Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Shoes

Salam again..

This post is written upon request from my bestie; SCR. ahaha..
Didn't think to post about my shoes pon..but since she's insisted..then I'll write a short entry k.

My shoes..dh tekopek pon if u noticed..this was after my reception..haha..bile SCR nk tau, i hv to snap a picture of my shoe la.

oh btw, the shoes are Vinci je. Sgtla cheap n most of my outdoor photoshoot I was shoesless..its hard to walk with this shoes la..sort of licin sket especially dkt uneven floor. In dewan it works just fine=)
This is the best shot with my shoes. But I notice my OP took many pictures of it. Later I'll update the pictures with the shoes clearly seen k.ahaha..

So, SCR..anymore question about the shoes??;p


  1. owh..nampak nye perlulah gue ke vincci mcm ni. hahhaha XD I want a clear picture from ur OP. hahahahahah XD I adore your shoes. =P

  2. dont worry..OP tu byk gle amek gamba kasot..kasot tebalik..aku mkn kasot..aku pukol son ngan kasot pon ade (kidding)..haha..ade kene tggu sebulan T_T

  3. sure OP tu pun suke kasot ko. haha. xsabar. haha



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