Thursday, June 30, 2011

Japanese ryokan

This.was.toooootally new experience for me.
I have to agree with Mr. Dave Barry. Japanese are so unique..They are one in a kind. For centuries..Japanese remains one mysterious culture for the world, and for now..especially for me *_*

I was told about annual department trip which happened around this month.
For foreigners, I think we benefited most on this trip..coz we will be able to experience Japan with companion of Japanese stuff >.< Totally new for me..and I was all messed up. When I said all messed up..please focus on dressing code only *_*

When you are told that you are going to Japanese me..don't carry any luggage..uh, I mean..don't carry anything with you..come as you are..(trust me also, underwear are not important *_*).
On that day, I carried a very bulky bag. I was in a way lucky cz I changed to just carry a small bag when initially I packed all my things in a small luggage *_* So, less malu la when I arrived *_*
I saw other girls came lenggang kangkung *_*

U know why?
Japanese ryokan provides you with yukata..and..suripa (slipper). So, almost all guests are wearing yukata inside the building. Yukata provided to you, are not just a pair.

Yukata provided in many sizes and selection of colors. For me, muslimah..yukata saves me a lot from additional carry back laundry:p hehe..yukata tutup aurat :D
I also told myself that..the 'tauke' of ryokan may save a lot of money on furniture. Ryokan usually furnished with a Japanese table in the middle..If you pay more, you may get a small table nearby the window.hehe...
Bed??no bed..Real Japanese style..we sleep on futon.
Suddenly got futon in our room when we returned from the occacsion. 
Other than that, everything else are about the same with other hotel type..

Fridge provided with loads of chocolates, beers and wines. I assumed all these comes with no extra charge like we used to get charged from hotel in Malaysia..(at least most hotels I had stayed *_*)
The cupboard where I assume they hid the futon :p 
Anyways, if it's not because of departmental occasion, I may not go to ryokan. This place is way....overpriced compared to normal hotel. I believe it must be due to its title; 'ryokan'. They provide you with a total new experience well defining Japan.

My first ryokan stay experience was in Iwakuni, another famous sightseeing attraction in Hiroshima. This place is famous with it's historical and absolutely stunning Kintai bridge, hanging high connecting two riverbanks.
Me and Dr. Tung (a Vietnamese). Kintai bridge is just behind us:) The bridge  was enormous and very high T_T for those who gayat..sile x payah naik *_* Kintai bridge has been the reference for the engineering for later bridges :) 

Our hotel. Located just in front of the Kintai bridge. Oh, I was told this is the only ryokan in Iwakuni  (or at least  the nearest with the famous Kintai bridge).
Before the trip, I had no idea about ryokan. And you know what...ryokan stay is a must do when you come to Japan..or, you are not yet..exploring Japan :)
Add that into the list ya....hehe.

Oh well, these are just not it. One important thing you must know about ryokan has not yet revealed:p
Stay tuned:)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer sign *_*

I posted picture of flower blooming marking the arrival of spring in Japan..

Then how should I share with you guys picture of summer??*_*

Found one!Kipas..melambangkan summer di Japan..hehe..yeah..even fridge also needs kipas *_* die sorang je gune bekipas2 *_*

I must say..summer and Malaysia's weather has not much in contrary...IF this country does not have issue with power supply. I don't know whether they really in power restrain or they are just like this; one country using power with care. I am convinced they are actually both especially in the middle of nuclear crisis like this. However, I remember last year when I arrived, it has been like this. Energy saving, I guess they are saving it in purpose:) Good for earth..but seriously..we are suffering *_*

Nevertheless, let's hope good returns for this country for the good deeds they do for mother earth..and..sigh..Lol!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ichiban wakai

Ichiban is nihongo terms for no. 1 or the most (depending on the sentences).
I got my own ichiban title here..hehe...

The banner said "Ichiban wakai" which means..the youngest member (in the department).

Youngest and already married..hehe..

Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Word

As time goes by..I am not anymore into movies. I don't know..I will feel like I am wasting time by doing only 'watching'. If I need to watch something I will find something else to do at the same time..which usually making me at the end not fully watching the movie:p There's an exception here..when I watch it with u-know-who:p

Ok, skip the rambling:p

I love to watch drama more...
Name it Korean, Japanese (, both I don't really watch..)

Ok, skip the list..
I love sitcoms. Any sitcoms which made me laugh. Yes, I am a person who always seek laughter. ehehe...

Currently How I met your mother is on the my house.haha..
You know that sitcom??
I watched the episode which Marshall's dad died of heart attack.
When I watch that episode, I remember the day..when my dad left.
It has been 8 years since the day. And the head ache, heart ache on the day is still buried somewhere inside me. Basically, he was the reason I am 'alive'. But he is not the one who made me who I am today..coz I'm 100% sure I would be better if he's around and telling me what to do next :)

It was the episode about how last word matter for the living left by the dead.
I never have thought about what was the last word he said to me..
But I do remember what he told me.
Night before he left, he told me...em..can I keep his message as my personal treasure??*eyes blinking*

Without I noticed, he left me a very meaningful last message as if he knew. I was so young to take that seriously T_T But I think, abah...took care well of me from the above..coz I always feel if I have a dad in here:)
He always be in my heart. Rosli Bin Joned

Happy father's day to my father in law and all dads in the world:) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I've been meaning to write about my new colleague for so long.
Only now, I gotta to sit down and share with you guys about him.

I met him the first time in the elevator. When I saw him..I told myself how handsome was the man standing next to me. He looked like a Japanese movie star. Average in size, clean face, long and curly hair (men's long hair). When we arrived at this one floor, he was ready to leave. At that moment I realized the man is blind.
So, I tweet "Just saw a young blind handsome Japanese patient."

Later after that incident..I saw him everywhere..On the street, at the supa, bus stop, restaurant, etc.

A more surprising incident happened a few days later when..he was introduced to me as the member of our dept. In fact he has been a member (a surgeon) to our department for years. But then..years ago..he was not a blind man.

So, what went wrong?
I kept the question to myself. Until one day I find courage to ask my other colleague.
She told me..he got blind because some chemicals has contaminated his eyes 2 years ago while working in our laboratory. In a blink..he lost his sight. For 2 years, he just stayed at home until just recently he decided to go out again. My big boss has to provide a special room for him (and there goes my proteomic lab :p). And of course..all of us questioning what can he do?

I never 'really' talked to him. I don't know whether he can speak english or not. But I had almost knocked him down with doors many times T_T I don't know the old man who always came late in the evening with janitor uniform. He always brought dinner for him. Most of the time..on the way back home, I saw the old man pushing the bicycle while holding my blind colleague's hand. I kept telling myself that the old man might be his dad. But I denied that myself. Coz if it's true..I might ended up crying every time I see the scene.

From there I learned, what we have today..might be taken away in a way we never can imagine at any time we could never care less.

Appreciate every second you have while you are 'there'.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nak 2 juta pound?

What do you think of this e-mail I just received??

dateTue, Jun 21, 2011 at 2:23 PM
hide details 2:23 PM (2 hours ago)
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Saya ingin merpenalkan diri saya terlebih dahulu. Nama saya Puan Shahsilla Binti Sarippudin from Malaysia. Untuk makluman saya penghidap kanser di tahap yang serius. Dan doktor telah mengesahkan bahawa saya tidak akan dapat bertahan hidup lebih lama. Dengan murah hati nya saya ingin mendermakan  segala yang saya miliki dan ini adalah keinginan yang saya dan arwah suami saya telah rancang sebelum ini. Memandangkan kami tiada di kurniakan cahaya mata.
Dengan murah hati nya dan keikhlasan hati saya dan arwah suami saya. Dan saya percaya allah maha mengetahui niat saya ini. Dengan ini, saya menghulurkan atau menyumbangkan sejumlah wang sebanyak £2,000.000.00 (Dua Juta Paun) kepada anda. Dalam memudahkan semua urusan antara saya dan anda, saya akan meminta peguam saya menyediakan segala dokumen yang berkenaan. Dan dengan izin allah semua urusan akan berjalan dengan lebih lancar, dan pindah hak milik di antara kita tidak akan bermasalah. Semoga allah memberkati segala kerjasama dari anda dan gunakan lah pemberian saya ini dengan bijaksana.

Puan Shahsilla Binti Sarippudin.
Reply to: 

Is this..nonsense??

Beautiful Nara

Abang Nara spotted:p

Monday, June 20, 2011

Boyan Nini

In life..we have been in several stage of transition. No, I'm not going into serious part of growing up:p

Since I was a kid..I know just one thing and most of it has to be black and white.
If I am given a name "Wani", then Wani it is..that people should call me.
Then I went to boarding school the seniors started to give names to their juniors. This was especially to the boys. Therefore, we hardly know their real names most of the time:/ I don't know it's a good thing or not.
People been given these 'registered name' are either (in my personal opinion) one cool person (which could be famous) or..there must be something 'strange' about them. In other words, it could be a good news or it is maybe a bad news.

To make the story short, I got my own registered name T_T (or :) ) It was not given by the seniors as most of the cases. I was told, the name was given by the boys..whether it was a good news or the bad one, I had a strong feeling that it was a bad bad news. I think they hated me to guts to come out with a name to name me T_T

Fine, I was called Boyan in school.'s not because I have boyan blood or anything..
"Boyan" comes from the word "ibu ayam" because I talked a lot in the class..T_T At first it was shorten to "Buyam" and later to "Boyan" T_T
People who was not from that school will simply assume that I am from Boyan clan..lantakla~~
(apparently one of my classmate that time really is a boyan. That clears out why she disliked me T_T)
Then it became short to.."Yan".It's like my name was Izyan or Yanti :p hahaha...Boys in my class usually addressed me with "Cik Boyan". Sampai la la ni...
I remember when I started my friendster account, about million years ago:p
I put my name.."Wani" and nobody wanted to add me T_T..then I decided to put Boyan..esoknya tros banyak friend add and testimonials :|
So, that's basically how "Boyan" has undertaken "Wani" in most of my teenage life.
Did I like it? Did I find it cool?
Seriously speaking..I have no idea :|

Days when I was known as Boyan (oh well..they still called me that..for those who knows, they keep calling me that). Can you spot me?

People still call me Boyan until I went to university because unfortunately Malaysia isn't that big. The chain of friends are so small, hence they knows my registered. They stick to the registered even though I never introduce myself as Boyan to them. But I'm fine.

Then I met the 4 fellas when I do my Masters.
The chemistry between us formed in a blink of an eye (at least that what I felt:p) and we became good friends in a sudden.
For them..I am Rossanini or Nini (also because my end name's rhymes:p)..haha...
So, sampai skrg for 'em, I am Nini.
I had a great years with these fellas..Oh, another one is Kala..she always busy T_T
From left: Fifi, Nini, Semik, Guguk 
When I came into their lives, we are known as..Fifi and the Flowerstalks feat. Rossanini..This photo supposed to be our first album cover :p (huhu...I missed the talking nonsense moment T_T)
When we moved to a new place, we will meet another circle of friend.
So do I. I am also given a name here. What is it?sigh..nantila bagitau:p

But I am always someone's "Sayang" for years and years ahead.

Then, do you any registered name??

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gift packs Idea.More.

This blog has used to be a wedding blog (which I found is the least useful wedding blog ever?>.<).
Well, one of the thing I had and still passionate about is the doorgift packs:) 
Ok, cut the talk, let's go straight to the random ideas caught by me recently:)

I've been writing about hyakuen (100 en) shop in Japan since forever. I think they really awesome in producing creative giftpacks!>.< However, I took those which I think can be produced using raw materials easily found anywhere, thus lowering the total cost (yela kan..kita kan nak guna dalam kuantiti yang banyak:))

One pack consists of 3. If convert, this pack costs us about rm3.7  (but if using Japan en, of course terlalu murah).
So, what say you if we produce them ourselves. It's very simple yet practical and cute. You can paste or hang your Tq tag there. The gold ribbon really help giving the rich look. I never seen this style from the B2b blog before (or I just missed it:p yela..blogwlaking pun jarang T_T)
What you need: Brown paper bag (very cheap and can easily be found in bundle amount), gold rope (any kedai riben available), and self-designed tq-tag! 

I love the cuteness of these packs. Ok, I am I always have a thing with satin ribbon:p Tapi kalau nak belikan dah mahal..this is so much easier and looks about the same with my own reception doorgift packs (unfortunately my OP missed it :/)

Here's the close up. What you need just self folded paper bag (which I stil owe you guys the step by step post T_T) and..satin ribbon or whatever ribbon of your likings :D.

 Happy DIY brides!:D
Puan Wani

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear followers

I wish I have more time to stop by your blog and know you guys more from there:/ InsyaAllah..slowly:) Wait for my footprints ^_^V

Have a great day ahead,
Yours truly Wani

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello all ^_^
Well..I am in the midst of having new daily schedule whereby I will try to squeeze an hour for blog writing.
I am doing this to improve my writing skills as I am very bad in it >.< And I think (at least..) I have improved a little in here:) Alhamdulillah..But you guys have to be the victims >.< ehe

Ok, since yesterday I tried to put a new post. There are a few pictures which I tried to include in the post..But for some unknown reason..the pictures refused to be in the correct rotation >.< I have tried lots of ways; reverse forward, still not working >.<

If anybody of you have experienced such a madness in this blogspot and...knows how to tackle this, please share >.<

Lots of love,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memang tak ada kerja

Well..have you been questioned on your time spent on facebook??or blog?or twitter?
I got that..a lot of time. I don't know if it just me or it was really were synical questions.
It's like I don't have work to do that they found my blog (which I assumed scarcely updated), replying messages and posts on fb without fail or and I am not so much into twitter cz I don't have too many friends and I don't have time to read each one of tweet (when I leave it for hours..and now days:p) >.< see??I am also not that free also
I had once or twice or maybe more..questioned like this; "hey, kau ni takde kerja ke??aku tgk asyik online je."
Tell you, I am really a bad tempered person. Because of my husband, now I am learning to control it. So, the best thing to do is..not replying. People like this, didn't they know that putting 'online' status doesn't mean you are in front of the monitor??I was so pissed that day. I finished my practical work at about 4. I haven't had my lunch. and saw people accusing you of somebody who is useless. matter how long I am sitting in front of monitor for socializing while still making's really not your rights to question me that!>.<
Or maybe it's just my fault..I usually not very good at updating my status. Or going offline :|

When you see somebody with frequent updates on blog and facebook or any social page, are you really think they don't have work to do?
Or they are just good at time management??
Do you know that I take my lunch hour or dinner or even my sleeping hour to do something for myself? I just wanna try living more than work-sleep-work life. Because..after all, these blogger, or your friend on facebook still like you, we are trying to live. We have to earn. Ok.

Another question keeps on coming is, "wow..cepatnya reply...tak kerja ke?"
I wonder whether they ever heard of smart phone??:| but of course I won't answer, "ni iPhone4, your post, comment, tweet appear on the screen on time of posting". Nanti dikata berlagak pulak..
So, internet is now on the go. Especially here in Japan. And of course I will just reply those which I feel the need to reply fast when I am at work. Of course I know the rules!

And please also understand my situation. I love my friend, family in Malaysia. These social network is the only way we keep contacting each other in a more fun way. Isn't it? I know it sounds pitiful. But it's true. I don't have many friends here. But who does?Especially for a non-nihongo speaker like me:/

Not all people who's not on facebook are too busy. Sometimes they are just..not interested. But trust me..they care. Sometimes. Like somebody I know..ehe.

So, having facebook and not using it like people who's frequently using your lost. It's a free website ya knaw!and don't question on how people need to use their OWN facebook account.

I am composing with eyes half closed. Maybe I left out something here. So for that, I am sorry.
Puan Wani

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I see the light

What's your bedtime story when you was a child??
I have 4 thick books by my bed. All based on Disney characters. They are princesses, Donalds, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Bambi, the cute rabbits (I can't recall their names) and etc. 4 books represent different seasons; i.e. Winter, Falls, Summer and Spring. But di Malaysia mana ada season..ehe..

That time I was also crazy for Disney movies about Princess la...
One thing in common for the Prince, their personality are all the same. ehe..A serious gentleman in conclusion.

That's why when I watch Rapunzel..I fall in love with..the movie. 
The princess is hillarious and the hero (cause maybe he is not a real prince) is also..hillarious!!At least I found them hillarious.ehe..
Like other princesses movies (maybe except Shrek:| I don't know why I don't like Shrek that much :|), I watched Rapunzel hundreds of times!o_O until..I have already memorize the song :p ehe..And now trying so hard to sing like Mandy Moore :p Trust me..I don't have any problem to sing like her..ahaks!

I wanna share with you favourite song for the moment..and maybe will be one of..lagen..wait for it..dary!( least for me:p)

I was extremely excited (yang jenis mata besar berkaca2) tgk Rapunzel mase baby..Kecomelan T_T..
Puan Wani

p/s:Maximus made me wanna have a horse as a pet..:/

p/s: I so love her hair didandan dengan bunga tu..MasyaAllah..cantiknye..I want T_T

p/s: The characters dilukis sangat cantik..except..look at their can they be so perfect??Got orthodentist ke dekat situ??o_O


Friday, June 10, 2011

Yukata: The Matsuri

Kimono is not all like our national outfits whereby I can say wearable??
I mean, in baju kurung, kebaya and its superfamily are so practical where we wear it to work, to shop and some to sleep :) That's how comfy they are isn't it?
Meanwhile, kimono is one outfit which I bet not all Japanese could afford it. The price is so unbelievable!!And you need a lot of stuff to complete the look..and one piece of them cost you a fortune T_T
We have so many refashion baju kurung, correct?They also have many types of kimono. I assumed it is based on season. Turn out, it is more than that. But basically, some are according to seasons:)

Summer is kimono on sale is called yukata. Exclusive kimono usually are consist of many2 layers of clothes but not yukata. Therefore, I assumed this will be the cheapest kimono existed :P
Apart from that, unlike other kimonos, yukata is one type which is easy to wear's true..comfy!^_^

However easy I said here, I don't think this outfit also one of practical for everyday wear;p
That's why I think...they have matsuri (festival) for yukata wearers:) A way to preserve the culture I guess:)

Ehe..knowing me..( me jakun even:P)..I would like to try everything while alive and healthy (of course). Especially when the love of my heart is there with me:)
Because of my mengada2an nak join the matsuri, the other Malaysians also have to melabur beli yukata..hehe...

I have revealed my yukata in this post and this post. So, the surprise has over :P hehe..
Oh, oh..before that..what is yukata matsuri?
From what I experienced, yukata matsuri is more or less like graduation day in UM. hehe..
There are stalls selling foods, games, and other things. More or less mcm hari kantin and pasar malam. But it started since siang. The peak will be at night where the shows and many competitions were held. Due to my height...I saw "very clear" of every show performed T_T

Ok then...who are the victims gotten dragged along on the day??;p

Introducing...Mr the love of my life...cum personal photographer and..banker..and..PA.

From left to right: G chan and Yoo chan (both org kampung), yours truly-chan (hehe), In chan and Ul chan. They are all my crime partners..alah!tertinggal gambar my ultimate crime partner, i.e Kong kun T_T (gomenne..)

Another thing you must know about yukata is the obi.
I think basic yukata which is the bodice hasn't muct story to tell. For me it's just a nicer bathrobe which is way more complicated than the bathrobe la (especially for a petite like me since it comes in free size T_T). However, when you know the trick, yep..the thing can never again swallow you (like I have experienced T_T).
For me, the part which make yukata is special and artsy is the obi. Remember which part is obi??
On the day, I wore thukuri obi or we call it an instant obi..hehe...the ribbon was pre-folded and what left to do is slip it into a layer of belt with the same tone. Easy right??But then, there's no art in it.
So, I think Japanese would rather choose the manual one where they can fold it according to their creativity..But for us with manual obi???phew...took us the entire day to fold it T-T and that's the reason I fit into my obi in just..15 minutes=p ehe..

Us showing..err...not the **s >.< the obi :| 

This is all I could see from the night showcase ;/ I am so 'tall' remember?? Ladies queuing for yukata, can you see how complicate their obi are??o_O That's why I think yukata is all about obi:)

Do you know I decided on buying my yukata only because of  the geta??o_O
The geta alone costs you about rm200 (keep in mind..that's geta for kids). Now you still wanna know the price for adult's >.

Our getas..can you spot which one is mine??:)

Being in the middle of Japanese culture festival has somehow open my eyes. How youngsters made so many attempts to re-fashion yukata. Or I shall rephrase 're-fashion to revelation??

One style we managed to snap. Yela..takkan nak snap tak tentu arah gamba orang kot..karang ada yang kene rampas kamera:p
Ada lagi yang laaaagiii sexy dari ni >.< most of them tried so hard to expose the cleavage T_T and some..were showing the bras >.<

And that's basically what I have been doing on the 4th of June :) Now, I can scratch another thing in my long list of 'to-do before I die' ;)

Till then, Matta!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yukata= Summer kimono. But for some expensive yukata..I found them still..thick=p

Maybe this is the simplest one among many types of kimono. I have a colleague who learnt kimono arts when she's younger (and she's still young *_*). So, I from there you can tell that education in here is not just about books. Ok, we discuss more on that in the next post=p

The previous post I've put picture of myself on my one and only and newly bought (ehehe) piece of yukata. Of course I chose the cheapest one=p Let's see how usually yukata are sold..

They were packed nicely in a high quality plastic carrier. The one I bought came with thukuri obi, the bodice and geta. Some I checked include the rope (which we need to assemble everything) and some other accessories ( out of my afford-ability T_T). But, nvm, less is more:p (kate2 org x mampu dlm kes ini ye..hehe)

Lucky jugak on that day coz the set came beautifully..matches each other very well..and the color and corak gets along with my skin and personality. I think I can carry the look, so I purchased ^_^ (fine..I used my allowance card T_T *in case my local friends read this and I am busted lying*)

When I bought this..I had no idea how to assemble this thing. When the day is approaching, my friend (which is an AJK IT dlm persatuan M'sia-Hiroshima) find us a video to assist us on the matter..
And I managed to get into yukata in 15 minutes (with few mistakes and refused to bukak balik like the others did, hence the 2 hours late T_T)

For those who wanna try wearing yukata by your own, I assure you, this video might come in handy ^_^

Oh, there's so much more about yukata has to be told. For now, just remember this three basic parts=)

We'll discuss soon about this unique traditional outfit later=)
I am so happy to be able to experience myself wearing something different. Well..we are lucky too as japanese traditional outfit for gals all menutup aurah. Not much we have to do to enjoy them=)

see you in the next post=)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fesyen Jepun menutup aurat

Yukata menutup aurat kan??
Wait!!!This is just a teaser ^_^ I'll post about this more later=)
Tata now ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sejarah dirisik and chicken pox

Semua orang mesti akan mendapat chicken pox once in a lifetime. In more rare cases, some may get it more than once. What I have learnt (by hard) it's better to get this as early as possible or it might get worse *_*

For example: when you get it at the age of 25 (whereby your repair system has gotten slower) and you are almost to get married!*_* Guess who I am talking about T_T

But it's funny when I recall it.

We planned to go to kursus kahwin and stick to the motto "that doesn't mean we are getting married soon". It's just you know..some procedure everybody has to do despite of whether you are getting married soon or not. It's just a matter it when you have free time=p Especially for somebody who lives at the overseas like my 'ex-bf'.hehe

Planned the kursus 2 weeks before he landed.
Caught chicken pox from my nieces and nephew 1 week before he landed.
Was told about family meet up also a week before he landed.

Family meet up???0_O

He told me his parents would like to meet up with my family.
And my face T_T I got many2 poxes on the face >.< and the 'ibu pox' in the middle of my dahi >.<
But then what can I do..The disease was out of control. I couldn't bath. Let alone doing my face routine T_T ok, don't ask me more about black and white heads >.< Later, I transmitted the disease to my sister. He went to a private clinic, got a jab and fit as a fiddle with very-little-short-stay poxes >.< arghhh!!!why do I listened to my mother..and everyone else who's not a doctor!!>.<

Ok now imagine how I looked like..
1. Oily faces with lots of dead cells
2. Only wear baju longgar yang buruk..
3. Trust me you don't wanna know about my scalp condition >.<
4. oh, I got a lot of pink dots (calamine lotion) on my face. And all bekerak2 T_T

That's how I looked like when I received my merisik ring.
I thought it was just an ice-breaking. Apparently, he got a ring for me. How can this be fair right??he never asked *_*
Tapi..yelah..I forgot about the thing that he never asked when I saw the ring=p ahahha...forget about my maid-has-a-better-look look on the day..I embraced the way I look and went out meet the guests..haha..They must be really berat hati looking at the girl their son wanna get married on that day=p haha..

Until now, I still think I am not yet a good daughter and...daughter in law. I'm learning..everyday now=)
Puan Wani

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warisan Kuala Pilah,

I am one useless lady when it comes to kitchen chores.
But, now not least in my own kitchen. And at least I got my husband to gain 10kg 1 week after we moved in together...ehe=p

However, no one knows...the fact that I don't know how to cook daging!>.<
Long time I fed myself and husband anything but red meat. ehehe..
Then when I went back to Malaysia..the first thing I wanna do red meat..a lot..and a lot (dengan perasaan tak sedar diri yang diri ini ade low blood pressure).
So, I assumed I'll eat various dishes of red meat cooked by my favorite cook in the world, Emak and Kakak. But..turned out..Emak suggested a better (for her) place to fulfill her not-pregnant-crave-for-red-meat daughter.

My mom has Negeri 9 blood. My kampung (where my granny still lives) located very near to the Seri Menanti Palace. If you knows Kuala Pilah well, you must have passed this one huge 'pintu gerbang' before you reach pekan Kuala Pilah. My kampung is located inside there=)

Opposite the pintu where you can find the most authentic restaurant of Negeri9 food=)

The restaurant is called "Restoran Warisan".

Our hungry face. Yeah..we came straight from KL to here just for a luncheon=) It's ok..we are used to this absurd idea sister=| (we had once went to Terengganu just for sata Kelisa=|). This restaurant serves real N9's cuisine. Podeh!!!But I don't get it..why the waiters all Kelantanese..We had a hard time catching up their accent >.< except Emak yang bersekolah di Kelantan once upon a time=|

The story hasn't ended there..I still didn't get my daging!!We arrived at 1.30 and all the popular dishes finished >,>..So, guys..better go earlier..

My mom kesian..then she singgah to buy this..

Daging salai..
Kuala Pilah and places nearby also famous for daging salai. And Emak's cook daging salai with belimbing and mangga is...legen..(wait for it..)dary=p haha...
Because we wanted to buy a lot..the hawker has to salai some more. So, we have to wait. (and abang [my brother..I called him abang, so, I don't think I can call my husband that already] decided to buy from there cz..the makcik sexy T_T).
While waiting..the makcik asked us to entertain ourselves around her house!
So, we go see a real kampung environment..
We weren't just went 'around'..Baby insisted to go see baby webbit!inside her house!
Baby with baby webbit! (kesian gila rabbit tu kene seksa dengan budak2 T_T..budak2 yang tinggal di kampung sgt berani mengendalikan binatang ape sahaja..)
Baby yang jalan terjingkit2 sebab tak biasa dengan keadaan rumah kampung and my sister as the criminal mind..

End of story..I still didn't get my gulai daging salai sebab later I fell sick and no selera to eat the whole trip back to Malaysia T_T

I posted this got it right!I missed the whole Rosli's clan T_T
Puan Wani

Friday, June 3, 2011

10 months

On the day marking our 10 months monthlyversary *janganla muntah...hoho..biasalah baru kahwin memangla setiap bulan pon disambut..haha..* my husband wished me;
"Happy 9th monthlyversary!!!!"

I replied with a facepalm emoticon..basically like this--> =| and my face also like this -->=|

But at least he sensed the "specialness" of that day isn't it??hehe..

Good start good start's almost a year..But I still introduced myself as a 'newlywed-long-distance married woman'. Because I feel just like that..newly wed!^_^

June..I remember doing no progressing wedding prep in the year 2010=p
Puan Wani

Born this way...

A a...not for Chastity Sun Bono..

It's already my habit to listen to the morning duo of every morning while cycling=)
Oh,'s not starbucks as my eye opener. Just radio=) Oh yes..we listen to Malaysia's radio channel in here. Since internet here knows no word 'buffering'=p

The first song played in my mind was ..guess what??..Friday by Rebecca Black *facepalm* then you know how spoiled my mood was at the beginning of the day=|
But the first song I heard from the radio was..Born this way by the phenomenal Lady Gaga..(oh, you guys just admit it how phenomenal is she at the moment!*_*)

Then the image of Chaz Bono struck into my mind. Oh...he (to show my respect to him) must hate this song. Oh yes..because he changed everything..that he was born with!0_o
The core..the soul!From she to a he.

He did surgery to remove his female breast and took jab of testosterone everyday to stay as Chaz Bono (his real name was Chastity Sun Bono). I can't imagine the routine he has to do everyday till..err..he died *-*..leceh sgt!*_*

When he appeared in this one TV interview..I was waiting for him to speak. Coz you know...usually trans-gender people will have difficulties in changing the voice. To my surprise..he sounded like a male (at least in my ear=p).

But then these kind of people will say "We are born in the wrong body" to reasoning their 'wise' decision.

Image source: Google
Can see??Miss and Mr Chaz Bono..ehehe..No..she's not the only female trans-gender. He's famous cz his mommy is Cher, the legendary singer and Chaz himself is also a celebrity. Just..not very famous among us or it's just me=p

I am not in a place to justify more about this matter.

Usually people have issue with their physical not other parts of you that made yourself, yourself. Most people deal with their conditions (by the fact that nobody is perfect). But some..just cannot bare with it and opt for changes. For these people with minor issue..hmm..still ok. For those who have a larger issue like gender..major changes will be required.

I am not an exception. I also have issue with my physical. And I am sure you guys too *_*
But of course we have to live with it. Loving every part of yourself and take care of them well because at least we were born fit. And sure, Allah made no mistakes=)

Let's start with small steps towards appreciating what Allah has given us. Take care of your health!^_^
Puan Wani


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