Thursday, June 30, 2011

Japanese ryokan

This.was.toooootally new experience for me.
I have to agree with Mr. Dave Barry. Japanese are so unique..They are one in a kind. For centuries..Japanese remains one mysterious culture for the world, and for now..especially for me *_*

I was told about annual department trip which happened around this month.
For foreigners, I think we benefited most on this trip..coz we will be able to experience Japan with companion of Japanese stuff >.< Totally new for me..and I was all messed up. When I said all messed up..please focus on dressing code only *_*

When you are told that you are going to Japanese me..don't carry any luggage..uh, I mean..don't carry anything with you..come as you are..(trust me also, underwear are not important *_*).
On that day, I carried a very bulky bag. I was in a way lucky cz I changed to just carry a small bag when initially I packed all my things in a small luggage *_* So, less malu la when I arrived *_*
I saw other girls came lenggang kangkung *_*

U know why?
Japanese ryokan provides you with yukata..and..suripa (slipper). So, almost all guests are wearing yukata inside the building. Yukata provided to you, are not just a pair.

Yukata provided in many sizes and selection of colors. For me, muslimah..yukata saves me a lot from additional carry back laundry:p hehe..yukata tutup aurat :D
I also told myself that..the 'tauke' of ryokan may save a lot of money on furniture. Ryokan usually furnished with a Japanese table in the middle..If you pay more, you may get a small table nearby the window.hehe...
Bed??no bed..Real Japanese style..we sleep on futon.
Suddenly got futon in our room when we returned from the occacsion. 
Other than that, everything else are about the same with other hotel type..

Fridge provided with loads of chocolates, beers and wines. I assumed all these comes with no extra charge like we used to get charged from hotel in Malaysia..(at least most hotels I had stayed *_*)
The cupboard where I assume they hid the futon :p 
Anyways, if it's not because of departmental occasion, I may not go to ryokan. This place is way....overpriced compared to normal hotel. I believe it must be due to its title; 'ryokan'. They provide you with a total new experience well defining Japan.

My first ryokan stay experience was in Iwakuni, another famous sightseeing attraction in Hiroshima. This place is famous with it's historical and absolutely stunning Kintai bridge, hanging high connecting two riverbanks.
Me and Dr. Tung (a Vietnamese). Kintai bridge is just behind us:) The bridge  was enormous and very high T_T for those who gayat..sile x payah naik *_* Kintai bridge has been the reference for the engineering for later bridges :) 

Our hotel. Located just in front of the Kintai bridge. Oh, I was told this is the only ryokan in Iwakuni  (or at least  the nearest with the famous Kintai bridge).
Before the trip, I had no idea about ryokan. And you know what...ryokan stay is a must do when you come to Japan..or, you are not yet..exploring Japan :)
Add that into the list ya....hehe.

Oh well, these are just not it. One important thing you must know about ryokan has not yet revealed:p
Stay tuned:)



  1. ingatkan cupboard tu tmpt die tido. ekekeke kan cam cite doraemon tu kan cam die tido dlm cupboard kan.

  2. tu doraemon jela..nobita kn tido atas futon:P

  3. haaa mandi bogel beramai2!haha



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