Friday, April 6, 2012

Livin' up a dream

It's been a while:)

What's new? 
Many! I moved to a new house (will review about it later:P)..and..I enrolled in a baking class (this story is indeed short).

We stumbled upon this baking school on the quest of searching for an empty toilet. We passed several other toilet because it was too congested. When we came out from the third toilet...there it was, the ABC cooking studio. It has been there for a while, and just now we only noticed it.
G, my friend, had been talking about learning Japanese baking for years. But we never made any attempt to look for a school or doing anything about it. hehe..
For me, I thought I would never could afford it. In Japan, everything is so expensive >,< and this is especially in education and medical care.
On that day, ourselves were somehow wanted to know more. One thing because of the environment the school provided. It was an open kitchen, full with girls, baking and cooking together. 
I am so gurly that I really like to see that. hehe..
I thought I was waiting for G to come out off toilet. So, I decided to take a look around the studio. I wander in front of their cooking studio while overhearing the 'cooking sensei' explaining something to a new girl in front of their studio. After a while, I noticed G is nowhere in the toilet still, and apparently she was the new girl I mentioned the sensei was explaining too:/
A few minutes after that, we sat at a coffee shop, discussing about our schedule into learning cakes provided in their list. Yes, we decided to enroll and not wasting anymore 'air liur' by just saying. No more time to waste. It's time to live our dream.

Our serving, for new comer. 

During my first class with my sensei. I learnt to bake an ichigo (strawberry) swiss roll :)

Final yield:) We gotta bring home the products :) Anyways, I didn't mean to exaggerate..but this ichigo roll is to die for:P

G..with our products, nicely packed:D Anyway, I should thank her for her willingness to share interest with me:)

For the newcomer, we have to paste our wish on a tree:D

ehe...sebab kami kebuloq tahap x hengat..x makan seharian:D

There are a lot of cooking school in Japan. One of the famous is the one we go; The ABC Cooking Studio.
By registering their courses, we are entitled to browse their websites for recipe:)
Of course we can learn cooking/baking from internet/books. 
I decided to go to school to learn their techniques and secret to Japanese baking. Trust me, they handle baking a whole differently, let alone their cooking. It's like something you never see or heard of:)
One thing for sure, enrolling to this school made me feel happy:)
Hubby is even happier because, I am entitled for half price of total cost due to my 'student' status.

So, peeps, what else you waiting for..go live up another of your dreams. One step at a time.

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