Friday, June 6, 2014

Remedy for your tired eyes.

There was one time, I suffered from major dry eyes. I thought I'm going rabun. My eyes get so blurry, I got that constant headache, and I barely can open my eyes. I expressed my concern to A and he like usual will force me to go see the doctor. Then I remember my best friend that time was an eye specialist. Sigh..I don't know why I have to suffer so long like that. haha. She brought me to the clinic she worked to diagnose me. I told the doctors there that this is purely because of dry eyes. The culprit? It was the huge autobot-looking microscope I have to spend most of my times with. I hate that microscope. 

The doctor did a few test on me and the diagnosis was indeed dry eyes. It was really dry, according to her, the moisture on my eyes was only 1/3 from the normal range. She immediately dropped a generic tear into my eyes and walla! my headache immediately gone and my colorful world as I know it returned in a blink of an eye (not literally!). Since that day, I started to appreciate the existence of eye-mo and it has been my must-have-in-every-handbag item!

Recently I was having the same symptom again. But my eyes wasn't that dry though. I only had the headache that focused around the eyeball. Isn't that annoying. All I want to do was to lie down and close my eyes tightly hoping the pain will go away. By the way, one of my major is biochemistry. I learned so many pathways, therefore I can see what the paracetamol is doing in my body and I don't like it. So drugs will be the very last option for me. 

A just dislike a bitter version of Wani. So, he immediately find the solution. You know when an engineer trying to find the remedy, so he bought me this;
PC glass- to filter the excessive blue light that making your eyes tired. 
Verdict: I'm so amazed at how suddenly my old version of macbook become the one like retina macbook. hehe. It's very hard to explain it by words here, but basically you can feel the eyes are more relax while looking at the monitor. You will not appreciate what the glass can do until you try!
The glass is available in many price ranges, many colors, many frame style. So, don't worry!

So far, I've just worn it once (shhh..don't tell 'the sponsorer'). No, it's not because it isn't working well. I'm still getting myself used to have something resting on my face for more than a second!-_-"

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