Buried your friend=p..alive..haha
Taste it!it's a must! (it tasted like ice..haha..with some chlorine and potassium T_T)
Of course making a snow princess ^_^

And don't get intimidated my other people's snow matter how big it was from yours..or how nice the look was from yours T_T..huhu

Jya, ganbarre ne in enjoying your own snow fun time ^_^..
oh, of course you can skii or snow boarding..but that must be done in a proper place (that needs lots of money=p)
This one was only 'how to enjoy snow in front of your house'=p bahaha..
Happy trying!

Jya matta,

Snow Princess

Hi everyone!

Don't mention it...suddenly I got time and mood to write=)
Last week, I went to visit a village located in the outskirts of Hiroshima city. As I am living in the city, the snow that we experienced was not like what you will see in the countryside. The area was all white..even I could not clearly distinguished houses as they are all buried!I cannot imagine living in snow..tsk2..but we did living in it for a few hours..not bad..the only thing you can doo..sit in front of the heater or else u'll transform to an avatar=p

At my place, the snow was not really heavy. Only sometime you might need shovel. But then..that will be very seldom. If I wanna do snow man won't be that big.
Frankly speaking, I love my place. I love light snow instead..they are the most beautiful in that my eye=) hehe..Always feeling like winter sonata=p

The whole of my life..I never made snow man=( yeah..That's why this time I am so determined to make oneeee!
Here's my snowman..hehe..because everybody said that I was like a princess=p (FYI..not the looks ok=p)..I called that.."snow princess"..and everybody has to bear with it=p
This was made by me and my friend G. hehe..we made boobs so that it wont be mistaken as snow MAN..could not be seen??o_O

For first timer like me..lemme tell you a secret; making a snow man was not an easy job like doing ABC!haha..
First..the snow was soooo was hard to build something that's big.
Second..I don't know how to ball snow..hence the snow princess's look T_T
Third..some kid will throw to you snow balls and ruin everything!huh!

Another secret..
This was actually my first snow man T_T..But I told way this gona b my first! One of our company has already surrendered due to left me n G.

Finally...we made it. With boobs and limbs=p haha..because its a scarf is a must=) oh..she can have mine ^_^
However...without the scarf T_T..fine!I still failed T_T waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...oh oh..can you see the two b**bies??=p

Howla to make the snow become round??:S

Watch your weight!


Aigooo...I ate so much=( But it's already late at night. Must not keep doing this or else ..gemok T_T
I have started to feeling fat nih. What to do...people here only start balik when it's over 8. WHen I arrived and do few chores it was already 9 =( waaa!!
really hv to think something about it=(

Maybe a dance could do=p hehe..
I learned this Japanese cultural dance when I visited a village in the hillside of Hiroshima.
It was sooo fun!
Give it a try shall we??^_^

I remembered when I was in Malaysia..I tried so hard to keep active. If there's nothing else to do, I'll jog in the evening. Hmm..I don't have any idea what to do to end this sedentary life in here. It is too cold for outdoor..and I am too busy for anything besides work T-T..

I hope you guys will also watch your weight. Let's get healthy together ^_^

3 weeks stock!


Existence of this blog was initially to share about my wedding journey. I found myself not as much excited as I expected in doing the preparation. Nothing more could explain that except m-a-l-a-s. I kept asking my mom to just have nikah ceremony and later straight away jamuan or something. No two days complicated occasions. So, I tried to be excited by blog walking and putting up my own blog in order to force myself to do the prep!haha..Turned out..nothing much changed. I was still pengantin malas..T_T..The only thing I love and care was the man I got married with=p hehe..
Nak updet blog about wedding pon malas..apetah lagi blog walking..apetah lg..nk tinggalkan jejak!haha..Apparently I love reading things that's fun!and stuff is not in the list T_T..(So not normal la you wani T_T) SO, I was left unpopular among B2b that time=p bahaha..hence less friends di alam maya ini..
Among the few that I care..I think 40% of them apparently are weekend wives. So, that means I am not alone..(but mine, worst case scenario..a monthly wife T_T).
Does that means career is getting more important??hmm..
I should have answer that myself right?How could I leave my husband for my ambition here! basically, if I said we wanted to make more money, that does not make sense coz we spent more when we live separately. We have two houses to take care of..and don't mention about shinkansen. It costs us more than air asia flight ticks!
So in conclusion, we, being a long distance husband and wife..doesn't mean we don't love each other as much as those of normal (not LDR)..we are those who's still trying to build our future while keeping our oath to love =) so, there's nothing wrong with's just that we choose a rougher path for a smoother tomorrow. InsyaAllah..

I went back to see my husband once a month. That's all I can afford for now..(sponsored by Japanese Government doesn't allow you to live that wealthy T_T)..
The one thing I must do no matter how tired I for him. Stock for at least 2 weeks.
Recently I tried cooking a few dishes which I had never tried cooking before..hehe..
This photo shows a few of them=) First time in my life I cooked meat=p Alhamdulillah..they were all edible=p ahaha..with neither meat tenderizer nor pressure cooker..haha..hebat x??(abesla bill gas laki i=p)
That's our dinner..We tried to be romantic everytime we are together..(walopon rambot serabai n baju tebalik..haha..yeah..I love my life with him=])

So, I hope everybody enjoy your company even they are not really accompany you. They maybe could not be reached by your have to try reaching them by your heart=)
Close your eyes..and think of them..(dem!I don't have to do that since he's in my mind like 24/7!I have to clear my head of him then I can think of other things!geezz..)

Halal gathering


I must say that Japanese are very generous. How I could not say that..I just here for 4 months and has been to more than 5 gatherings. Too many welcome party I guess..especially during end of the year. But then, as Muslim, that sure some kind of challenge for me. All the food of course were not halal.
Do you know about the 'kanpai' custom??
In Malaysia we usually open a ceremony with doa recital..but their own way of 'cheers'. "cheers" and "kanpai" I assumed is similar..but the recital that goes along with the'kissing' of glasses are different=p, to not being rude..I will just pour juices into my glass and act along with them=p
How about food?Some of them are sensitive. I mean..they knew about Muslim sensitivity. Alhamdulillah..but some are just..blur. They had no idea. Sometimes I wonder how on earth they didn't know our existence..I mean Muslim. I thought we are so popular..haha..
Turned lot of people in the world didn't aware of our sensitivity. So they usually gave a shock face when I said I could not eat butaniku (pork). They were even in shock when I said I could not eat chicken or beef from their I just gave you guys a tip on how to be the center of attraction in a foreign crowd..
But they are okay..even though they gave me a weird look at first and keep saying that my life would be difficult, they supported me and helped me in many ways, especially my chinese Malaysian friends and my colleagues. Therefore, don't be afraid to tell them who you are and always be proud of being Muslim. They will for sure see your life as 'difficult' but I see it as a challenge. I remember an incident when my husband wanted to leave me in Hiroshima..he told me jaga akhlak and also jaga makan..he really stressed that..and kissed my forehead. So, I was determined=)

Knowing that buffet won't be so joyous for me, I was skeptical to join any. But knowing me, I love crowd!hehe..I love socializing and laughing and meeting people!hehe..I would go crazy if I didn't make stupid jokes to people=( naseb baek almost kt sini understand my joke=p

However, last few weeks, there was this one jamuan..organized by Hiroshima cycling club (apetah..). They would like to try Malaysian food. Not so many Malaysian in Hiroshima..Can be counted by your whole fingers..T_T..Even we are very small numbers..we managed to cook kari ayam, mee jawa, roti paratha (instant=p) and...tu je.haha..90% of the cooking was done by Kak Niza=p ahaha..I think the only significant job I did was..peel potatoes..haha..what to do..they all pampered me too much=p

The scene of the the building where I lived, they provide this huge kitchen for gatherings. SO, that day we berganding bahu masak same2. The kitchen was complete with necessary utensils. All the bowls, it..all properly arranged in the cabinet! Really sugoiii..

Inari sushi..this thing never attracts me..I tried..and now one of my fav japanese food..terlalu sedap!!I can eat this thing alone and got full!

Food setting of the day..hehe..Those which are decorated of course are Japanese food=p hehe..We had no idea how to decorate our food..sigh..what's more..even kids dah terer decorate food T-T They had already learned those thing in school.

While we eat=)
The Malaysians..(including tukang amek gamba=p)

This time all food were guaranteed halal..cause we were incharged of buying the raw materials..
I took this opportunity to try all food that I had doubt before. Alhamdulillah..

Good idea kan??Food exchange party and guaranteed halal..hehe..will definitely so this again in no time!

Thank you Kak Niza and Dr Azam for organizing this party ^_*


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