Monday, May 19, 2014

A night out with a notebook salesman. Have you ever?

I have been mentioning this to A (will address husband with his initial starting now) many times,
"I need to buy a notebook for my lab reports."
"And I want the Daiso's one, please.."

I love to shop for Daiso stuff at this one huge Daiso nearby the university. Actually, I could just buy the notebook at the coop. But I always choose Daiso because..they are fancy. Need you more explanation? Daiso is very dangerous I tell you. You will always come out of the shop with all the plastic inventions you never thought you need them see them. But they are just brilliant plastic inventions! I know, right? Girls? Sigh.. The bigger the Daiso you get yourself into, the lost/gain (husband and wife see it differently) will be bigger.

I am well known to be one of the loudest depratment members here. It wasn't just how I backing up my findings/ideas, but it is me as a whole. How I dress myself, my pens, my bags and even my report books. Mine and myself has been the most popped out out of the crowd. I tried to tone down a bit along the years though. I remember my first formal event I attended to, I was wearing a very shiny purple lacey dress while the others are wearing a plain, black everything. hahaha xp. Next one, I came in a pink fuchsia maxi dress. Gila kan? ahaha. I don't know whether to feel regret or what!

Here are the characteristics of the notebook I looked for:
1) Kawaii (Cute)

I am blessed with the most caring husband ever. He is one husband who never show that he listened, but he listened. In fact, he listened attentively that it is dangerous if you didn't say you are just exaggerating. When I said I want a notebook, he made it his business to get me the best notebook in the market. He even made time for a hunt of the best notebook ever! Sigh...I just want a cute notebook. From Daiso !_!

So, last night he brought me to a proper book/stationary store, which I occasionally enter because I cannot see the point of buying from this store when Daiso sells everything this store sells for just 100yen. Right? I kept nagging him to just bring me to Daiso. But he dragged me to a store name Futaba. Sigh..

So, we arrived at a shelf where many not-so-fancy-non-flowery notebook were displayed. Suddenly he transformed into a notebook salesman. He even taught me the principles on choosing the best notebook while I tried to pick one I like (based on color. That's the least I could do given how plain they are all look). He always find flaws on each of them that I couldn't defend. I feel like we are doing that all night and I just had to let him choose T_T OMG!!So much thinking and debate just for a notebook T_T

I'm helping you here guys. Tips to choose the best notebook ever is: (1) smaller than A4 (I'm not sure it was because I insisted to get the A4 size). (2) It has to be non-ring for easy stacking and keeping (he even showed me what he meant). (3) and because of that, buy one made in Japan (or else the sheets would be easily detached). (4) buy enough pages for your project.
So, I only had the privilege to choose the color. Pink it is.
After all the freedom he gave me, he took away my right to choose a notebook T_T lol xp
But, he asked me to marry him. I must be the shiniest diamond he has ever seen (metaphorically..and I'm not good at creating one. Get me?) #selfcomforting

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