Thursday, February 24, 2011


I think spring is around the corner..
Daily temperature keep rising from day to day.
This will be my first spring.
Nothing I wish for other than..having more time with my dear hubby x______________x

I wanna have many2 session of hanami (picnic 'with' sakura).
Definitely one of my fav season cz..I gotta do a lot of outdoors..and one of my fav is..picnic!Oh, I so love doing picnic. I am used to it since child ^_^..looks like my children will have to like it too=p


Author who thinks that..ability to write is dependent on hormonal regulation=| true??o_O
Puan Wani


  1. hihihi...yup. Jom kita hanami laksa nak. Yoo x pernah lagi hanami walaupun ini third spring. first spring mcm org gila, 2nd spring takde kawan nak join hanami sbb sorng2. third spring baru ada kawan...kot2 ada yg sudi nak hanami sama2.

  2. InsyaAllah..=)
    If that what it takes for laksa=p

  3. pos sikit.hehe.spring yey my favourite moreee bulky coat and boots.

  4.'t ask me to do that on behalf of yoo..I am very sure the laksa won't even make it to the post office=p
    where do u live?
    is it near tokyo?

  5. in niigata.maybe i should make that laksa myself.mengidam pulak bile teringat.yummyyy



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