Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bestie's wedding ^_^

Salam ladies..

Skrg ni mmg musim org kawen kan??sbb cuti skolah..I am so takut to lalu highway seremban=( d jam is disaster T-T. I had once drove for Malacca using gear 2 all d way from Bangi. How tersekse it was T-T. On the Saturday 29th, I have like 4 wedding invitations T_T. Of course I could not attend all. Oh btw, Selamat pengantin baru dear our ex-b2b, aim. Sorry dear, I couldn't make it to ur wedding. x sempat T-T

That day, me n my 2 bestfrens (Najo n Yani) decided to go to two weddings which happened to be located in d same state;N9. The first one is the wedding of Dr. Anis and Dr. Arief in Senawang. Both are doctors in Hospital Besar Melake. When v arrived d pengantin dlm bilek lg. Will show u the piccas if they already uploaded them kt fb=p hihi. Their theme is gold. Cantek..nmpk sgt gemerlap gitu;)

Next wedding located in Serting, N9 juge. Oh, this one I tell U, serius lebam montot dok dlm kete. It took about 1 hour to reach Serting from Senawang. Long time taken I think because of the road kot.xde highway to Serting. But Alhamdulillah, v x sesat lgsg although all 3 of us forgot to bring the map T_T. haha..Congrates to the celebrated pair; Saidah n Firdaus..The theme was red. everything is red..hehe..d reddest of all, is the pengantin. xcaye??tgk gambar kt bwh

V sit lame sket kt Ida's ni. So, I managed to snap a few photos for tontonan bersame.
First, lets look at the hantarans. I managed to find the hantarans for her je. I think for him dh bwk balik kot. They used calla lily. One of my fav flowers;)

I'm not sure wat was that. My friend said it is garam n gule??

A pair of shoes

Nmpak ade handbag, pastu x sure la yg laen.haha

The bride with B2Bs=) Merah kan??

The doorgifts collected on that day^_^

Oh, ni gamba sudah lame..the wedding was on the 2nd May. Put up here to show u ols d kain. comel kan ade tone?=) hehe..this is my friend back in Samura. She got married with my fiance's bestfriend. Both live in Japan and they are expecting ^_^ Congrates!!

Congratulations to all newly wed couples!!God bless!


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