Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doorgifts for 'the day'.

Salam ladies,

Here's the post about the things that has contributed to my sakit pinggang and also lost of money T_T haha...don't worry..I sgt2 ikhlas=) just want the best for all the guests.

Part of the doorgifts T_T..huhu

So, I got three types of doorgifts. Yela..cannot afford to have one type kan..
The first one meant for the VIPs (VIPs for my kenduri means the other side of the family)
It was a small basket made of newspaper. Contained a tasbih, tat nenas and a muffin.

The mini basket with tq-tag attached. Aiseh..gelap pulak gamba T_Y

But of course la there's a few hundreds of the bakul. The remaining, I spared them for my close friends and relatives. Sorry for those who could only stare at the basket yeah T_T

The next doorgift was goodie bags. The bags that I bought were very simple. No names were printed out. Just what I have imagined so that I could tie a ribbon with my own tq-tag. Because of these bags la my pinggang lg nk tepatah. Even though people said that I was wasting my time my tying ribbons at paper bags which apparently will be thrown away, I didn't care!nk jugak!haha

The bags came in two colours; Gold and...


Isinye: pop corn, orange cake and rempeyek

Yang lain2, supposedly dpt telur rebus dlm bekas songket..tp x cukop jugak=( so my mom cepat2 back up dgn bahulu kemboje..alhamdulillah..of course la no remnants;p

Ye, kenduri saye ala2 kampung.x de protokol lgsg=p


  1. i la org yg cume bley tgk basket tu je kan..haha=P
    basket tu made from newspaer ke?
    btw, i suke that lovely basket!

  2. My mom loves the basket too. ^_^ thanx wani. tat nenas kamu yang gemuk2 tu aku kongsi dgn paie, she'od ngan najo. baik x baik x? hahaha XD

  3. mawar:yes, from newspaper..sile korbankan tgn anda!
    scr:eh, yg len x dpt eh??hehe..naseb bek ade 4 ketui=p

  4. yang laen2 cam xdpt jek. haha. xpe2 aku share je ngan diorang. Sodap okeh. rase nak mintak ctc no vendor kat kakak ko ari tu. ahhaha XD Eh ke ko ade letak fon no org tu kat blog ni? xingat~~~

  5. heh. I got all three. Nasib cik ram bagi gak bakul tuh...hehehe...
    Suke gila tart tuh! sedap. and aku simpan bekas telur ko tuh. mendapat tempat didalam kabinet display aku. ngehehe...

  6. fifi:haha..gle pileh kaseh cikram=p tp sbrnye aku ade pesan tu=p kala ada dpt jgk x?kan?sedap kan tart tu??aku wat rase camtu jgk tau (=p) ahahaha..
    bekas telor tu byg pon x nmpk.naseb bek ko dpt n didisplaykan.ko dpt kale ape mek?

  7. best tau bila sume doorgifts or makanan habes. tak lah membazir kan. susah la nak bajet berapa banyak !

  8. mysarah:mmg sgt susah..but in my case kan, u hve to at least have 400 pieces for back up,gudluk k



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