Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Tq Tag

Salam beauties..

It's Saturday and my hubby is at work. Seems like it is true that Japanese likes to work don't they T-T.. Even it is a scary thing to ask for cuti here. I remember that my hubby was under a lot of stress and was scared to death when he wanted to ask for wedding break. Alhamdulillah dapt..or else I am still posting about my prep by now=p Oh well, his work was the reason we got married few days before Ramadhan..tsk2..;p

Ok, flipping through the unofficial that I have, I think this picture clearly shows my TQ tag.

At first, I made a sort of colorful tags. Ade flowers2 n bingkai2..but i forgot that my printer xde kale, I came out with something like above. Actually, when u sees it nearer, there's background on it. shining underneath the words (konon2..). So, I guess okla ni..hihi..For solemnization, I changed "...The Reception" to "...The Solemnization".

For my bekas telur, I did a mini version of the tq tag. However, I didn't have the chance to snap the picture of it. Huu..Dear friends, if you guys ever received my bekas telur, can you please snap the pictures of it and e-mail it to me T_T thank u..

Eventually, I was so particular about tq tag. I alwiz go checking on the tq tag whenever I went to a wedding. Even the tq tag was made of an a4 paper, as long as it personalized, I will surely take the photo of it. And usually, the personalized words connect to me more. So, this is one of the small things that cared for in a wedding.

We've been married for 2 weeks plus today..and I think I saw a better side of u each day=)



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