Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer sign *_*

I posted picture of flower blooming marking the arrival of spring in Japan..

Then how should I share with you guys picture of summer??*_*

Found one!Kipas..melambangkan summer di Japan..hehe..yeah..even fridge also needs kipas *_* die sorang je gune bekipas2 *_*

I must say..summer and Malaysia's weather has not much in contrary...IF this country does not have issue with power supply. I don't know whether they really in power restrain or they are just like this; one country using power with care. I am convinced they are actually both especially in the middle of nuclear crisis like this. However, I remember last year when I arrived, it has been like this. Energy saving, I guess they are saving it in purpose:) Good for earth..but seriously..we are suffering *_*

Nevertheless, let's hope good returns for this country for the good deeds they do for mother earth..and..sigh..Lol!


  1. Ahaks...di manakah situasi gambar ini diambil Wani? Everything is about ECO here. Jaga planet. Topik perbincangan masa lunch, ECO ECO saje. Hahaha...bila sembang dgn member jepun mesti first tnya pakai aircond tak? Kalau jawab pakai, dptlah nasihat kena kurangkan dulu aircond tu. Cuba pakai kipas first...dah tak tahan baru gune aircond. Weekend, go to depaato untuk aircond free. If not, mcm ikan panggang dlm rumah sendiri. Wakakaka

  2. fridge also needs kipas. hahaha XD berape lame eh summer? Sempat ke puase dlm summer? Hiihihi

  3. Yoo:Kat hospital ni ha..haha
    SCR:summer lebih kurang 3 months..n fyi, japan hits its highest temp in august T_T semoga kami disini diberikan kekuatan luar biasa utk menempuhi Ramadhan..inshaAllah



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