Monday, June 20, 2011

Boyan Nini

In life..we have been in several stage of transition. No, I'm not going into serious part of growing up:p

Since I was a kid..I know just one thing and most of it has to be black and white.
If I am given a name "Wani", then Wani it is..that people should call me.
Then I went to boarding school the seniors started to give names to their juniors. This was especially to the boys. Therefore, we hardly know their real names most of the time:/ I don't know it's a good thing or not.
People been given these 'registered name' are either (in my personal opinion) one cool person (which could be famous) or..there must be something 'strange' about them. In other words, it could be a good news or it is maybe a bad news.

To make the story short, I got my own registered name T_T (or :) ) It was not given by the seniors as most of the cases. I was told, the name was given by the boys..whether it was a good news or the bad one, I had a strong feeling that it was a bad bad news. I think they hated me to guts to come out with a name to name me T_T

Fine, I was called Boyan in school.'s not because I have boyan blood or anything..
"Boyan" comes from the word "ibu ayam" because I talked a lot in the class..T_T At first it was shorten to "Buyam" and later to "Boyan" T_T
People who was not from that school will simply assume that I am from Boyan clan..lantakla~~
(apparently one of my classmate that time really is a boyan. That clears out why she disliked me T_T)
Then it became short to.."Yan".It's like my name was Izyan or Yanti :p hahaha...Boys in my class usually addressed me with "Cik Boyan". Sampai la la ni...
I remember when I started my friendster account, about million years ago:p
I put my name.."Wani" and nobody wanted to add me T_T..then I decided to put Boyan..esoknya tros banyak friend add and testimonials :|
So, that's basically how "Boyan" has undertaken "Wani" in most of my teenage life.
Did I like it? Did I find it cool?
Seriously speaking..I have no idea :|

Days when I was known as Boyan (oh well..they still called me that..for those who knows, they keep calling me that). Can you spot me?

People still call me Boyan until I went to university because unfortunately Malaysia isn't that big. The chain of friends are so small, hence they knows my registered. They stick to the registered even though I never introduce myself as Boyan to them. But I'm fine.

Then I met the 4 fellas when I do my Masters.
The chemistry between us formed in a blink of an eye (at least that what I felt:p) and we became good friends in a sudden.
For them..I am Rossanini or Nini (also because my end name's rhymes:p)..haha...
So, sampai skrg for 'em, I am Nini.
I had a great years with these fellas..Oh, another one is Kala..she always busy T_T
From left: Fifi, Nini, Semik, Guguk 
When I came into their lives, we are known as..Fifi and the Flowerstalks feat. Rossanini..This photo supposed to be our first album cover :p (huhu...I missed the talking nonsense moment T_T)
When we moved to a new place, we will meet another circle of friend.
So do I. I am also given a name here. What is it?sigh..nantila bagitau:p

But I am always someone's "Sayang" for years and years ahead.

Then, do you any registered name??

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