Tuesday, August 17, 2010

let's start with this story;)

Salam beauties;)

Yes, I am in Japan, doing my duties as a wife and also a housewife=p ahahaha..
This is the first day I'm doing all the chores required.
Oh well, FYI, i have to start from zero, i.e. developing a so called a kitchen=| (my god..i don't know what my husband ate for the past 6 years he's here T-T)..
Think I'll stop here babbling about my life here (at least for this post=p).

I wud say 'many' people asking me to update my blog.haha..i know2..i pon can't wait to write the story in here.
However, it comes with a warning.
My wedding is not a dream wedding. It's an example of a simple wedding with lots and lots of mistakes. Oh well, since I am not that into a complicated wedding, I guess that's what I get.

For the first post on the post-mortem (=p), I wud like to write about my reception's dress.

I was so surprised, whenever my frens take turns to take pictures with me as pengantins, most of them will asked:

"is this the baju yang ruined tu??ok je tgk"


Mmg la darlings oi..cz the tailor altered everything already (but still unfinished at the top part T_Y). The tailor tu mmg kene blacklist la jgk! (oh, it's the w-planner's tailor-they all were cursed=p)

I think most of you had read about my ruined dress.

So, they got another one day to make the changes. At first, they refused to follow my instruction. They said that I am petite and nobody else will fit my size later. So, they made my dress in medium size (I know, it doesn't make any sense. They better make one in size S instead!y la susah2 nk skip satu size n u have to keep all the remnants at all parts of my body!)

After all the discussions, they still refused. I know, I also could not understand y la these people mcm stupido sgt. It's my money!u shud do according to my BODY!
I didn't know what else to say (while looking at my suddenly turning bulky body in the mirror). So, I was crying T_T

My mak andam was there. He had helped me a lot in talking to the tailor which happened to be his colleagues jugak la. I heard they argued. It's 2 days before the day. And I shouldn't do the wait and see. So, my sister and me left the room and headed home. On the way back, my fiance called. He heard me from the phone (that I was crying la).

Tell you guys..his baju lagi terok. They were supposed to tailor a new baju for him. But turned out they pinjam from other boutique!!!My fiance pon turned to the blue monster n called his mom.

Ok, to cut things short, the next day I went to the kedai. My w-dress suddenly turned out to be like this:

The tailor had gotten rid of all the spare kain yg dilipat2 si semua tempat (siot!).
Then the baju fitted me well=)
So, I guess, guilty pleasure really works (eventhough they keep ungkit about me crying T_T).

That night I met my fiance at the boutique (he just landed and tomoro tros nikah T_T). His baju mmg agak terok la kan. And I warned them about him who is soooo fussy (fussier than us girls kot). My fiance told them to tailor everything balik according to the design that I gave. And of course they have to do all that in one day.

Because of the guilty pleasure, finally our dresses were fine (in my eyes, they are pretty even though some part were unmatched).

I think this post has gotten too long.
Should stop now or else you guys will get dizzy pulak=p

The ex-bride;


  1. Siot jek butik tu. speel je their name here wani. biar padan muke diorg. (jahat beno aku ni) haha

    u look gorgeous la wani on ur w-day. x de sape pon perasan the pelamin and the walkway tak siap and the baju x match. dont worry. ok. ^_^

  2. cantik gak bajunye tp mmg jahat la butik tu.. kte dh byr ikut je la ckp kte kan...
    mase nak accept booking janji mcm2 pastu lain jadinye..
    tp x pe.. semuanye ok kan
    dah lepas dah..
    janji kawin..
    congrtas dear!!!

  3. scr:xtau la nk spill out ke.nntla..hehe.gojes ke??mekap pecah2 sbb gelak byk sgt T_T

    eein:itula..i pon fikir cantu.mls nk pening2 kepale

  4. adoi... hantu betol la butik tu... nnt pm akak nama butik tu.. nak kene alert kot2 nnt ade pengantin akak nak kesana.. mau meraung dijiwa.. tp tak patut la... bukan nya buat bj tu free.. tamak betol!.. geram pulak rasenya.. eee sib baik bukan akak.. kalo tak mau dorang tu kene berbakul2 sumpah seranah..



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