Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When I fall in love with...AirAsiaX


Phew...today is how many days of Syawal already, and only now I manage to wish each and everyone of you, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I, humbly ask for forgiveness for any of my wrong doings or if my writing has hurt you in any way.

I think I love raya more than my birthday. Really. I take my Ramadhan seriously because I don't want to feel guilty enjoying Syawal too seriously. I just love Syawal and quality time I have with people I love. And trust me, there are so many people I love and care and I usually try my very best to maximize the whole month of Syawal to visit as many as possible as well as to invite as many as possible.

About 10 days before the arrival of Syawal we (Mr. A and me) flew back home via Air Asia. I can't remember when was the last time we fly with AirAsia. From my vague memory, I have blacklisted AirAsia based on...I can't hardly remember. So, I guess I have forgotten about it, only the feelings lingers. By the way, this time around it was so fascinating. Our flight took off from Kansai Airport. We left home at 6.30am and drive to Kansai airport with our small car. I love the idea of road trip if you know me well. hihi. We stopped by Rinku Outlet. An outlet about 3 km away from the airport with breath taking view because it is located by the sea. Oh, the Kansai Airport as you know built in the middle of the sea on a man made island.

The weather was scorching hot when we left Japan. We arrived home (KL) at night and that means we had to break fast while flying. I have never order food whenever I fly with Air Asia before. But this time of course I had to. We ordered nasi lemak Pak Nasser, the famous nasi lemak onboard. And to my surprise, it tastes really delicious. It's like a home cooked food! What's more fascinating about this one experience was the journey with Captain JFK. I have never care about any pilot before. But he treated us like a bunch of school kids who are going to embark on a safari journey. Just last night I stumbled upon a twitter account of Johan F. Khairuddin, a radio DJ turned pilot! Maybe that was him who fly us that day and making us falling in love with Air Asia! Well, if you know him, send my best regards to him and tell him what a good job he's done.

Us at the Kansai Airport parking. After a smooth and fun journey to Osaka, we were shocked by "what???parking is full???!" experience at the airport -_-" The uncles guarding every parking area keep pushing us to a farther parking spot which has no roof! We can't leave our car under that scorching hot sun for 2 weeks! Lucky I married a good negotiator. As one of his victim, I advice him to use his negotiating talent at that time. And we managed to get into the nicest parking at the airport and...there was one empty parking box just nearby the entrance to the departure hall! Alhamdulillah..
We unloaded our...hmm apparently we have around 90kg luggages! And head to the check in counter!

I always wanted an eye cover. For years I have been contemplating, but that day I got two (!) for free! And it was so kawaii, pink and silky! The secret was...please buy perfume.haha xp

When the time for break fasting, the pilot made an announcement. And the way this JFK made it, I feel like I'm at majlis berbuka puasa. haha. Look at the nasi lemak! 

Having my own sweet time reading while having a cup of coffee and chocolate cake!

Despite of arriving early at the airport, we still among the last to board. haha. Despite of that also, I still want to use my tax-free advantage to the max! In 5 minutes, I managed to grab these! I don't know whether they are cheaper, but I gues they should! Are they?
To our delight also, we managed to get 5% off of every purchase at the Kansai Airport. How? Subscribe to the Kansai Airport card (that one is free!). 

My first time in the musolla of Kansai Airport. You should expect this state of the art cleanliness as long as the Japanese is taking care of it! So comfortable! Oh, I heard they have a variety of halal restaurant also, but it was Ramadhan, so next time!

Omaigod...I intended to write about my raya..
How on earth I ended up writing about Air Asia.
Ok, erasing the previous title and ....there, the correct title for this one post!

See you in the entry!

Stay healthy!

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