Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kek oren

Kek paun oren Japanese style.
So, I did register for 6 baking courses.
Last Sunday was my first paid session. In each month, I'll be given a few choices of cake to learn.
For April, my friend and me decided to learn an orange cake. I forgot the name, but the cake was apparently just an orange pound cake modified in several ways, so it tastes better and has more improved look. Undoubtedly, presentation is their cup of tea.
As usual, I felt good after each class. Got to bring back the most exquisite orange pound cake I ever tried in my entire life, then who doesn't :')
I finished the whole pound in one night T__T 
It was easy to make. I'll try making it by myself soon, and will come back with the report:P

Write to you again soon, jya, have a nice day ^_^

p/s: Thank you bebeh for fulfilling another dream of mine :') 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caffeine withdrawal syndrome?

Is there any terms like that?
Caffeine. It is one type of addictive substances, but I am much convinced that I would not be so much dependent on it to be fully 'functioning' every morning.
Take yesterday as an example. I decided to give myself a break from coffee. As a result, I felt lethargic the whole day!I had even taken a nap for an hour..AT HOME!lol XD.
I am usually not a nap person, but yesterday, akibat menahan diri daripada mengambil coffee..that's what happen to me. Or is it simply because I was exhausted?
Have you ever experienced any of this after refraining yourself from the sip coffee?
I can't imagined if I am pregnant and have to avoid coffee. Not having coffee alone left me with 3rd trimester pregnancy syndrome, let alone pregnancy+no coffee. Oh well, many people can do it, why not me.
As long as it doesn't kill, right?right?
So, I decided I should have it while I can:)

Have a nice day everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm not sure

I got myself busy since end of last year. Because of that, I used to skip meals especially lunch. 
If I didn't skip any, my mealtime went haywire. I let myself to be really starving, only then I went looking for food. 
Surprisingly after that, I gained weight and my cycle became irregular.
Went for checkup and the doctor which is my friend here, told me I was fine, the menses were there and I should let myself a little bit loose.
So, she meant I was in stress. Well, I pretty much sure I wasn't that stress:/ 
In here, drugs are not easily handed to you. If nature could take it's course, they will try to let it be, wait a little bit more as long as it does not hurt. 
Not after a month (!), my menses showed themselves. 
What I did was, train myself to be on time for every meal and do light exercise occasionally which got me started doing yoga. Well, I wasn't doing real yoga, just enough to stretch here and there and feel good after that. But that can do. I think.
So, until this moment, I got the weight before I everything became haywire. 
However, I'm not sure whether all of what I just told you are entirely true.
Whether work is the cause. Cause honestly, I still feel that I was pretty much can still handle the workload and pressure. It isn't as hard as people think it is. Maybe, just maybe that was due to my emotional instability after months of separation with you-know-who. Now, we are much closer, I am much much happier, hence the health:)
So, you could pretty much affects you in so many ways.
Be careful to fall in one:)
Have a great day ahead.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jemput datang^_^

Hiroshima adalah bandar yang terkenal dgn banyak sungai. Rumah yours truly pun terletak di tepi sungai. Yes, just like in a movie. It's just my house is an a-pa-to (apartment). I know would be better if it's a bungalow:D 

Despite, I am so bersyukur dengan apa yang takdir telah bagi. I know not many are given opportunity like this. Anyways, I just moved ..upstairs. Lol XD.
Let's see around:) 
From top left; bed room, living room+study station (like am gonna study at home), kitchen , divider between kitchen and living room, inside the dressing room (ada washing machine, toilet, shower and bath tub), hallway from the entrance. This is my new home:)

Wait!the best part is not shown there..
The best part beyond the glass door; by the balcony where you can see...

View like this :') Love <3
Jemput datang ^_^V

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Came true.

Dreaming is worth doing.
I am sometimes a hopeless romantic. It's just that sometimes I just keep on dreaming, not really doing anything to realize the tonnes of dreams I had.
One of it, simply killing times with my loved ones, cycling around a beautiful place (like I've seen in movies).
But of course I just think of it as a dream which deserved to be forgotten coz I live in KL..cuaca yang sangat panas begitu sapa je nk join me:/ Maybe possible if just around the park. 
Now I live in a community who prefers biking than driving. yatta!!
And the city is provided with bicycle road, many parks, for me to imagine myself be in a movie. hehe..
I never thought I will be able to do this for hundred days to come. Not to forget the view which is better than what I saw in movies:')

Married to him, a dream came true..

This, is another dream came true.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Onomichi. Sigh..

Why am i sighing here?
How can I forget!Last year we could not had hanami together since yes, no money for going back that frequently. So, I just had my first with a bunch of Malaysians by the river of Hiroshima City. Nonetheless it was one superb hanami with magnificent view I have ever seen in my life.

So, this year, I had it well planned (konon). Hubby is required to arrive at certain weekend in April with her wife did not care how he will have to do it. Hehe..I lantik diri sebagai master plan for our first hanami.
I chose Onomochi as the location since that place has left me an image for the best hanami spot (ever that I know..although I am very sure that hanami could be done anywhere as long as there's sakura tree!).
Well, knowing me..I always overreacting. It's like all or nothing gitu:P

Because I am so pandai like menu was..adelah kan..tapi sempat buat cucur badak je T___T (first timer cucur badak pula tu T__T). So, gentel2 sorang2..tetibe dah pukul 1 T___T
So, siapnya cucur badak jela. Lol XD. And I already told lunch till we got there T__T (I oso cannot eat..have to show good example as master of the plan:|)

After about 1.5hrs of train ride, we finally arrived at Onomichi station.
The he started showing me the spot where he used to lepak during his student year..the tangga he used to run carrying luggages, catching up with trains to the airport, the ferry he used to ride..the et cetra.
So, what is the point I bringing him here T__T *saya konon nk jadi tourist guide for south visit you know...since he now lives in the north:/*
It's okay...I told myself coz he told me although he familiar with Onomichi, he never gone up the hill. *grin*
So, we walk along the main road looking for the ropeway (cable car). I would not dare to walk up the steep hills again. Once is enough, although he tried to dragged me up using the scary looking stairs. No! >,<

When he was about to doubting my proposal into taking a ropeway, we saw the station just a few meters away. pheww!!
Kalau daki sendiri, it'll take 45minutes to arrive to top. That's if you are not stopping along the way for photography session. People preferred that due to the many attractions offered along the way whereby you can find numbers of art museums and temples classified as world's heritage. Also, you can find a breathtaking view of sakura along the way:)Priceless, I know. But..I passed:P

Here's some of the view from the ropeway I managed to capture since the ride took only...3 minutes:/
The houses and temples are builts by the hill. Macam kt Greece tu:P I wonder mcm mana lantai dlm rumah derang...Lol XD

Onomichi is a place famous for its port. From the top of the hill, you can see kilang buat kapal:)

That's the temple, classified as one of the World's heritage. I had once been there, I swear the view from there was magnificent!

Another island across ^_^

Somebody is going into the light?

Cucur badak baru masak (nak mention juga), bihun (semalam) and grapes :D

Here's the climax.
No sakura T___T Very few sakura tree T__T 
To wives, when you face a situation like this, first thing first, show your husband 'the face' so he won't start any commenting and try not to stare at his 'try-to-tahan-smirk' face. It's not helping.
It's a stressful situation I must say..hmm..

Inilah rupa pokok sakura tanpa dgn putik sakura T___T

Adela sepohon dua yang dah tumbuh..kalo nak sepohon dua..depan rumah pon ada T___T


So, what I do was just find the spot (apparently there were so few can park yourself anywhere..anywhere.sigh..). And eat. Well, my husband is good. He tried to make a point and made me laugh..well, I was eventually made fun of myself T__T.
Onomichi ni..huuu...why you no follow other sakura ler??>,<

The cable car.

Despite sakuraless (again)..we did have fun time in Onomichi. He brought me visited places where he had once been. How does the place connected to us..(lol XD). So, I discover other part of Onomichi other than the hill where I always called "syurga sakura" (over kan>,<).

We went back, tired. Next day, we went around cycling enjoying sakura..kat Hiroshima City jek:/
Still, we had fun and..sun burnt >,<

Monday, April 16, 2012


Spring has arrived. It's been a week winter coats hanged, untouched. It's time for them to rest after working non-stop protecting me from cold and breeze. Apart from that, they are also one of the object who are always appeared in my photos collection for months since November arrived, covering my fluffy, very daring tops inside:/
Yey!!It's time for some fashion statement :P (macam feshenebel sgt jek..:p)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shishamo night.

My first hanami this year was the worst!
It was night hanami organized by my department. So, keep it mind, I had it with a group of Japanese.
Well, as I have already aware, gathering with them are mostly about drinking and opening up to each other. They don't really feast.
If the event is proper, I was usually served with 'muslim-friendly' food. But this time..there were none...except the fish; shishamo.

shishamo. A fish filled with eggs. My new favorite:)
That night I felt the most uncomfortable. I was surrounded by drunk people who fed on pork BBQ, pork soup, and everything cook with pork! sigh.. 
Nasib baik I wasn't that hungry. I just had shishamo yang apparently sangat-sangat sedap!!seriously..sedap!!nak masak pun senang..campak je dlm kuali..balik2..siap!No need any seasoning ;)
I don't think I will join their hanami again!Once is enough.
You know..when it was about 9, I secretly prayed to Allah to save me from the crowd, and a few minutes later, hujan pouring down with extra strong wind which unable you to use any payung. Yes, I got down the steep hill in hujan without payung on and walk 2km to my bicycle. That was the wettest condition I had ever experienced in Japan so far.heh! What a night!
Balik tu demam..but I was immediately cured by presence of hubby at my front door at 12am:) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima City

Little that I know..there is a beautiful garden nearby my house! I never thought it was as beautiful >,<
I heard about this garden a lot of times before from the other foreigners. It was 5 minutes cycling from my house, hence the procrastination for months.
Because a visit to Onomichi turned out as a total failure, we decided to enjoy sakura nearby. Oh well, all sakuras the same anyways. hehe..
So, that's why we ended up going to aforementioned garden; the Shukkeien.
In my mind this garden is like another garden we can see everywhere tu..where people come and go with their dogs and kids.
Surprisingly, it was a paid-entrance garden. Starting from 250en for adult, 150en for student (that's me) and 100en for kids. Cheap still..but paid??
Our arrival was sort of welcomed with many pairs of brides and grooms doing photoshoot and occupied almost all single spot of sakura. sigh...But we enjoyed their company still. Rare view of Japanese pengantins bersepah-sepah depan mata anda.
As we left the crowd and went further ahead, that's when we got surprised by the landscape of the garden.
Only then we understand why this garden become the talk of my friends:)

Seifuu Pond. Around this pond ada banyak japanese style pondok2. Since the day we went here marking the official day of spring, many of the pondok already occupied. It's like finally they can stay outdoor. 

The bridge called, Kokoo-kyou. This garden has been existed for decades. Since before the world war II. During the devastating atomic bomb tragedy, many people seek refugees in here although this space was also severely affected. The only remained was this bridge while the other was immediately cleared out.

One of the shot we had at an area called "White Dragon Spring". When you passed this area,  you will only see such a view whenever you look up. Magnificent.  Be careful to watch your step as you walk. There are many people lying down the ground, sun bathing under bushes of sakura. 

You will see pondok-pondok macam ni. But this time it was closed.

A huge pond located in the middle of the garden. It was huge I initially thought it was a lake. Sangat bersih, well taken care of, full with tortoise, carps and many other fishes jumping up and down the surface. hehe..such a stress reliever:)

Sakura spot lagi..filled with many more bride and grooms:)

Japanese landscape from one end to another.

Carps everywhere.

Surprisingly, my husband had a good time here. I was at first worried of how he will enjoy himself in a pretty garden?>,< Apparently he likes it. Yokatta ne.
This garden is well preserved and taken care of. Lavatory at its tip top condition, cleanliness is beyond the word clean could explain. What's worth every penny la senang cerita..>,<

Friday, April 6, 2012

Livin' up a dream

It's been a while:)

What's new? 
Many! I moved to a new house (will review about it later:P)..and..I enrolled in a baking class (this story is indeed short).

We stumbled upon this baking school on the quest of searching for an empty toilet. We passed several other toilet because it was too congested. When we came out from the third toilet...there it was, the ABC cooking studio. It has been there for a while, and just now we only noticed it.
G, my friend, had been talking about learning Japanese baking for years. But we never made any attempt to look for a school or doing anything about it. hehe..
For me, I thought I would never could afford it. In Japan, everything is so expensive >,< and this is especially in education and medical care.
On that day, ourselves were somehow wanted to know more. One thing because of the environment the school provided. It was an open kitchen, full with girls, baking and cooking together. 
I am so gurly that I really like to see that. hehe..
I thought I was waiting for G to come out off toilet. So, I decided to take a look around the studio. I wander in front of their cooking studio while overhearing the 'cooking sensei' explaining something to a new girl in front of their studio. After a while, I noticed G is nowhere in the toilet still, and apparently she was the new girl I mentioned the sensei was explaining too:/
A few minutes after that, we sat at a coffee shop, discussing about our schedule into learning cakes provided in their list. Yes, we decided to enroll and not wasting anymore 'air liur' by just saying. No more time to waste. It's time to live our dream.

Our serving, for new comer. 

During my first class with my sensei. I learnt to bake an ichigo (strawberry) swiss roll :)

Final yield:) We gotta bring home the products :) Anyways, I didn't mean to exaggerate..but this ichigo roll is to die for:P

G..with our products, nicely packed:D Anyway, I should thank her for her willingness to share interest with me:)

For the newcomer, we have to paste our wish on a tree:D

ehe...sebab kami kebuloq tahap x hengat..x makan seharian:D

There are a lot of cooking school in Japan. One of the famous is the one we go; The ABC Cooking Studio.
By registering their courses, we are entitled to browse their websites for recipe:)
Of course we can learn cooking/baking from internet/books. 
I decided to go to school to learn their techniques and secret to Japanese baking. Trust me, they handle baking a whole differently, let alone their cooking. It's like something you never see or heard of:)
One thing for sure, enrolling to this school made me feel happy:)
Hubby is even happier because, I am entitled for half price of total cost due to my 'student' status.

So, peeps, what else you waiting for..go live up another of your dreams. One step at a time.


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