Friday, August 29, 2014

Dealing with bad news

Whenever you feel down because of things aren't always go your way, always remember that everything happens for a reason. There'll always reason to everything happened to us although most of the times we are gonna be very surprised at how fate overruled us. All you need to do, is to sit back, take a breath and look around you. There are so many things written for you. Small little things that we always take for granted. Who are we kidding? Not a single cut on my finger, makes a huge change in my life!

On this very hot Monday night, I received an email from my boss saying that we have failed our application for a huge grant. My team and me has been depending on this grant since years and because of our stupidity, we always missed the dues. When finally we get to submit our application, I wrote a very detail and I rated it a 5star proposal of our project. On top of that, the Vice Chancellor of this university is one of the team member, in fact the host. Still, we failed. Itu memang namanya tiada rezeki or..simply because our ideas are that bad. 

How do I feel? 

To be honest, I did not feel anything. I feel very calm and the fact that this failure did not bother me made me scared of myself. How can I feel meh...towards failure! That's will makes me someone who are lazy and not strive for better. Or is it the way I deal with failure. When my husband asked me whether I'm okay, I answered him honestly, I'm totally okay. Of course he did not believe me. Next morning it happened that we already planned for a short trip to the beach. It's like my life has been well-planned by the greater power. 

I've been missing beach too much ever since I moved to Japan. That was..4 years ago! That long I haven't breath the smell of a beach. I have been raised in a picnic-lover family, so picnic by the beach? It's already in my blood. Unfortunately, beach in Japan not as friendly as we have it in our home, Malaysia. Oh, how I miss KL. The beaches are somehow wilder although less polluted and very blue.

In preparation of our trip, oh boy, knowing Mr A who always take things very seriously...he has been hunting for a prefect tent for a beach picnic! I haven't thought of that, until he mentioned it. In my mind, I only have and tikar. lol xp. I never remember fixing a tent while sitting by the beach. Since he insisted, then, bring it on baby. 

Don't make me start on the hunting. It was very tiring (for me) but I refused to give up.

While I think a normal tent would do, he still insisted one meant for beach! sigh...whatevs baby.

Next, I'll share with you my first ever beach picnic in the Land of the rising sun.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steamed nasi dagang

I can't believe my eyes either. I cooked nasi dagang without feeling tired and the taste it delicious (according to self. bahaha xp)

I'm no expert for this. But, I would like to share with you how to cook nasi dagang. I put it here in case any of you pakar in nasi dagang, came across this entry, please share with me some tips or better correct me if I did wrong.

I didn't get proper lesson for nasi dagang. My mother in law is an expert. But, I haven't got the opportunity to learn closely of the process. I just knew the theory from what she told me. When I pack the rice to bring to Japan, she doesn't just pack me the rice, she always spill the way of cooking it to perfection. Unfortunately, whenever I want to cook it, I always forgot. Which step is the first? What I remember strongly was I have to soak the beras first! So, while soaking, I browse through the internet hoping for step-by-step how to cook nasi dagang using a steamer. I looked for ones that resembles my mother in law's recipe. But there are none. So, I settled with my logic.


2 cups of nasi dagang rice 
1 and a half cup of santan cair
half cup santan concentrate
5 pieces small red onions (dimayang-slice to thin perfection)*There's none in Japan, I settled with a quarter of big onion*
4cm of ginger (diracik halus-slice to thin perfection)
a small spoon of fenugreek beads (halba)


1) Rinse the rice 
2) Soak rice in water for overnight (at least 4 hour)
3) Discard water
4) Steam rice for 45 minutes (until the rice soften)
5) Meanwhile, soak the fenugreek beads in water.
6) Pour santan cair (until the same level of the rice)
7) Steam rice in santan (30minutes)
8) Take out the rice and mix rice with thinly-sliced onions, garlic, santan concentrate and funegreek beads. Mix well and make sure the rice is not too dampen with santan. Add a bit salt and sugar to taste.
9) Steam the rice for 10 minutes.


While you cook the rice, you can prepare the gulai and acar. I find cooking nasi dagang is very relaxing. No rush whatsoever. But provided only if you cook it for a few people! kalau masak untuk open house tu..sigh...haha.

Ok, if you have anything to add, please drop a comment or two!

See you later!

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Open House

You know what you are getting when you invite people to your house? 
And unexpected rezeki I must say. It happened to me a lot. 
That's why, organizing my own open house has been on top of the list when I got married and in charge of my own kitchen! yey! 
Syukur for the opportunity and a husband who gave me that! My own kitchen and...everything else. Thank you!

This year, we beraya at our new home:) I really looking forward to it except...for the fact that our house is very small. I keep worrying how on earth we can accomodate the Malaysians here. sigh..

But, all went well, Alhamdulillah. We have so much leftovers lagi. So, A had been having ketupat, rendang, lontong for 3 days in a row. bahahaha xp.

I cooked kuah lodeh, fried chicken, nasi lemak, kuah kacang, rendang, lemang and nasi impit.

The legendary lemang is here. I don't like it though. The lemang segera brand Nona. But the others loved it! The first to finish!

A pat on my back for cooking all of these, all by myself. When I finished, I also can't believe my eyes! 

We set the buffet table at the kitchen. So, we have more space at the living. 

The living where the guests are sitting. Not so spacious isn't it? Sorry guests >,<

Mek Shida tolong kemas rumah ke ape tu >,<

With the adorable Junhafiy (did I get the spelling right?)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aidilfitriku 1435H

I supposed when I write this one memory down, it will help me refresh my memory later.
That's why I decided to write. 

Well, this one will be about my Syawal 1435. 
We hadn't have many days to celebrate Syawal. We only had until day 3. I feel sad of course know, I love Syawal more than my birthday! We have to carefully plan our time so that we wouldn't miss anything.

The night before the 1st of Syawal, takbir at my in laws. I love this event!

We spent raya morning at my mother's. These are my nieces and nephew at duit raya delegation event. bahaha xp. Oh, I miss them :)

My nephew lost his Playstation, so PakLang came to the rescue! Thank you PakLang!

With my soulmate forever until jannah, inshaAllah:) 

The family of my side minus my mother. She's just doesn't like taking photo. So...sigh...haha.
Then, in the afternoon we left for Temerloh. Visiting Mr. A grandma with other relatives. Alhamdulillah the journey was a smooth one although we have no idea how to get there and where is the house. We happened to pass by a small junction which my memory recognize, and tadaaaa....we were there in 1.5hour. That's quite an achievement :)

Inroducing Girl's Generation AAW. That's our initial. they are my sisters in law who taught me Running Man. heh. Oh, it's been a while since I watch RM. How many episodes are there already?

Family photo 1

8X clan.
Yea, it was a very blue raya. Im glad I decided on royal blue:)
What's yours?
Eh, I still haven't finished!

Syawal 2nd
On the second day, my in laws held an open house. Oh, who doesn't love open house!!

Para pelayan menunggu ketibaan tetamu jemputan :)

Among the guests

Guests again.

Us! Oh, it's very hard to dress a husband! *roll eyes* I have to wear something that can match whatever I can find him. See...that's why I need a bigger wardrobe, to meet the probability! hahah!

My relatives.

Syawal 3rd

Managed to squeeze 2 houses and....a trip to Tesco to buy groceries to bring back to Japan. We left for the airport that night...sobss.

This gorgeous home belongs to my brother in law. If any of you can recognize him and his wife-the writer of the famous book, Diagnosis. 

A must to do. Visiting my best friend. How I wish Im in KL. We can meet up more often. InshaAllah Yani, give me a few more years. In the meantime, take care of yourself and that angel of yours:)

In front of KLIA2. It was 3am. I can't thank my in laws enough for driving us at an odd hour. Our flight got delayed for 5 hours. I can't imagine those who live outside KL. How do they cope with flight delay? Us, we can just go back home and sleep!hahah!

Our 5 hours delayed was compensate with sandwich and bottled water. I appreciate the thought and what's more, the sandwich was really tasty. Good job AirAsia!

At first I was a bit mad at Air Asia for the delay. I was putting myself at the situation what if...I don't have 5 hours to waste? But then, I guess this was a blessing a disguise. At that early morning, 3 am I gotta see KLIA2 closer. We had breakfast and filled our hand luggage with Johnny Rocket's burger! It was a nice 5 hour delay after all:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rounding off: Wife vs Husband

Dear wives,

How do you tell a price of 49.99 to your husband?


I always said 40 for 49.99 and 100 for 150.

And of course I didn't look at him in the eyes whenever I mention price.

Ok, toodles!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When I fall in love with...AirAsiaX

Assalamualaikum.. is how many days of Syawal already, and only now I manage to wish each and everyone of you, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I, humbly ask for forgiveness for any of my wrong doings or if my writing has hurt you in any way.

I think I love raya more than my birthday. Really. I take my Ramadhan seriously because I don't want to feel guilty enjoying Syawal too seriously. I just love Syawal and quality time I have with people I love. And trust me, there are so many people I love and care and I usually try my very best to maximize the whole month of Syawal to visit as many as possible as well as to invite as many as possible.

About 10 days before the arrival of Syawal we (Mr. A and me) flew back home via Air Asia. I can't remember when was the last time we fly with AirAsia. From my vague memory, I have blacklisted AirAsia based on...I can't hardly remember. So, I guess I have forgotten about it, only the feelings lingers. By the way, this time around it was so fascinating. Our flight took off from Kansai Airport. We left home at 6.30am and drive to Kansai airport with our small car. I love the idea of road trip if you know me well. hihi. We stopped by Rinku Outlet. An outlet about 3 km away from the airport with breath taking view because it is located by the sea. Oh, the Kansai Airport as you know built in the middle of the sea on a man made island.

The weather was scorching hot when we left Japan. We arrived home (KL) at night and that means we had to break fast while flying. I have never order food whenever I fly with Air Asia before. But this time of course I had to. We ordered nasi lemak Pak Nasser, the famous nasi lemak onboard. And to my surprise, it tastes really delicious. It's like a home cooked food! What's more fascinating about this one experience was the journey with Captain JFK. I have never care about any pilot before. But he treated us like a bunch of school kids who are going to embark on a safari journey. Just last night I stumbled upon a twitter account of Johan F. Khairuddin, a radio DJ turned pilot! Maybe that was him who fly us that day and making us falling in love with Air Asia! Well, if you know him, send my best regards to him and tell him what a good job he's done.

Us at the Kansai Airport parking. After a smooth and fun journey to Osaka, we were shocked by "what???parking is full???!" experience at the airport -_-" The uncles guarding every parking area keep pushing us to a farther parking spot which has no roof! We can't leave our car under that scorching hot sun for 2 weeks! Lucky I married a good negotiator. As one of his victim, I advice him to use his negotiating talent at that time. And we managed to get into the nicest parking at the airport and...there was one empty parking box just nearby the entrance to the departure hall! Alhamdulillah..
We unloaded our...hmm apparently we have around 90kg luggages! And head to the check in counter!

I always wanted an eye cover. For years I have been contemplating, but that day I got two (!) for free! And it was so kawaii, pink and silky! The secret was...please buy perfume.haha xp

When the time for break fasting, the pilot made an announcement. And the way this JFK made it, I feel like I'm at majlis berbuka puasa. haha. Look at the nasi lemak! 

Having my own sweet time reading while having a cup of coffee and chocolate cake!

Despite of arriving early at the airport, we still among the last to board. haha. Despite of that also, I still want to use my tax-free advantage to the max! In 5 minutes, I managed to grab these! I don't know whether they are cheaper, but I gues they should! Are they?
To our delight also, we managed to get 5% off of every purchase at the Kansai Airport. How? Subscribe to the Kansai Airport card (that one is free!). 

My first time in the musolla of Kansai Airport. You should expect this state of the art cleanliness as long as the Japanese is taking care of it! So comfortable! Oh, I heard they have a variety of halal restaurant also, but it was Ramadhan, so next time!

Omaigod...I intended to write about my raya..
How on earth I ended up writing about Air Asia.
Ok, erasing the previous title and ....there, the correct title for this one post!

See you in the entry!

Stay healthy!


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