Monday, June 2, 2014

Legit reason for selfie

While I was enjoying my evening watching baseball and sipping on my new favorite tea, my phone beeped. It was a whats app message from our aunty. She was asking if we can buy her the fish-eye lenses (I'm not sure if I even spell it correctly). That message was sent in a group message. I don't know if all men are like that, but A rarely care about group message especially if I am in it. Most of the message is of course meant for him, but I always had to answer. And of course most of the time my answer was wrong!

Again, that time, I answered. 
"Ok, we'll look for it when we got time."

Then I turned to A who is busy browsing for his golf items (I have to say golf item because, obviously I don't know the name).
"What is fish-eye lenses (or is it fish-eyed?)?"

"Oh, that one people often use it for selfie." He answered casually, eye still at the computer screen.

I have always being so bold towards him. He is my soul mate and best friend whom I can share almost every thing without fearing of being judge. 

Then I asked; "Why do people do selfies? I don't understand. They even invested money for devices that can help them selfie. Did you know that Malaysia is one of the country with highest buyers of Gopro?"

That caught his attention and he turned to me, face as serious as discussing why I can't buy another dress or handbag. With his hands gesture on the air, he answered;

"These people are so appreciating Allah's gift for them. They adore themselves so much, they can't help recording it every day. It is just the way they express syukur to what they have been born with."

That got me speechless.

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