Thursday, August 12, 2010

yes, it's not perfect

Salam beauties=)

First of all, I would like to thank Allah for all his blessings. Nothing else matters to me other than the nikah went well.

Having to know that I am no bridezilla, I have no problem in closi
ng my eyes looking at every weakness in my wedding day. Alhamdulillah that Allah granted
me with what I consider as blessing again (talent to be a super ign

SO, my wedding was not perfect. A lot of cacat cela. The worst part was the Dais was not completed when pengantin arrived. So,my pelamin was left unfinished without the other two panels that's supposed to be placed at the both sides of the pelamin that u can see here. Honestly, I have no problems bersanding on pelamin yg x siap. But, I am
quite sad when people keep saying about how bad the pelamin was=( I know..n it's not my fault T_T

Ok, forget about the sadness that I went through.

This post is to show you guys that I did read your e-mails. That shows your concern about me, the total stranger to you that you still cared for.

I am writing to tell all of you to wait a lil bit more cz there will be updates. More and more updates coming up. hehe...Now I am busy preparing luggages and all the documents for Japan. I'll be a housewife and full time blogger (I guess) for two mon
ths. All will starts in next week.
Pray for the safety of my journey with my husband.

Oh, to not let you guys living in a mystery,
here I attached one of the photos during my nikah and reception. I still hasn't get my hands into any photos for bertandang=( Hope you guys can bare with it T_


The solemnization

The reception

Oh, please take note that the photos are from unofficial photographers (my cousin and friend=p).
Official photos??have to wait for 2 months T_T

The after queen-for-a-day sudeh;p


  1. Apa pun, dah selamat semuanya kan.. =) baju tetap cantik! jangan risau, OP mesti buang part yang tak perfect tuh! tahniah!

  2. congrats dear! hope u'll have a great life in japan..

  3. ur nikah baju sgt lawa. anyway love the background of ur pelamin. :) u have a safe journey to japan yea. ;)

  4. kamu! bile nak jadi blogger sepenuh mase? hehehe



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