Thursday, June 5, 2014

Discovery of The Haji Dam

Nope, it's not a name of a person. It is a dam, named Haji.
We never know the existence of Haji Dam at first. We found it while driving around the greener side of Hiroshima. It was such a pleasure trip for me as I get to see a lot more of Japan's natural beauty. If only my photos can do justice for you here, I would put countless of photos I have taken while cruising. 

On the way, A pointed out the "Haji Dam" signboard to me. The signboard also shows a boy, kayaking. So I guess it was just a dam and you are allowed to kayak in it. lol xp . I wasn't amused by it, and I insisted A to just ignore it. After he finished business meeting, he asked one of the Japanese about the dam. Obviously, that dam attracted him and he finally decided to drive pass by the dam, just to check out. So, I agree, because I just love road trip! You tell me to add a few kilometers? I have no problem! Furthermore, I really need a toilet stop. I bet the toilet there must be breath taking like the view I've been enjoying :D

When we reached the dam, A proved himself right, again. The dam wasn't just a dam. It is equipped with a very nice cafe overlooking a huge dam which to me like a huge pretty lake! So, if you sit at the cafe, can you imagine how magnificent your view will be! Besides that, it has bicycle track about 4.2km, kayak, BMX track, land golf, golf, what else, emm..a huge field for catchball, etc. I saw many people came to fish too! The place surprised us and made us love Hiroshima more!

Just last 2 weeks, we decided to go visit again with our bicycle. Not necessarily you carry your bicycle here. They also provide rental bicycle. They are a lot to choose from. From the normal mama-bicycle (the big tyre like you always see in Japanese drama), gear-equipped, electric bicycle, mountain bike, couple bike, etc you just name it! And I assure you they are very affordable and in a very good condition. Japanese standard like you know.

It took about 45 minutes from our home to Haji Dam. We would like to be there as early as possible. We arrived there at 9am. Just on time it opens. After we arrived, there were a sudden pouring of a car just a few seconds after us. Looks like they are all looking forward to spend a day outside, like us.

A almost thrown down the hill. I can't describe how scared I was feeling that time. It is always in my dua, that Allah s.w.t always protect this man. 
                        Then after about 2 hours cycling, we got really hungry. Time for picnic!

I made sausage pasta. What else that's easy to do that early in the morning!

While we are enjoying our packed lunch, we enjoyed watching a bunch of old people playing land golf. There were many families camping around us. What's more memorable to me was a group of musician serenading all of us there. They are playing the sort of music you hear at the street of Paris. I feel like somewhere in Paris for a moment.

There was a huge field in front of us, and a bunch of boys were playing catch ball. Not just them, there are fathers playing with their daughters and their sons too. It was a nice view after all. Then I said to A, "Isn't it nice if I can play catch ball too." Then he grabbed his back pack and took out his a baseball and the glove. He has kept that thing forever waiting to play with me. Then, we straight away head to the field and start playing. That evening I came home with bruises on my face, hand and my back! The face is the most painful though >,<

Playing catch ball in midi. 

Heading home after having a very fulfilling morning. 

Then A bought me my own glove on the way home. Looking forward to more bruises >,<

There are a lot more to explore in this place. Kayak will be next in the list. And A sure will carry his golf set in the next visit. He made me play catch ball, I have a feeling that he'll make me play golf too >,<

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