Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kek oren

Kek paun oren Japanese style.
So, I did register for 6 baking courses.
Last Sunday was my first paid session. In each month, I'll be given a few choices of cake to learn.
For April, my friend and me decided to learn an orange cake. I forgot the name, but the cake was apparently just an orange pound cake modified in several ways, so it tastes better and has more improved look. Undoubtedly, presentation is their cup of tea.
As usual, I felt good after each class. Got to bring back the most exquisite orange pound cake I ever tried in my entire life, then who doesn't :')
I finished the whole pound in one night T__T 
It was easy to make. I'll try making it by myself soon, and will come back with the report:P

Write to you again soon, jya, have a nice day ^_^

p/s: Thank you bebeh for fulfilling another dream of mine :') 


  1. hey dah amik kelas baking.. mesti best kan.. yeah its true that i could just google out the recipe, tp x sama mcm kita attend class kan.. anyhow, please bake more and share the piccas with us.. =)

    1. wow cake look good. i think it will taste good. May be some day after completing my breast awareness program then i will start my passion and bake things and then make my own bakery.

  2. Zaila!!!!!betul!!!Im tired experimenting recipe from the internet.Bykkan tips yang we x pernah tau:') let's share:)

  3. tingtong...dah abes.nnt buat lagi :'D

  4. wahhh nampak sedap dan menyelerakan lah!!!kongsilah tips2nyer...wahaha



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