Friday, April 13, 2012

Shishamo night.

My first hanami this year was the worst!
It was night hanami organized by my department. So, keep it mind, I had it with a group of Japanese.
Well, as I have already aware, gathering with them are mostly about drinking and opening up to each other. They don't really feast.
If the event is proper, I was usually served with 'muslim-friendly' food. But this time..there were none...except the fish; shishamo.

shishamo. A fish filled with eggs. My new favorite:)
That night I felt the most uncomfortable. I was surrounded by drunk people who fed on pork BBQ, pork soup, and everything cook with pork! sigh.. 
Nasib baik I wasn't that hungry. I just had shishamo yang apparently sangat-sangat sedap!!seriously..sedap!!nak masak pun senang..campak je dlm kuali..balik2..siap!No need any seasoning ;)
I don't think I will join their hanami again!Once is enough.
You know..when it was about 9, I secretly prayed to Allah to save me from the crowd, and a few minutes later, hujan pouring down with extra strong wind which unable you to use any payung. Yes, I got down the steep hill in hujan without payung on and walk 2km to my bicycle. That was the wettest condition I had ever experienced in Japan so far.heh! What a night!
Balik tu demam..but I was immediately cured by presence of hubby at my front door at 12am:) 


  1. I've been in the same situation when i was in Korea for short trip.. surrounded by drunk people the smell gosh!!Ditakdirkan Allah lah diorang still respect me and asked me if i want to leave..memang lah terus bangun dari situ..tak macam rasa dihalau pun..hihihihi

  2. kan??lega lagi adelah..x apela kalo org kate x pandai bersosial pon..huhu..



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