Saturday, August 21, 2010

My hand bouquet..

Salam ladies..

It's Monday morning..even I am not working..I am still having Monday blues..Malasnye nk buat keje T_T

Let's start today with a new post.

This time, it's about my hand bouquet.

Seriously, I was not satisfied with my hand bouquets.
Still, I just redha je..

First, for my nikah.
I requested for calla lilies. However, I ended up having lilies yg x kembang sampai my reception day pon..T_T

See the hand bouquet yg x kembang itu..naseb bek ade roses tu kasik kaver pon angkare w-planner jugek ye..

Second hand bouquet-reception day: Red roses. This one they got it correct. It's just that I was expected something different for the fillers. And I was hoping for them not to use the holder tu.

Red roses yg x berapa lebat for my reception..

Third hand bouquet-bertandang: peach roses. This one, I forgot to put the request (plus it's not my side kan..mcm segan pulak nk request2..) But, if I cud, I would luv to have a bunch of pinkish-peach chrysanthemum=)
The hand bouquet was quite bushy. Despite of hating the lilies in the middle, the bouquet was to me an OK=)

After experiencing all these than I understand why most brides did their own hand bouquets T_T
It's QueenForADay

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