Friday, August 29, 2014

Dealing with bad news

Whenever you feel down because of things aren't always go your way, always remember that everything happens for a reason. There'll always reason to everything happened to us although most of the times we are gonna be very surprised at how fate overruled us. All you need to do, is to sit back, take a breath and look around you. There are so many things written for you. Small little things that we always take for granted. Who are we kidding? Not a single cut on my finger, makes a huge change in my life!

On this very hot Monday night, I received an email from my boss saying that we have failed our application for a huge grant. My team and me has been depending on this grant since years and because of our stupidity, we always missed the dues. When finally we get to submit our application, I wrote a very detail and I rated it a 5star proposal of our project. On top of that, the Vice Chancellor of this university is one of the team member, in fact the host. Still, we failed. Itu memang namanya tiada rezeki or..simply because our ideas are that bad. 

How do I feel? 

To be honest, I did not feel anything. I feel very calm and the fact that this failure did not bother me made me scared of myself. How can I feel meh...towards failure! That's will makes me someone who are lazy and not strive for better. Or is it the way I deal with failure. When my husband asked me whether I'm okay, I answered him honestly, I'm totally okay. Of course he did not believe me. Next morning it happened that we already planned for a short trip to the beach. It's like my life has been well-planned by the greater power. 

I've been missing beach too much ever since I moved to Japan. That was..4 years ago! That long I haven't breath the smell of a beach. I have been raised in a picnic-lover family, so picnic by the beach? It's already in my blood. Unfortunately, beach in Japan not as friendly as we have it in our home, Malaysia. Oh, how I miss KL. The beaches are somehow wilder although less polluted and very blue.

In preparation of our trip, oh boy, knowing Mr A who always take things very seriously...he has been hunting for a prefect tent for a beach picnic! I haven't thought of that, until he mentioned it. In my mind, I only have and tikar. lol xp. I never remember fixing a tent while sitting by the beach. Since he insisted, then, bring it on baby. 

Don't make me start on the hunting. It was very tiring (for me) but I refused to give up.

While I think a normal tent would do, he still insisted one meant for beach! sigh...whatevs baby.

Next, I'll share with you my first ever beach picnic in the Land of the rising sun.

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