Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hijab styles

Salam ladies..

It is past 1.5hrs since berbuke puase time. My hubby still hasn't home=( huhu..
so while waiting for him, here another post for u all.

Hm..if u all can remember, another thing that makes me pening is tudung. Until the wedding day itself, i haven't decided on the style.

I think d hijab style for my wedding was basically determined by fate.
Ha??x paham??
Mcm ni..all my 3 make up sessions, all done in rush.
For my nikah, the MUA came in late!plus i have to perform zohor first. So, we just got exactly 1 hour to finish everything.

However, becoz of he arrived late, we had a 40 minutes session je. And at 230 mcm tu, ,y aunts dh bising2 asking me to siap cpt cz tok kadi is waiting!!waaa...

dah x sempat, I just grab tudung bawal n wore it like i wears it everyday T_T...huhu..

the MUA put the labah2 (which i pesan i dont want...) so I ask him to hide it inside my veil. haishh...So, that's the story.haha..that's y my tudong senget2 T_T..

The tudung that I wore during solemnization-tudung bawal pakai hari2. LOL!

Next, my recpetion tudong. Again, my MUA arrived quite late T_T..
The original plan was, I wanted to wear a chiffon tudong together with ariani's as inner. BUt since v r sooo late again, I just have the time to only wear Ariani je T_T...
Lucky me, I was still looking gud in anak tudong=p ahaha..
Saya yg memakai anak tudong sahaje semase majlis resepsi T_T

Finally, majlis bertandang.

The look was totally out of my list!
This time the MUA came in time. But, I have to wait for the baju pulak. The MUA finished his job at 1130. SO, i have to wait for more than an hour for the dress to arrive. While waiting, maybe the MUA tu feeling guilty, he pon did experiment on me. That's how I got my sanggul tinggi. I was really scared cz I was not sure whether the sanggul tinggi suits my face.

After all, it looks fine in the photos. Take a look.

What do you think??Did I looked like alien??=|

Three different looks without I actually planning it. That's why I said its all determined by fate. However, alhamdulillah..all looking good (at least in my eyes).

Promised my fiance that he'll get a pretty bride. Hope I did fulfilled the promise..


  1. i'm a silent reader and this is my first time commenting on anyone's blog.i find ur comments totally hilarious but down right honest! i'm impressed with how u've handle everything :) Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly despite d hiccups.

  2. touched;) so glad knowing that there's people enjoyed reading my blog. i m not gud at writing though.still improving;) happy reading ^_^
    n yesh, alhamdulillah..;)



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