Monday, June 28, 2010

solat sunat nikah

Salam ladies...

Wonder about solat nikah?

Click here. Hope that's help:)


Friday, June 25, 2010

to cik cincin petak;p


pos ini ditujukan khas kepade cik cincin petak..
cani ok x??i don't know how to improvise the font la T_T
maybe readers can help me with this ;)

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Rasenye arca LOVE ini telah sinonim dgn kami pule..hehe

Queen4Aday-Edisi Kasot;p

Salam ladies..

I love shoes. Full stop.

Few if it, I love but I can't fit. Bought but eventually I can't fit in it well T_T

Here's a pair. Therefore, this one is open for sale. Wore once. Tak cecah tanah pon, it looks new;)

I it's black n red. Sexy n longgar T_T
Size 4 Vinci.

The price tag still on=p (typical me)..ahaha...Original price=RM69
Selling at RM30

See the back..ade, xdela melecet..and the heel tu made of satin..therefore, it's sexy-ER..eheheh...

Interested??e-mail me at:

I have a lot of shoes..but..still I am not satisfied cz I cannot buy shoes yg branded like nine west, coach and they don't provide my size T_T (ye....inilah lagi satu penderitaan orang petite T_T). So, that's y i usually wears shoes made in Malaysia k..Eh, don't take it wrong. I love local shoes..

But, for hantarans, I want la imported shoes..Went hunting like crazy. Cudn't find the shoes that I crave for AND fit my foot. I found one yg sgt gojes!!!Tgk gamba ni...seryes like what I have in mind for hantaran. Gojes kan??uhuhu T_T (sure cik cincin petak akan tanye ktne ni..wekkk...)

Sebagai tande has been cancelled as one of her hantarans! T_T

hiasan bilik pengantin-edisi bajet!

Salam ladies..

Tell u, don't take urusan menghias bilik pengantin lightly..(applicable to those yg buat majlis di rumah la). For me, I'll be having my nikah ceremony in d surau (in front of my house) and later d jamuan at my house. So, like it or not, my house wud get involved.kenela kemas ye..

In my experience, looking at my frens' majlises, even if the reception was done at dewan, the other side of the family would wanna see the bilik pengantin decoration. I don't understand why they wanna's just a bedroom kan??Sometimes I heard they were criticizing the deco??They, especially the elders really take bilik pengantin seriously.

In the middle of me considering to really allocate budget for bilik pengantin, I was ter watch a documentary on Malay community in South Africa. Yes..south Africa. Their culture is more or less the same with us. The part that I love is when the groom have to provide a house for the bride. and excuse me, the house is not rented. So, to be married, a guy should be able to pay for a house for his wife!the house has to be fully furnished lg. And the bride has to move immediately into the fully furnished house after the nikah. So, during the moving, all family members will be there, checking on d housela. when everybody are inside the house, they'll check the bilik pengantin first. And there, a tok imam will cite prayers for kesejahteraan rumahtangga..So, I guess bilik pengantin ni mmg la satu mende yg seryes...I think I don't have to elaborate it longer cz for sure U guys understand rite??heheh...

Now I understand why some of my friend sacrifice portion of their wang hantaran just to buy new furnitures for the bilik pengantin, even they won't be living there after the majlis.

So, I decided to really get serious in bilik pengantin business. Even so, I don't have a big budget to really do so T_T. After a lot of thinking (xdela a lot mane;p), I think I can do something that's cheap, yet nice (Oh, please pray for this to work T_T).

My first BABY step...go to ikea, find stuffs to deco my room. Nk beli perabot mmg la x mampu ye..I'll b using what's already available. I was thinking to just rearrange everything and later put small2 things to improvise to room a bit. I hope it work.

Visit to ikea, there's a lot of cute things. Some with a very cheap price, n most of them of course la very costly T-T...I love the lamps. cheap n unique. But lamp is not in my list!T_T..Most of the things I love are orange in can I buy then. But, tht's great so that I cannot buy them=p haha

Okeh, to not being selfish, this is some of the ideas that I found very the cute yet cheap!

The white vase. It can fits fresh flower like shown. I was thinking to buy one and place it on top of dressing table.hehe..The vase comes in pink oso;)

More or less this flower looks like hydrangeas kan??lov d colour mix. I want to use this flower for my mcm nk same mcm tunang la pulak T_T

See??these are mirrors. Very cantik to be arranged on dindings. This one I KIV je dulu;)

Bought few deco stuff from IKEA and wish she could work magic on them T_T

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pelamin-Malay elements

Salam n selamat pg...

This morning pg2 lg dh mengangkut akak g bengkel T_T..keretenye di langgar dr blakang for 10th times kot T_T

So, I am at home right now feeling hungry and nervous. HUngry bcoz x mkn..nervous bcoz waiting for my correction. Can i make it in time?? T_T *pray for me my dear friends*

I have a friend. We r not that close, but i think v are all gud la kan. She told me about most of d thing about her 'after wedding' life. Let alone her wedding prep=p She's got the 'gud news' soon after d wedding. She's d only child ind family. So I guess u people understand how the family respond to the news=) I was also excited to hear it=) But, yesterday i got a very shocking news that she had a miscarriage T_T I don't know what to say. I was really sad that I do not know the words that could comfort her. I wish she would become stronger after this and prepare for another baby to come ^_^ Ganbatte ne!

Went to her wedding in March. Oh, I must say she's a bridezilla from afar. Why do I said from afar?Cz she's done everything thru d internet. She's working in Tg. Malim n d vendors wer all in KL. hehe..But she's really a detail person and I cud say perfectionist kot. haha..

I am sort of envy her for being able to make up her mind about all d concept and all...and the most important sticking to it (which I failed everytime T_T..tgk mende laen je..tros nk mende laen pulak T_T). So, here's d wedding which full of Malay elements. So detail n RED;p

The pelamin setting. Full of Malay elements. Mmg mcm raja sehari kan?? This was from Persada

Not to forget, d dress..d pair wore maroon songket. If I'm not mistaken, d tailor was Man Kajang. The accessories from other vendor..bla2...(that's how she's being so detail T_T). Eh, pengantin yg tukang kipas tu...haha

Saye yg tak-de-la-gedik-sangat sedang dudok bersemayam (eh, btol ke??lol)

To pengantin kt atas ni..I am so sorry to hear about the news. Pray for another baby to come. Take care!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bunting business

Salam all..

I was supposed to be busy with facilitator duty. But I just called it quit!Oh, maybe d job just don't suit me nymore. I love kids. i do. But this time, I just hate the person who's incharge.haha..and i remembered, my teacher said this: If you don't like to stay at one place, you have to go. Don't try changing everything. So, without further ado, I backed off. N I am very happy with my decision=)

Ok, now I have a free time about 2 hours. So, what do I do? Oh, my bunting x buat lg.

For most people, bunting is not that important. But, in my opinion, it really plays a role in a wedding. As for me, if I go to a wedding, bunting is the thing that I'll b looking for to make sure that I am not at a wrong majlis. Especially if d wedding happens to be during school holidays. Oh my, khemah was everywhere! So, I decided to have bunting.

Went for a survey at a printing shop near my house. They gave me a very thick catalogue of their previous bunting. I sit for 10 minutes, flipping through and...............none that I loike T_T Gosh...

Then I remembered one of my fren's bunting. I was inpired and here I am, designing my own bunting. haha..It's very simple, yet I loike;) What about u guys?

Us at Yokohama again as the backdrop;)

Is there anything that I can do to improvise this bunting? Appreciate any opinions;)

Suprisingly, my mom love this ^_^

invitation card and the story behind...

Salam everybody=)

Am I having mutation?cz I have suddenly love to write?lol!
Btw, I just got my invitation card from d sponsorer a.k.a my FMIL=p From d beginning, I didn't know how it looks like, until yesterday when she handed them to me. When I saw d card, I was like..nk jump d cards looks sooo sweet. I's pink ( I actually love pink without realizing it??T_T). Alhamdulillah d cards are all pretty even though I didn't have the chance to choose. I should thank my FMIL of course for being so tasteful ^_^ Thank you Auntie!
So, here's d card=) She said she bought yg 'murah2' je..but for me, it doesn't matter s long as it's worth d penny;)

So, here's d card=) She said she bought yg 'murah2' je..but for me, it doesn't matter s long as it's worth d penny;)

Can't wait to distribute them!hihi..
Who want?leave me ur address k=) (like so many je followers T-T)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

i don't know how to make 'save d date' invitation T-T

so, here's d replacement.
To my dear blogger friends,



Walimatul Urus

Asyraff (Son) & Zawani (Boyan) dgn segala hormatnya ingin menjemput rakan2 sekalian ke majlis resepsi untuk meraikan penyatuan mereka. Tentatif majlis adalah seperti berikut:

Majlis Resepsi sebelah perempuan:

Tarikh: Ahad, 1 Ogos 2010 bersamaan 20 Syaaban 1431 Hijrah
Tempat: Dewan orang ramai, PJS 4/19 Taman Indah Jaya, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Masa: 11.30 pg-4.00 ptg

Majlis Bertandang:

Tarikh: Sabtu, 7 Ogos 2010 bersamaan 26 Syaaban 1431 Hijrah
Tempat: Dewan Tan Sri Mahfuz (Dewan JKR)
Masa: 11.00 pg- 4.00 ptg

Majlis kami akan menjadi lebih bermakna dan meriah dengan kehadiran ahli keluarga, saudara mara dan rakan-rakan sekalian. Semoga majlis ini mendapat keberkatan dari Allah S.W.T

p/s: Sekiranya anda memerlukan kad jemputan, bolehla pm kami atau boleh tinggalkan alamat di bawah.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful

Wedding Reception

Asyraff and Zawani are cordially inviting you to their wedding reception to celebrate their union. The details are as follows:

Bride’s Reception:

Date: Sunday, 1st August 2010
Venue: Dewan orang ramai, PJS 4/19 Taman Indah Jaya, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Time: 11.30 pg-4.00 ptg

Groom’s Reception:

Date: Saturday, 7th August 2010
Tempat: Dewan Tan Sri Mahfuz (Dewan JKR)
Masa:11.00 pg- 4.00 ptg

We are hoping to see all our family members, relative and friends on that special day of ours and your attendance will definitely make our day more meaningful and blessed by Allah.

Posted this in fb just now=)

looking for:buku kosong

Salam ladies!
Oh, I'm looking for this kind of book. yg plain je.. Source: Google

Thinking of decorating this book on my own. Cantik x cantik..puas hati;p Tp..mane nk dpt bukunye T_T..


Montage business

Salam everybody..

Oh, I alwiz love montage. In my opinion, i think montage is one of the thing that makes our wedding memorable to the guess and esp. to d pengantin yg dirai. Since dulu2 lg, I dreamed of having montage on my wedding. But, since my majlis will b in buffet style, I doubt to have montage. For me mcm x sesuai la pulak. I never went to a wedding buffet yg ade montage. I can't imagine how it will turn out. it anyone here could giv me a picture. Is it suitable to have montage when people mingle around while d pengantin do their own business??hmm..

Another problem kan, the montage itself la. i would like my nikah moment to b played for d guest to see. Tp, d video-man tu ckp they probably wouldn't b able to edit n everything in one night, except if u pay more (my experience asking for several videographers la). So, I'm thinking is it worth it to pay more (n of course d quality will b compromised since they hv to do it in a very short time. My nikah will b on a day before d reception, in d evening. Mcm d time is very short=[)..

The first videographer I would like to hire first n foremost was Beehunt. They offered me a very gud price n yet, I have to cancel the plan after my allocation lari T_T So, I move to my videographer skrg. But for those who are looking for videographer with a superb montage, I would recommend Beehunt;)

To be honest, I never have met with montage of my dream lg. I hope my montage (if ade nnt..) wud b d montage of my dream;)

Selection of songs pon sgt penting to give d soul to ur montage. I think d major part of d montage are depending on ur song selection. Even u have a very beautiful wedding displayed, without d right song, it wont b that beautiful. I think la..haha..NO??

It's really hard for me to remember those songs that reminds me of my bunge2 cinte moment. Cz i listen most to Britney Spears T_T But what I really sure of is..I want this song to be one of them:)

Ni lagu pecintaan I which I neve share with him pon;p (kitorang mmg x romantik lgsg T_T)

meeting with tok kadi;)

Salam semua..

Alhamdulillah..I just met the Tok kadi here. Everything was settled less than 1 minute cz the tok kadi tu apparently my bro's neighbor (he pon just knew d imam was actually d tok kadi..tsk tsk..)

The thing was..I was not prepared (i.e. x mandi bgn tido T_T)..So, I was forcing my eyes to open all d time and also wishing my 'smell' didn't went all over T_T haha..

Even there's kursus kahwin, the Tok kadi still get confused. He said very different things from what I have learnt. Initially la..then i showed him the things that was requested, then baru he understands. Oh my...he was so blur.haha..My tok kadi is not a person with sense of humor. He was very serious yet very nice. He represent a very genuine Imam mude.yesh...he's still young. Oh, my ijab kabul for sure will b a very serious one. Wish me luck ladies!

Dear bebeh,
I got the permission to marry u already..
So, I think for me there's no turning
Oh tibe2 jadi sentimental..rase nk letak one of my feveret photo here;p (I hope u guys didn't get green..haha...not envy green nk muntah =p)

Us kt Yokohama (bkn moto ye ni..haha)

OMG!!lg sebulan je T_T

personal tip for!

Salam ladies2!lol!

Okeh, dh lewat. I know. But I need to story this one jugak (nada berdegil=p)

Okeh2..of you guys are not convinced with ur selection based on the theories from google ke...frens ke..u can try this--> Looking for close example!

Example: I know one of my fren ni yg lebey kurang je 'tinggi' ngan i. So, I was referring to her wedding je. Lucky me, her wedding day was one of the most beautiful event I have ever seen.She pon mmg pretty=)

So, I've seen her in her wedding dress with this long veil. I think this one is chapel veil kot. Take a look:

See..comelkan d veil??Then again..who said 'not-so-tall' people cannot wear long veil???she just proved it!it turned out sooooo pretty!Hmm..I'm thinking of wearing this kind of veil for one of my recpetion. But which one??

B2B who's at d phase of realizing..being an adult is not FUN at all T_T

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Salam ladies!

I love rosses..yes I do..I think they are one of the prettiest creature I've seen. Sgtla cantek segale segi nye...Subhanallah...

So, I was thinking to use roses la for d hantarans kan. I would like to go for pink (oh, again pink is not my feveret colour ye Squarecut ring..hehe). Tp I overheard my FMIL wanted pink rosses for their hantarans nnt. It's ok. I am far from kecewe pon. Cz I still have doubt of using pink rosses during that time. So, my FMIl kind of saved me. haha..

So, what else do I like?I keep questioning this to myself (cz I alwiz hv problem in identifying my own like T_T). After thinking for quite a while..I remembered that I have alwiz said 'cantiknye' to this flower:

But this flower mcm bulky. How d decorator nk gubah afraid to take d risk ( hntrn decorator is oso my wedding planner - who happened to dislike trying new things T_T)

Am alwiz lov morning glory..reminds me of my sunday morning in SAMURA;)

long veil only for tall bride??

Salam all..

Weekend ni relax sket. No weddings!what a surprise^_*
Ok, br terfikir about my veil T_T haha..(1 month left br nk tefikir T_T)

During my meeting with our wedding planner, my FMIL had requested for a long veil for bertandang. But, my wedding planner arrogantly said "die ni pendek..nnt lg nampak pendek".. then my FMIL pon senyap (but, me mmg geram la...). I didn't get angry becoz he/she said that I am 'pendek'. Cz it's a fact. I can live with that. In fact I had live with that fact for 25 years already. I'm ok people saying that. Seriously. What made me bengang was..d idea that he/she said about fashion were all myths!!She/he definitely got ZER0000 knowledge about fashion. And yet he/she acting that way.

Who said short people cannot go with long veil???
Even I am not majoring in fashion, I know I can fit in long veil very well. has to be cut according to my proportion la..of course I cannot wear long veil meant for a big bride. It's as simple as that. So, to support my opinion on this (if this wedding planner wanna argue with me later..), I've googled, n found this article.

To petite bride out there..YES!!you can wear long is not that 'lime' after all..hehe
So, I am convinced. But, I still love heavy beadings to go with it. Then I remembered WTL. She wore long veil WITH heavy beadings too=)

lihat saje kegojesan Ashylla ini..*jeles*

But, what makes me couldn't stop thinking this veil got 2 layers??i.e. first layer with beadings and d second one is d plain long veil??I couldn't see it clearly la..T_T Any ideas??

B2B who thinks she needs to act bitchy on this matter!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tudung decided!

Salam to all..

My mission for next week is tudung hunting!hehe..So, I have decided to just wear tudung awning. I tried to think of other fesyen tp afraid that the looks might ruin my whole life later haha (yela d photos kan to be kept forever..insyaAllah..).

I guess I have to embrace the fact that I got a very round face and only tudung awning will solve the problem=( Plus, I think I looked good in tudung awning don't u guys think??hehe..

Me on my e-day..the tudung was OK ryte??

Based on my experience, tudung nikah I wud prefer not to apply any nnt mase d groom nk cium dahi, x sampai muncung..haha..seen a lot of my frens was like that=p So, maybe I'll wear tudung bawal je kot (prefer not actually T_T). Do u guys got alternatives to that??T_T

B2B who'd love to have heavy beadings veil instead of beadings on tudung;

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love edible doorgift.yey! ^_^

Salam guys..(sambil melambai2..haha)

Okeh..ini adelah entry yg kelime..sile jgn muntah=p

I just remembered (dan2la nk remember kan..)..I have ordered a berkat a.k.a doorgift from this kompeni-->Berkat DN Enterprise. They provide bahulu, kek n so on so on yg mmg mknn org melayu la..(nk tau lebih lanjut..bole la lawat website dorang)

Everytime I go to wedding kan...I alwiz looking forward to get either a very soft cake, or soft bahulu (bkn yg ade perise2 la..i prefer d plain one) or kerepeks yg bes gle mkn sambil beborak. yg kek2 n kueh mueh yg penting mesti soft. Cz selalu dpt yg keras mcm batu bole baling ke dinding. i alwiz question my mom y do they hv to bake such a keras kueh that is not pleasure to eat????My mom said the purpose is to keep the kueh thn lame..=| ade je i dpt lembut.n loving it!

As I know I lov such a kuih muih n kerepeks, I was planning to give that as our berkat for my wedding. But that's just a plan. Let's just wait n see (cz I changed d ideas like everyday=p) ngahaha..

One of my auntie would like to sponsor berkat from BERKAT DN, let's see how it taste. I never tried their product lg. In this case, xpela..dh org bg. Alhamdulilllah....Called the owner (x ingat name la skrg T-T), n d order was made (yesh!with one simple phone call!). I like cz the procedure pon senang..order..nnt die anta kt umah, n v pay.alahai..senang sgt.

Btw, Thank u again Maklang for ur lov n help=)

B2B yg x berapa suke ngn cupcakes as doorgift (plus x mampu..haha)

The Red Wedding pule!

Salam readers!
haha..this will b the forth post of d day..haha..I just got so many ideas suddenly (dikale kerja2 terbengkalai ye..)

Ok, I just showed u ols how the orange wedding looked like. It looks delicious rite??
The next day, I went to a wedding in Bkt Beruntung. I was d bride's maid=) again..haha (the best part, I cud eat at meje penantin ^_^).
The theme was red. I think the mother has succeeded to pull out a very well planed wedding la..very smooth n under control. Tahniah makcik!haha..
I arrived there at 1130 together with pengapit laki..( with him..asek kene tanye bile nk kawen..they thought v r actually a nk jwb dah..ckp "insyaAllah' je everytime..haha).
When I arrived, the perantin tgh make up..Inilah hasilnye..taraaa..haha..the mak andam is perempuan n so nice. she asked d perantin to call her frens and ask about d make up whether anything she cud do to improve d time i found MUA yg humble begini.

The bride yg actually tgh pns pakai songket..haha. But I love songket T-T

Sesi feveret pengantin dan juge para pengapit..mkn x hengat dunie..haha

During cake cutting ceremony. Even though d pelamin setting was simple, but for me it was cute n sufficient. It really shows 'less is more'. The colour pon npk sexy;p

The bunga telor yg my mom nampak tros diserang histeria..sorry mak..I have already bought my bunge telor..haha

Last one, perantins, me n my partners in crime;p I just knew these two in one day dah bukak pekung di dada masing2..haha..Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to meet these two wonderful people. God bless!

I wish my wedding theme will work just well. I just love tiffany blue tpnye T_T

The Orange wedding!

Salam u ols^_^

Again, another post of d day=pOkeh, last weekend I'm sure everybody was busy attending wedding rite?I got 10 invitations T_T But I chose to just attend 1 at a day. Becoz..yg laen2 tu jauh sgt..I do not want my mom to be worried. The week before that I was driving to Ipoh alone. Can U guys imagine how worried she was??Dahla darah manis..Alhamdulillah, I was fine.

Btw, this post is dedicated to one of my best friend back in Samura (Science Muar Royal Academy). She was my classmate and also my dormmate. What's more, we r jiran katil, cn u imagine how close v r??The nikah was held on a rainy cold Friday. The weather that I love to be in. I arrived quite late la..Tok kadi tgh bg ceramah.haha..sorry yani.was stucked in d traffic=( We alwiz expect d nikah ceremony will be associated with nanges2 session n all. But this one, we were laughing like crazy cz d Tok Kadi was so funny n d knowing d bride, making d session Squarecutring and Vanilla and peppermint understand what I am saying=p

Personally, I was so touched seeing her been taken away.Bet it will b difficult for us to berjoyah lg T_T Here's the moment captured=)
with her husband just after sah husband n wife

The reception was held on d next day, on a cool rainy day. Murah rezeki nampaknye pengantin kite ni.hehe..The theme was orange. Sgtla npk sedap segale2nye sbb oren..haha..d colour mmg suit dgn her skin colour. Take a look at below pic. See d make up??flawless..d baju also custom made. It's french lace ye kwn2. She has the seri ^_^ wish that I will have d seri too T_T

The pelamin was set outside the house. Under the kemah. Orange juge.. They place all d hantarans di kiri n kanan pelamin for people to see. But if u want to do like this, u must have somebody to guard this hntrn k..nnt kene rompak pulak=p

Isn't this pelamin looks delicious??

If the pelamin n pengantin pon dh nmpk delicious..nevermind the cake ^_^

Inside was moist choco cake ^_^ I dont really into cake. But, bile mkn sambil2 borak2 with old2 frens, cake tu jd lebih sedap;)

Lastly, I would like to put the pictures of me n my old frens who had together attending this orange wedding. Only god knows how much I miss U guys T_T (Really miss the high school moment=[)I wish my wedding will went smoothly like hers;

at some point, life is not fair T-T

Salam all..

Inilah saye..kalo dah stat melemparkan idea tu..melambak2 la die kuar yg telebih2=( So, I have to write them fast (while keje yg melambak ni tebengkalai T-T)..ok2 cpt..pastu I can continue with my nihongo catch up!

Actually, I've bought my wedding ring already.hehe..Tell u ols, I am not satisfied with my ring. Seriously not satisfied (another reason of xde mud nk kawen T_T). I've shared with you guys the ring that I want for my wedding (for those yg blur..sile bace ini post).

One day, I went to MV with my fren for cincin hunting la. I showed her the cincin that I would prefer (to have exactly is of course important). Just after I showed her that..I saw a ring exactly like what I've shown. was so pretty even my fren fell in lov with that ring. I was so happy that my face tegang mcm kene suntikan botox=p

I straight away requested for that ring without turning to other rings. OMG2!!!

But...they dont have it my size=( Sudahla tgh sale 70%..pastu exactly what I have in mind. It's a ring of my dream=( I asked them to custom made for me even I have to pay full price. They said cannot cz my finger was so tiny that the diamond may drop=(, small people cannot have that kind of ring??tht's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, I forced myself looking into other collections (yg lebey kurang la.) My second option wud be the princess cut. SO, I force myself to find one that I second like. Honestly, NO..nothing cud replace the classic look ring that I longed for=( Adela satu..okla..I asked them to resize cz they again dont have it in my size=(

Princess cut ring-google

After one hour..the salesperson told me that they failed to resize the ring. Cz the ring could only go down to 2 points so that the diamond are well preserved. get to my size, they need to go down until 9 points T_T So, I fed up and avoid myself to think of rings for a very long tyme=(

Just past few days, I found the courage to again visit kedai brg kemas. haiya..the salesperson still recognize me and of course la pity me of not being able to get what I want. So, I asked what options left for somebody who just have bones and skin (not to forget boobs=p) like me??=( x laen x bukan..solitaire la.....waaaaaaaaa....tunang haritu nk solitaire lg??waaaaaaaaaaa..bape byk solitaire nk ade kt tgn..kang calar balar muke laki senirik bile kite nk belai die=(

At the end, v manage to find the designs that 'they cud do'.OMG..I seriously need to drink more milk la=( haha..So, I pick the diamond. Diamond pon satu hal..I want the H dan2 la H colour mahal. So, I have to go with D colour again (my engagement ring pon D). Xde yg spesel pon for my wedding ring=( waaaaaaaaaaaa...
Mintak2 my fiance x bace I lied to him that I love the ring=( Sorry cz dh xde hati nk hunt for rings nymore=(

B2B yg rase xpela about the ring, asalkan nikah tu semuanya lancar;)

Tudung pengantin

Salam for all..

It's been a long tyme since my last update. Honestly, I had a lot in mind to share with u guys, but I just don't have the time and passion to write.haha..I pulak have a problem of short term memory la pulak, I forgot the things that I need to write whenever I was in front of the computer T_T..gosh..Hope this is not applicable to working life T_T

Okeh, just about 1 month left until d day. I was so not in the mood. I have sometimes imagining that my bride-to-be soul had run away and I was chasing it..(mengarut kan..yesh, I love imagining things T_T) So, I do not know what to think about my wedding. I really didn't do much. But yesterday, my bestie from Vanilla and peppermint uploaded her wedding photos. It was a beautiful wedding that I could only asked for. The tent, the food, the doorgifts all were awesome. The perantin x payah nk cite la kan..they looked so cute together.hehe...Sorry guys I cannot put the link to the photos here. I would like to let the bride have the honor to do so=) So, I think we can just wait n see=p hehe

From the photos, one of the things that captured my eyes quickly was the tudungs worn for both recpetions. I was very sure that the tudungs are custom made. You can see the exclusiveness expecially when the gamba focus at perantin pompuan. haha..the beadings pon sgtla the price pon cantekla juge T_T..

So, I straight away sms her, asking where did she gets the tudungs. She told me to find Vispera, specialist for tudung. Y I said specialist??becz she wud design the tudung according to ur face's shape (of course), weight n oso height!!How detail that is!!For someone who's having problem finding tudungs that suit her face (like me T_T), I think custom-made tudungs will b the best option.

Contoh tudung. U ols can tempah the veil s well.

I did sms-ed the owner of the vispera asking for prices.hehe..most of them are rm150 and above. So, it's affordable.

I still has not put any order so far cz I am still thinking about the tudung designs that can go along with my dress. Called the tailor this morning to see how their progression so that I could decide on the tudung. But he/she said they haven't start the tailoring yet T_T all of my THREE dresses..xde satu pon die dah jahit??this wedding planner seriously asking for trouble! (yesh!another reason xde mud nk prepare wedding T_T)

B2B who wished she didn't pay her wedding planner yet T-T

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks Dr. Kay ^_^


Previously I have decided not to have videographer on my wedding day. I wanna save it for life after wedding. To be honest I am so scared to step into a world which I believe wud b so different from my everyday life right now. Tell u all d truth, my financial for now pon x stable.padehal xde tanggungan pon T_T (except cik Lisa la..=kelisa.haha).

I live a life bole dikatekan mcm princess la skrg ni. I dono whose to blame.haha..But, no worries!Iknow how to do house chores ok. It's just that I don't have any house to work my magic on=p hihi..(alasan!).

Ok2..back to the topic. So, my fiance agree.We'll only have videographer at his part je la..(take note that our prep lain2..I am just taking care of the bride's reception je.So, I dont know what's happening at the groom's. Even d groom dono=p haha..)

Tp this morning, I saw an update from KayKamal about cheap photographers around KL. I was so impressed!!how la she managed to find all these people!The cheapest I could get pon dlm 2.5k, tu pon susah gle nk reply msg nor emel.hampes!end up yg mhl T_T. So, I was thinking, d videographer mesti die amek yg affordable jugak..yesh!I wasn't wrong. She did find yg mmg superb affordable. The cheapest I knew was 1.2k. Haiya..I should thank this blog industry la for being so helpful.Really..blogging does help me in many ways already.

But, the person deserves special thanks of course la....Kay Kamal! Thank U Dr. Kay ^_^

Deposit paid without doing the deal;p

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1minit siap!

Salam all..

Hiya..bilela nk abes wat correction ni T_T..impianku hancur nk grad bln 8 ni Y_Y
xpe, redha..sume tu dh takdir..Justify Full

Yesterday (9/6) [OMG..lg sket je nk kene kawen], went to Klinik Kesihatan Medan Maju Jaya (x silapla name die) which is not very far from my house.Can walk. But pity my car pulak tggl kt umah=p haha..So, hv to bring her along (yesh!my car is a she). Besides car, I did carried along my MP4.sbb tau jela..klinik kesihatan, just after registration, tros put on my MP4. expect to wait like 4 hours kot T_T.

Fill up d form, and x sempat tkn my MP4 on, my number was called. N d test took about 1 minute. DOne!
Ha??kejap gle.waa...buat penat kosongkan d whole morning for just this 1 minute test??waa.....dh smkn bagus industri perubatan Malaysia ni. Oh..rase tue sgt. Sbb mase prektikal like 4 years ago, d HIV test was performed using a serology machine with turnover time 1hour. I am so left behind!

Mase registration, d kakak counter gave me 2 borangs and asked me where's my pasangan T_T waaaaaaa...sedey la jgk kan??Then I answered "pasangan xde".
Then d MA yg buat test tu interview lebey la cz I came alone. They thought I was married by family choice.haha...mmg selalu org dtg berpasangan eh??T_T

Ape2la..d most important, I am a HIV negative;p yey!!approve la bole kawen.haha..

B2B whose asking no more than a memorable solemnization;

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Diary of a bride's maid

Salam ladies..

Sudah lame tak berblog.'s because I was not in the mood for writing;p Now, I think that I need to write about this one. My experience as the bride's maid;) People said that being a bride's maid for many times may cause us to lambat kawen..hmm..Can v believe in that?I dah jadi bride's maid quite many times dah. haha..until people called me the girl in 27dresses. Still, insyaAllah, my day will arrive in no time soon;) Jodoh tu sume ketentuan dariNya.

Last week, of course la kite sume ade byk wedding kene attend. I will always choose not to attend wedding yg outside KL, except if car pool la. but for this one, located in Ipoh, I have got to attend because I am the bride's maid;) Bertolak dr rumah at 530am. And reach there at 8. The furthest destination yg i penah drive kot.haha..Lucky me, x jem.

Pictures speaks a thousand words. So, here they r. Some of the pictures that might be helping you guys in your prep. enjoy!

The pelamin setting. The theme was gold. The bride told me that she purposely chose this setting cz she doesn't want to be swollen by overwhelmed sized pelamin. She's a petite;p

Based on the pelamin nye setting kt atas tu...u a lot of bunga pahar. Byk jenis. This is one of them. Rose in gold dust

Ini lg satu bunga pahar.

Khemah pengantin. Gold setting again

Tempat beradu pengantin. All DIY.

One of the hantaran that captured my eyes. This was actually kain ela. Bought in Japan. I was there when she bought this kain.hehe..In fact I got exactly d same. Different colour;)

The telekung

Inilah pengantinnya. dan lihat bride's maidnye..FYI, my baju tu..dh mcm uniform bride's maid.
Look at the bride's dress. kebaya pendek really give the illusion that she's actually a tall lady. Nice choice kmal!

Part paling bes, mkn beradab. Tak sangke akan diberi penghormatan mkn kt sblh pengantin. So sedap. N I was damn hungry that time!yela..pagi2 bute dah keluar rumah.
Ok, gamba ni, saje nk highlight the cake, d the pedang. Nampak x??It was actually pedang samurai (yesh!Im serious!). Pedang Samurai real punya..Made in Japan. The bride has 10 pedangs like this. Haha..
Sejarahnye, the pair ni, belaja kt Jepun, sume nye ade kaitan ngan Jepon malangnye..I couldn't captured the moment they cut d cake using d pedang T_T

Pengantin di pelaminan. Yesh, she's right. The pelamin really suits her;)

The doorgift:Mende hijau tu yelah dodol

Haish..sgt penat tido. see u in d next entry!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

material for wedding dress-teaser

Salam Ladies..

Many of u were asking..eversince I got mad with my decorator la kan..
Baju dah siap belom?? hehe..

Honestly..I pon xtau T_T..xde mood to check on my wedding planner. Maseh terngiang2 pekare2 yg i eavesdrop haritu T_T Seriously, do not put 100 trust on ur wedding planner. This incident made me learned that there are so many evil people out there. Even you r being nice to them, you can't expect a nice reply from them. Y la this people T_T

Two days after my e-day (2 days before my fiance hv to fly back to Japan), we hv already bought all the materials for the dress. what's worst, my wedding planner will tailor all my 3 bajus; i.e. 2 receptions and 1 nikah. How gamble am I to let people that I hav gaduh with to tailor everything T_T Since the wedding planner ni (lets called him@her Mama), dh ade click ngan Jakel, so I hv no choice but go to Jakel. So, v go. N everything was selected according to Mama n My MIL's selera. I am okay la with their options. But, I will b happier if I could choose myself la. haha..

This is the teaser, proving that I have already bought kaen...kpd yg risau tu...dont worry..see..haha..yg sipi2 tu my MIL;) hv to change the colour..xnk busted=p hihi

The thing that I regret was I do not have final sketch of my baju bertandang. So, beli je kaen tanpe ade sketch. That was so wrong u ols. U will end either wasting d kain worth thousands..or there will be not enuf kaen=( So, for the final sketch, I have to think of something which will make full use of everything that v hv bought. hmm..susah sgt T-T

Praying for people in Gaza. This time I really wish I could be there helping them T_T

bunga pahar-teaser

Salam Ladies...

Oh, I forgot to show u ols d teaser of my bunge pahar yg ade 50 je tu T_T. I hv finished putting them up together with all d other accessories chosen by me. Of course it was not that perfect like what I have in mind originally. But, can do la. Alhamdulillah..dh settle sume=)Justify Full

B2b who just discovered her 'samseng cat' likes kraftgn;


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