Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun April is over..

I really want to write in here more often. But every time I want to start, the guilt feeling come haven't do this and that, and I have to settle those first. You know, the rule of priorities.
My working nature at the moment is something which rarely have dead lines. Only at certain time I will be very busy and require to stay longer at the workplace. What I hate the most is ambiguity in time management a.k.a waiting. Gaahhh!!I wish my tolerant to waiting will improve by time. 

I like this job. I get the freedom to be domestic goddess (sigh.. still trying) and still get to enjoy my life every day. I get to come to the office at any time I want and having the freedom to decide what I would do. The most important part of the job is to produce new knowledge for the world. Yes, that is what academician is supposed to do. Since I don't like things that are routine, I guess this job is the second most suitable for me! (the first one is still a secret. bahaha xp oh, if a full time stay-at-home mom counts, academician falls to number 3! xp)

Ever since day 1 in here, my mind has been constantly at home.  For your information, he was on a month holiday in the past month and really had fun every day in a very cool way and that got me jealous and had the urge to go home when the clock just strikes 3!ahaha xp. So I was home when it was just 3 most of the days. sigh...Yang lebih parah, I secretly wished the cells don't grow or the mice died so that I don't have to work long hours or even to receive calls from the students. It became so scary that so far all that wishes got granted??It's like the universe listen to me, a girl with a simple wish; i.e. to spend more time with his husband (and they are living together under the same roof, and the house is small). For that, I need husband to start working as soon as possible. 

A month has passed and most of the evenings has been filled with activities which we really enjoyed doing. For me, of course doing some 'research' at the malls, and for him was watching baseball games at the stadium. My 'research' at the malls has been really interesting nowadays given that I now have 'chauffeur' and a 'banker', in short husband. lol xp To repay husband's time and willingness to follow my kerenah, I learn how to be interested to watch games. Our house is located just 10 minutes (by bicycle) to a baseball stadium. So, he is taking this opportunity to watch it live whenever he can. I support this hobby of his as he rarely had time to do this when he was living in Nagoya and working 24/7. I have to accompany him doing what he likes doing until...I give birth to his junior, then I can stay at home and sew. hahaha xp 

Little that I know, watching games live is so much fun. And my name means fun too #kidding. So, this is apparently my thing. Just realized it when I'm about to enter 30. Still young, still young. I love how it could be nerve-wrecking at some points and immediately change to a rush of endorphins! We love it too much it is has become our weekly activity. I would prepare bentou (packed lunch/dinner) for us during the games (everybody is like having picnic in the stadium) and he will pay for the tickets. bahaha xp. He is so semangats, he bought each of us the props and the highest quality jersey. lol xp. I think the main factor of our excitement is due to the fact that Hiroshima baseball team is on the lead. Go #Hiroshimacarp . Yes, carp is a fish. #dontask .

Here are some of the photos to share!

It was so hot I can't open my eyes. Hence..oh, and I wish Mazda would upgrade the stadium to a dome. Baru tak panas. 

This was during the night's game. An aunty sat next to me handed me balloons so that we can join the lucky 7 cheer. 

I was so amazed the Carp actually spells Hiroshima. Only visible when the balloon is expanded. And before the 7th set started for Hiroshima team, all the supporter will release the balloon to the air..and your 300yen gone with the wind. The easiest balloon business ever, don't you think? ahaha xp

By the way, today is finally the day! Husband's first day at work. Now, I can focus on my work and not thinking to go home at 5 minutes past 9 (in the morning). bahaha xp

To husband, happy working and your life of 'playing golf everyday' has over. That day will come again maybe when you are 60 years old. ahahaha!!

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