Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Diary of a bride's maid

Salam ladies..

Sudah lame tak berblog. hehe..it's because I was not in the mood for writing;p Now, I think that I need to write about this one. My experience as the bride's maid;) People said that being a bride's maid for many times may cause us to lambat kawen..hmm..Can v believe in that?I dah jadi bride's maid quite many times dah. haha..until people called me the girl in 27dresses. Still, insyaAllah, my day will arrive in no time soon;) Jodoh tu sume ketentuan dariNya.

Last week, of course la kite sume ade byk wedding kene attend. I will always choose not to attend wedding yg outside KL, except if car pool la. but for this one, located in Ipoh, I have got to attend because I am the bride's maid;) Bertolak dr rumah at 530am. And reach there at 8. The furthest destination yg i penah drive kot.haha..Lucky me, x jem.

Pictures speaks a thousand words. So, here they r. Some of the pictures that might be helping you guys in your prep. enjoy!

The pelamin setting. The theme was gold. The bride told me that she purposely chose this setting cz she doesn't want to be swollen by overwhelmed sized pelamin. She's a petite;p

Based on the pelamin nye setting kt atas tu...u see..got a lot of bunga pahar. Byk jenis. This is one of them. Rose in gold dust

Ini lg satu bunga pahar.

Khemah pengantin. Gold setting again

Tempat beradu pengantin. All DIY.

One of the hantaran that captured my eyes. This was actually kain ela. Bought in Japan. I was there when she bought this kain.hehe..In fact I got exactly d same. Different colour;)

The telekung

Inilah pengantinnya. dan lihat bride's maidnye..FYI, my baju tu..dh mcm uniform bride's maid.
Look at the bride's dress. kebaya pendek really give the illusion that she's actually a tall lady. Nice choice kmal!

Part paling bes, mkn beradab. Tak sangke akan diberi penghormatan mkn kt sblh pengantin. So sedap. N I was damn hungry that time!yela..pagi2 bute dah keluar rumah.
Ok, gamba ni, saje nk highlight the cake, d the pedang. Nampak x??It was actually pedang samurai (yesh!Im serious!). Pedang Samurai real punya..Made in Japan. The bride has 10 pedangs like this. Haha..
Sejarahnye, the pair ni, belaja kt Jepun dulu..so, sume nye ade kaitan ngan Jepon la..haha..tp malangnye..I couldn't captured the moment they cut d cake using d pedang T_T

Pengantin di pelaminan. Yesh, she's right. The pelamin really suits her;)

The doorgift:Mende hijau tu yelah dodol

Haish..sgt penat tido. see u in d next entry!


  1. The dress suits her well. Nampak sangat tinggi. tapi bile dok sebelah ko, still nmpk rendah. hehehe =P

  2. sebab orang tau ko mmg rendah. then bile bride yang 'nampak' tinggi dok sebelah ko, nampak la bride tu sebenarnye rendah. hehe

  3. hahahhaa ms ring tu pandai tol mengusik.. tersenyum simpul akak baca wani..

  4. Cik andam, hehe. Wani memang redha je kene usik camtu. Kan wani kan? haha



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