Friday, June 25, 2010

hiasan bilik pengantin-edisi bajet!

Salam ladies..

Tell u, don't take urusan menghias bilik pengantin lightly..(applicable to those yg buat majlis di rumah la). For me, I'll be having my nikah ceremony in d surau (in front of my house) and later d jamuan at my house. So, like it or not, my house wud get involved.kenela kemas ye..

In my experience, looking at my frens' majlises, even if the reception was done at dewan, the other side of the family would wanna see the bilik pengantin decoration. I don't understand why they wanna's just a bedroom kan??Sometimes I heard they were criticizing the deco??They, especially the elders really take bilik pengantin seriously.

In the middle of me considering to really allocate budget for bilik pengantin, I was ter watch a documentary on Malay community in South Africa. Yes..south Africa. Their culture is more or less the same with us. The part that I love is when the groom have to provide a house for the bride. and excuse me, the house is not rented. So, to be married, a guy should be able to pay for a house for his wife!the house has to be fully furnished lg. And the bride has to move immediately into the fully furnished house after the nikah. So, during the moving, all family members will be there, checking on d housela. when everybody are inside the house, they'll check the bilik pengantin first. And there, a tok imam will cite prayers for kesejahteraan rumahtangga..So, I guess bilik pengantin ni mmg la satu mende yg seryes...I think I don't have to elaborate it longer cz for sure U guys understand rite??heheh...

Now I understand why some of my friend sacrifice portion of their wang hantaran just to buy new furnitures for the bilik pengantin, even they won't be living there after the majlis.

So, I decided to really get serious in bilik pengantin business. Even so, I don't have a big budget to really do so T_T. After a lot of thinking (xdela a lot mane;p), I think I can do something that's cheap, yet nice (Oh, please pray for this to work T_T).

My first BABY step...go to ikea, find stuffs to deco my room. Nk beli perabot mmg la x mampu ye..I'll b using what's already available. I was thinking to just rearrange everything and later put small2 things to improvise to room a bit. I hope it work.

Visit to ikea, there's a lot of cute things. Some with a very cheap price, n most of them of course la very costly T-T...I love the lamps. cheap n unique. But lamp is not in my list!T_T..Most of the things I love are orange in can I buy then. But, tht's great so that I cannot buy them=p haha

Okeh, to not being selfish, this is some of the ideas that I found very the cute yet cheap!

The white vase. It can fits fresh flower like shown. I was thinking to buy one and place it on top of dressing table.hehe..The vase comes in pink oso;)

More or less this flower looks like hydrangeas kan??lov d colour mix. I want to use this flower for my mcm nk same mcm tunang la pulak T_T

See??these are mirrors. Very cantik to be arranged on dindings. This one I KIV je dulu;)

Bought few deco stuff from IKEA and wish she could work magic on them T_T


  1. yup i think bilik pengantin is important for those yang buat kat rumah... im speaking for myself at least.

    my room is taken away from me by my baby sis for not coming back melaka too often... mom had ordered arwah grandma's room to be bilik pengantin.

    but the thing is dad is so sentimental about the room which currently is mine and another baby sis. all furniture in the room is like antic giler like from ages ago since dad was small.

    mom decided it's time for the furniture to sign in to a museum or something... hahaha

    anyway about the malay culture in south africa tu... i think i heard it before but it was practice by people in egypt. tak silap lah. my mom kinda told me the story once.

    i have no duit hantaran. it is decided. because all of his money will be devoted into finding our house.

    still tgh cari... huhuhu

    sorry for being so long winded

  2. long.. i loike..haha
    oh, u do know about d culture??n u sort of practicing it=p I think house for hantaran wud b lovely. It's really something. If only I wud b living in here after d wedding, i wud ask for a house as hantaran=p
    don't worry about d furniture..d photographer wud only shoot only part of ur room. so, to b safe, prepare a special space, well-decorated for shooting purposes. That wud b enuf i guess;)
    *photographer pon selalu insist to shoot in bilik pengantin.



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