Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Halal gathering


I must say that Japanese are very generous. How I could not say that..I just here for 4 months and has been to more than 5 gatherings. Too many welcome party I guess..especially during end of the year. But then, as Muslim, that sure some kind of challenge for me. All the food of course were not halal.
Do you know about the 'kanpai' custom??
In Malaysia we usually open a ceremony with doa recital..but here..is their own way of 'cheers'. "cheers" and "kanpai" I assumed is similar..but the recital that goes along with the'kissing' of glasses are different=p hehe..so, to not being rude..I will just pour juices into my glass and act along with them=p
How about food?Some of them are sensitive. I mean..they knew about Muslim sensitivity. Alhamdulillah..but some are just..blur. They had no idea. Sometimes I wonder how on earth they didn't know our existence..I mean Muslim. I thought we are so popular..haha..
Turned out..no..a lot of people in the world didn't aware of our sensitivity. So they usually gave a shock face when I said I could not eat butaniku (pork). They were even in shock when I said I could not eat chicken or beef from their supermarket..so I just gave you guys a tip on how to be the center of attraction in a foreign crowd..
But they are okay..even though they gave me a weird look at first and keep saying that my life would be difficult, they supported me and helped me in many ways, especially my chinese Malaysian friends and my colleagues. Therefore, don't be afraid to tell them who you are and always be proud of being Muslim. They will for sure see your life as 'difficult' but I see it as a challenge. I remember an incident when my husband wanted to leave me in Hiroshima..he told me jaga akhlak and also jaga makan..he really stressed that..and kissed my forehead. So, I was determined=)

Knowing that buffet won't be so joyous for me, I was skeptical to join any. But knowing me, I love crowd!hehe..I love socializing and laughing and meeting people!hehe..I would go crazy if I didn't make stupid jokes to people=( naseb baek almost kt sini understand my joke=p

However, last few weeks, there was this one jamuan..organized by Hiroshima cycling club (apetah..). They would like to try Malaysian food. Not so many Malaysian in Hiroshima..Can be counted by your whole fingers..T_T..Even we are very small numbers..we managed to cook kari ayam, mee jawa, roti paratha (instant=p) and...tu je.haha..90% of the cooking was done by Kak Niza=p ahaha..I think the only significant job I did was..peel potatoes..haha..what to do..they all pampered me too much=p

The scene of the kitchen..in the building where I lived, they provide this huge kitchen for gatherings. SO, that day we berganding bahu masak same2. The kitchen was complete with necessary utensils. All the bowls, plates..name it..all properly arranged in the cabinet! Really sugoiii..

Inari sushi..this thing never attracts me..I tried..and now one of my fav japanese food..terlalu sedap!!I can eat this thing alone and got full!

Food setting of the day..hehe..Those which are decorated of course are Japanese food=p hehe..We had no idea how to decorate our food..sigh..what's more..even kids dah terer decorate food T-T They had already learned those thing in school.

While we eat=)
The Malaysians..(including tukang amek gamba=p)

This time all food were guaranteed halal..cause we were incharged of buying the raw materials..
I took this opportunity to try all food that I had doubt before. Alhamdulillah..

Good idea kan??Food exchange party and guaranteed halal..hehe..will definitely so this again in no time!

Thank you Kak Niza and Dr Azam for organizing this party ^_*


  1. I'll definitely follow your blog!
    keep posting yay! and be istiqomah :D

  2. oh thank u.but my blog sgt biase je..
    ok, will do post more ^_^ hajimemashite!



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