Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paging..Domestic Goddess!

How did you ladies do it?!

I feel like "pengantin baru" now. Although have been married for four years, we just started living together for a month now. ahahaha xp. There are so many things to figure out. Living abroad means that you..domestic goddess wouldn't have the privilege to look like goddess AT ALL at the end of the day. 

Let me share with you my daily schedule:

8 a.m - 8.30 a.m - Prepare breakfast and have breakfast with him. I decided to be sturdy on this one because he is not used to have proper breakfast. As a man who could get 'pregnant' so easily, it is important to make sure he get good diet and his metabolism is kicking as soon as the day started. By the way, that is my secret to be 40kg since forever.

9 a.m- To work
11.30 a.m- I usually turned to hungry godzilla at this time..without fail. ahaha..If puasa, this is the time I scared the most. I will get cranky and turning to somebody else. So, I will go home for lunch. Didn't I tell you that husband is still in his 1 month holiday? So, this month, I made a proper lunch almost everyday. I just want him to enjoy his holiday :)

1.00 p.m - Going back to work
6.00 - 6.30 p.m - Go home and usually stop at the market to buy stuff for dinner. 
7.00 - 8.30 p.m - Cook dinner and have dinner together
9.00 p.m - Taking care of other house chores. e.g. Fold laundries, etc.
10.00 p.m - Breath and eating chips on the sofa while making the movie watch me.

Oh my gosh ladies!!How did you do this with kids some more?! I seriously need more exercise. 
I choose to live here, so I have to be stronger to do this alone, without expecting help from anybody. 
I even cheated a little. From here you can see that..I only cook and fold laundries for house chores. lol xp. I just realized it when husband highlight it for me. ahaha.

One day I was feeling so tired and I said,
"I can't do this alone. I think we need to delegate the house chores."
"Ok." He said calmly.

"Ok, who does laundry?"I asked.
"So far, I did since we moved." He said while his attention was at the TV.

"Ok, I'm not cleaning the toilet, the shower room and the sink." That has been his job since forever, by the way.

After a few more chores listed, I realized..
I only do cooking and..folding laundry..just because he is terrible at those two T_T

Of course I changed the subject as soon as I realized it.
That night, I made him a full course Kenny Rogers chicken.

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