Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My theme

Salam beauties,

Yes, another update for today. Determined to only write after finish kemas all the luggages.
And here, I am sitting in front of the laptop writing for u while all the bajus are all around me=p ahaha..

There's a lot for me to update.
Hmm..again, I don't know where to start.
I think let's start with the basic part, i.e. the theme.

Most of my friends guessed my theme wud b pink since my invitation card was pink in colour=p ahaha..(can't resist to have pink).

But, my theme was ....

Creme + Balck +red (flowers)

I don't know whether this combination is common or not.
Coz many of my relatives said my colour 'nampak pelik' T_T

How did I came out with this theme?
It's all started cz I love red roses. They are my favorite flowers.
So, many people wud choose to have white to go with the red so that everything are looking romantic.
How can I make a difference with these red roses?
So, I chose the opposite of white (which is black) and creme (cz since forever I wanted a creme wedding dress). The creme will synchronize the pelamin with my

*Conclusion: I decided on my theme based on my favorite flowers=)

However, my pelamin x siap can see rite the both sides of the pelamin was left hanging. I could not believe at 11am they were still installing the pelamin T_T...This w-planner shud b blacklisted!

Besides that, look at the top of the pelamin. The hanging flowers w
ere so hideous!they shud b fresh flowers hanging, man!!!I was so pissed when I saw the pelamin (yes, the first time I saw the pelamin was when I walked into the dewan as the bride!I didn't have a chance to complaint or asked them to make ammendments!)

But, I just chilled. Smile and walk to the pelamin yg x siap=(

AFter all kan, the pictures all came out this:

This photo is from my unofficial. So, I hope my OP will do a better job in hiding all the weakness=)
I believe that no wedding came out perfect rite (except if it involves 7 values la kan;p)

I think I got the simple wedding that I have planned for;

1 comment:

  1. sape ur w-planner ni? mcm asek tak btul je keje dier...sigh~..n u were rite..seb baik i tau perangai org tu and trus act on it before it eats me up..
    malu woo org dtg kenduri kite takde food...

    p/s: mind mailing me the w-planner name? so i tak im searching for decor peeps...

    tx sweetheart

    p/p/s: pls blaja wat takoyaki! i love em



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