Saturday, August 21, 2010

My hand bouquet..

Salam ladies..

It's Monday morning..even I am not working..I am still having Monday blues..Malasnye nk buat keje T_T

Let's start today with a new post.

This time, it's about my hand bouquet.

Seriously, I was not satisfied with my hand bouquets.
Still, I just redha je..

First, for my nikah.
I requested for calla lilies. However, I ended up having lilies yg x kembang sampai my reception day pon..T_T

See the hand bouquet yg x kembang itu..naseb bek ade roses tu kasik kaver pon angkare w-planner jugek ye..

Second hand bouquet-reception day: Red roses. This one they got it correct. It's just that I was expected something different for the fillers. And I was hoping for them not to use the holder tu.

Red roses yg x berapa lebat for my reception..

Third hand bouquet-bertandang: peach roses. This one, I forgot to put the request (plus it's not my side kan..mcm segan pulak nk request2..) But, if I cud, I would luv to have a bunch of pinkish-peach chrysanthemum=)
The hand bouquet was quite bushy. Despite of hating the lilies in the middle, the bouquet was to me an OK=)

After experiencing all these than I understand why most brides did their own hand bouquets T_T
It's QueenForADay

The Tq Tag

Salam beauties..

It's Saturday and my hubby is at work. Seems like it is true that Japanese likes to work don't they T-T.. Even it is a scary thing to ask for cuti here. I remember that my hubby was under a lot of stress and was scared to death when he wanted to ask for wedding break. Alhamdulillah dapt..or else I am still posting about my prep by now=p Oh well, his work was the reason we got married few days before Ramadhan..tsk2..;p

Ok, flipping through the unofficial that I have, I think this picture clearly shows my TQ tag.

At first, I made a sort of colorful tags. Ade flowers2 n bingkai2..but i forgot that my printer xde kale, I came out with something like above. Actually, when u sees it nearer, there's background on it. shining underneath the words (konon2..). So, I guess okla ni..hihi..For solemnization, I changed "...The Reception" to "...The Solemnization".

For my bekas telur, I did a mini version of the tq tag. However, I didn't have the chance to snap the picture of it. Huu..Dear friends, if you guys ever received my bekas telur, can you please snap the pictures of it and e-mail it to me T_T thank u..

Eventually, I was so particular about tq tag. I alwiz go checking on the tq tag whenever I went to a wedding. Even the tq tag was made of an a4 paper, as long as it personalized, I will surely take the photo of it. And usually, the personalized words connect to me more. So, this is one of the small things that cared for in a wedding.

We've been married for 2 weeks plus today..and I think I saw a better side of u each day=)

DIY-family corsage

Salam ladies..

How's puasa??
Being away with my family as Ramadhan started really are testing me. I'm trying my best to be a wife. I have never do house chores before this (honestly T_T)..and I am so touched when my husband teaches me one thing to another. But, it's strange that actually, I know how to cook=p And he complemented all my dishes so far (and all been cooked by me for the first time of my entire life=p). Tp x tipu..mmg sedap..ahahahah=p

Ok, mari kite stopkan aktiviti memuji diri sendiri ini..

Without further ado, let's start with a DIY session.
One of the thing that I REALLLLLY want to DIY was corsage. Most importantly family corsage. Let them say what they want about me being fussy about corsage. Skati la kan..haha..

Pictures do paint a thousand words. So, you will see a lot of pics. Yela, to show u the steps;)

Let's start!

You need: Gam tembak (oho...every b2b sure must have this. It works wonder. You can produce a baju kurung using this gam u know=p). and a fern leaf.

Drop the melted glue on the leaf. Better put the glue kt tpt yg keras sket.

Next step, paste the rose on top of it. Oh, I chose this rose becoz that's the red colour that I love and this fake rose is blooming=)

Now u see a remaining dawai at the bottom, it's ugly. We then will cover that up with a ribbon. Melt some glue there.

And paste a ribbon.

Flip it, and put glue at the back to paste a pin.

Make sure u locate the pin at teh right place or it will drop when u pin in on baju, k. U can agak2 or u can do try n error.

So, thats my corsage. Total cost 60cents. What left to argue for as long as I get the rose that I want=p

My relatives with the corsage on=) Just how I have imagined!

So, senang kan..semuanya maen gam's not hard to DIY actually.
So, for busy b2b, find something easy yet nice in the p.h.o.t.o.s. That's the key=)
Happy trying!


Friday, August 20, 2010

My favorite dress!

Salam ladies..

Sorry for slowing down=p
Ok, now I would like to reveal my favourite dress of all the dresses I wore.

Among the 3 dresses, I love my baju bersanding. The creme color one (my dream wedding dress mmg kale krim pon=p)
However, I must admit that the execution of this dress was only 90% accurate. I can show you so many weaknesses which if you guys notice it, the baju will look ugly.

Here's the dress..

This baju was designed by me.
The kain by Jakel.

*tips 1*
I decided to have a one piece dress to help me (konon2) looks taller la kan. haha..
As you can see, the tailor divided the dress into two parts, the top and the bottom (which I could not accept!).so, cacat dahla kt pinggang tu. I was ok with that. So, we can cover that with an embellishment. But becoz of.. she did a VERY last minute job, the embellishment tu gube riben je??!!!sabar je la..I really hope it looks fine in the picture=(

*tips 2*
Because I love this dress sooo much, I chose to wear a short veil. I do not want the veil to cover the baju too much.
Another thing, I also put round buttons byk2 kt blakang baju ni=p huhu..I hope my OP ade amek gamba blakang cz my unofficials manela reti nk notice this small2 things kan. Pray hard!

*tips 3*
Btw, baju ni sgt berat..look at the train;p
train does gives u beautiful outdoor shoot tau. Go with train!^_^

*tips 4*
The veil from the front. And don't forget to let it loose so u can play with the veil more.hihi..

From the picture, u can see that I was wearing a gold set for everything. I didn't know that it's rare for modern bride (my mak andam has to buy new accessories cz silver accessories doesn't match my dress). However, I think.. I was still looking gud aite (perasan!=p)??

*tips 5*
To bride yg pakai tudong, please wear anak tudong with a tighter grip. As u can see, my tudong terok larinye..I don't blame the anak tudong la..haha..seriously, my tiara n veil was not that heavy that they cud pulled my tudung. My case ni becos I was laughing n moving too much kot..T_T
Again, hoping for the OP to do something about that=(

*tips 6*
Some people complained for my plain awning. I wore a plain awning's tudung in purpose. Cz I do not want to be overwhelmed by bling2 on my head. If I cud, I wanted a less complicated veil to go with the dress. The w-planner promised to make a new one during our discussion looks still acceptable=)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The spa of my choice

Salam lovelies...

Today my day started quite late as I am having stomach cramp T_T..huhu..mkn ubat n tros shahid sebentar.

I am still feeling the dizziness ni..but updet blog bleh je=p ahaha..
So, I found the photos from my spa session.

I chose a spa near to my home in PJ.

The spa is located in PJ state, near to Assunta Hospital.

Take a look at the room.

The bed for the spa treatments. The session took 3 hours kot. Oh, the bed is blocking the bath tub la..every room has its own personal bath tub.

and also a personal shower

Went there for 3 sessions.
Spa treatments, facial, pedicure n manicure.
I took a pre-wedding package.
And tell u, it's worth it!!
bes gle!!
daki sume kuar..n muke sgt la mulus..muke i yg jerawat byk mase tu tros licin mcm cermin n of course sgt lembut=p ahahha...

Ada tips here.
Don't do your spa treatment that late tau.
For me, I did one day before my w-day which is sooo wrong.
But for me, I enjoy doing it last minute cz the freshness that I felt stayed till d next day=p ahaah..
If u have extra budget for the spa, u are encouraged to take more than 1 session cz I think to really sees the effect, u might need more than 1 session.
However for me, one session is enough dah;p ahahah..

The product used are from Indonesia. From mama Matilda ape tah.
For the facial they used biokos.

Love the body scrub but they don't sell it la..T_T

After each session, they'll serve u a cup of tea and a plate of watermelon. The tea sgt sedap T_T...It just calm u down after each session. I think it's part of the ritual kot.

The place is gojes!!all in, u'll walk in water tp atas batu la..haha..susah nk explain. please go to the website k.

Btw, before u go, u have to really make up ur mind which ritual do you guys wud like to try.
In my case, I book for a spa treatment..but bile sampai sane I decided to take a package (sbb rase spa treatment die bebaloi2..nk try yg lain jgk). haha..pening jgk dorang nk atur jadual. Sorry Auntie Zam=p

The price??
It's all stated in the website. Better go faster cz they are in the process of naik harge after 6 years.
Btw, you wont see the package that I took in the website cz I changed certain things in the package with a lil addition to the price shown. So, u may not necessarily have to follow the package provided. You still can negotiate about it with the owner, k. Gudluk!

Ok, I hope with this information, I have helped u narrowing down ur spa choices=)
For b2b who's still considering spa treatment before the wedding, personally I think you should go. You can even ask your fiance to sponsor u. after all the treatment pon for him kan=p ahaha..

Many people been asking, did u ever missed the moment when u do all the preps??
QueenForADay wud say..NO (for the moment;])

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My nikah dress

Salam beauties...

Hehe..I got time to update some more. Mybe the last post for today. hehe...bwk besabar=p

Okeh, after all long stories about my sanding's dresses, here I wud like to write about my nikah outfit pulak.

My nikah outfit was actually yg sgt last minute. Cz suddenly my w-planner refused nk buat T_T
skati je kan..I was told so in 2 weeks before the day.
However by the help of my MIL, they made the baju jugak. I don't know how my MIL did that=p

The baju was fine. All ok. Except the kain a lil bit longgar. I did tried the baju on 4 days before the day. But the tailor didn't do anything about that until my nikah day. If I was a bridezilla, I'll sure will call her and ask her to come straight!!

Still, the baju was fine je.

Walking to the surau. I was walking so fast cz I was late to get married=p The surau is just in front of my house=p ahaha

The baju in full (I wore my flats for the outdoor=p)

I just love to have buttons for all my dresses=p hehe..

Hate my hand bouquet=( the lillies just refused to bloom T_T

Hijab styles

Salam ladies..

It is past 1.5hrs since berbuke puase time. My hubby still hasn't home=( huhu..
so while waiting for him, here another post for u all.

Hm..if u all can remember, another thing that makes me pening is tudung. Until the wedding day itself, i haven't decided on the style.

I think d hijab style for my wedding was basically determined by fate.
Ha??x paham??
Mcm ni..all my 3 make up sessions, all done in rush.
For my nikah, the MUA came in late!plus i have to perform zohor first. So, we just got exactly 1 hour to finish everything.

However, becoz of he arrived late, we had a 40 minutes session je. And at 230 mcm tu, ,y aunts dh bising2 asking me to siap cpt cz tok kadi is waiting!!waaa...

dah x sempat, I just grab tudung bawal n wore it like i wears it everyday T_T...huhu..

the MUA put the labah2 (which i pesan i dont want...) so I ask him to hide it inside my veil. haishh...So, that's the story.haha..that's y my tudong senget2 T_T..

The tudung that I wore during solemnization-tudung bawal pakai hari2. LOL!

Next, my recpetion tudong. Again, my MUA arrived quite late T_T..
The original plan was, I wanted to wear a chiffon tudong together with ariani's as inner. BUt since v r sooo late again, I just have the time to only wear Ariani je T_T...
Lucky me, I was still looking gud in anak tudong=p ahaha..
Saya yg memakai anak tudong sahaje semase majlis resepsi T_T

Finally, majlis bertandang.

The look was totally out of my list!
This time the MUA came in time. But, I have to wait for the baju pulak. The MUA finished his job at 1130. SO, i have to wait for more than an hour for the dress to arrive. While waiting, maybe the MUA tu feeling guilty, he pon did experiment on me. That's how I got my sanggul tinggi. I was really scared cz I was not sure whether the sanggul tinggi suits my face.

After all, it looks fine in the photos. Take a look.

What do you think??Did I looked like alien??=|

Three different looks without I actually planning it. That's why I said its all determined by fate. However, alhamdulillah..all looking good (at least in my eyes).

Promised my fiance that he'll get a pretty bride. Hope I did fulfilled the promise..

Hantaran-for her

Salam all..

Ok, this post plak show u the hantarans that I have received.
er..another dulang tu i decided not to show la..haha



The ring and bunga rampai

make-up set



sirih junjung ( ini gamba tebalik..)


Personally, I love the bunge they used=)

Hantaran-for him

Salam lovelies..

Haha..takut tak??a lot of entries in a day??;p

Do not worry..this entry will be short and with a lot of pictures.
This time i'll let pictures do the talking=)

These are the hantarans from me to him.
Again, I spare red roses for the hantarans. My feveret flowers kan..kenela utk acare kemuncak=p ahahah..

Basically, I wanted my hantaran for him to looks classic (i mean, malay classic). So, I chose to use brown trays and boxes. They are all made of engraved woods. Mixing of roses and white kemboja is also an effort to show the Malayness as well as to cause the red roses standing out.

ok2, u talk;p

The hantarans on my bed


Bekas cincin and bunga rampai



Sirih junjung


Baju melayu

Facial set


Mini cakes


Again, I keep it simple n practical;p
happy trying!

Lov, QueenForADay

The Shoes

Salam again..

This post is written upon request from my bestie; SCR. ahaha..
Didn't think to post about my shoes pon..but since she's insisted..then I'll write a short entry k.

My shoes..dh tekopek pon if u noticed..this was after my reception..haha..bile SCR nk tau, i hv to snap a picture of my shoe la.

oh btw, the shoes are Vinci je. Sgtla cheap n most of my outdoor photoshoot I was shoesless..its hard to walk with this shoes la..sort of licin sket especially dkt uneven floor. In dewan it works just fine=)
This is the best shot with my shoes. But I notice my OP took many pictures of it. Later I'll update the pictures with the shoes clearly seen k.ahaha..

So, SCR..anymore question about the shoes??;p

Err...the bilik pengantin

Salam ladies...

Actually I am not sure whether I wanted to share with you guys my bilik pengantin. haha...Cz it doesn't looks like bilik pengantin that u guys usually see.

Since I will only be staying in the room like for two days, I just keep it minimal and the most important is practical. For me, what's the point of hiring a decorator if the looks only stays for a day. So, I just make sure the bilik was kemas n nice looking.

However, I was very sure that time that people coming wud wanna see the room no matter what reason u gave. So, I prepared something that's kind of exclusive showing that the room will be occupied by pengantin later.

The something was just a small space with pictures of us.

Ni la sudut tu..haha..just pictures of us hanging there je. I think the pictures really works la since we took pretty2 pictures=p ahaha..
So, for those who's an IKEA's regular sure are familiar with all the things shown kan??haha...I took all cheap things. So, total cost for this deco mmg x sampai rm100=p hehe..

Alhamdulillah....even so, it turned out fine in pictures. This is from the unofficial. Hope the OP will do better.

The bed. Sorry for low quality picture..see...i didn't even re-paint my room. There's crack lg on the wall..haha..For the empty wall, I just put a pink orchid je as finishing.
The bedsheet, from JUSCO during JCARD day. Mcm more than rm100 ye..
Since the back wall was plain white, our picture on the bed are mostly looking clean like this=) Just like what I have imagined;p

The langsir I bought at Pasar Pagi 2 days before my wedding. See la the materials..I bought a very cheap one, not even reach rm50=p ahahhaa..

Another empty wall was filled with small racks.Oh, sape letak kuceng burok kt situ!
Oh, there's my shoes hanging=p and u can see my dress from the mirror=p ehehe..

So, as you can room was not at like bilik pengantin supposed to look. haha...I don't care, as long as it is practical and real=p



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