Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just a piece of memoir.

On the day when I 'turned down' his 'Will you marry me' proposal.

But..the wedding was still on..haha..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Experiencing Japanese Drama Scene


Let's talk average mind shall we??^_^

Yes..I have a dream to live outside Malaysia..
Yes, learning third language is one of my 'to-do' list before I die..

But..Japan or anything that associate with it has never been my dream.

Now, I am stuck in Japan..and HAVE to learn their language!I know that I wanted to experience living in a foreign country..but not Nihongo as my third language!at least let it be French T_T

Am I not happy??'s not that bad. I just numb. Probably because..yeah...again issue with my separation from my husband T_T..nothing ever could make me happy or satisfied right?

Ok, now you guys know how the 'not-interested' of me for this country. I never been the girl who likes to watch Japanese/Korean drama/movie. Never like the fashion (blame gossip girl). And never had the effort to learn a word (even though I had a decade relationship with some one who lived there for yearsss). Now everytime I have to do my husband have to make me do it. Either by buying me something or doing something for me so that I would do all the works T_T..

Have you guys ever watched Japanese Drama?From there you will catch some of their culture.
From what I have experienced here, I could say that Japanese are heavy drinkers. Almost everybody drinks. And they did drank a lot. That's why the highest cancer incidence in this country is the stomach cancer. tsk2..

Just last weekend, I attended our departmental party. I gotta say that I am lucky to be placed in such a rich dept. All other depts. were having end year party in a restaurant and self-sponsored. But us, in the best hotel in Hiroshima (according to my sensei=p). I didn't have a proper dress to go at first. SO, I decided to wear 'baju raye' in which I had forgotten to wear during last raya T_T.

Table members. Shocking rite..not many girls in our dept. Including me, total 5 T_T

During the speech..I just love to talk!wee..
My sensei. The boss of the whole dept. At this time..most guys have already drunk. Only god knew how I hold my breath (the smell..OMG T_T). I knew them as a boring people that have to work more than living. But, when they drunk..then you can see the fun side of, one of them revealed about my sensei to me. hehe...Oh..quite scary..but expected from a successful person like him.

The dinner was overall just fine. Nothing much happened other than lots of speeches and drinking. Let me share with you the must have occasions:

1) The dinner was started with speech by the boss (i.e my sensei)
2) Boss will ask everybody to hold their champagne glass and..cheers (in here they don't say cheers..replace with 'kanpai'). I just do the action and put the champagne back. Later one drunk colleague of mine asked whether he can have that??=|
3) (alhamdulillah...most of the food I could eat). At first, they served only alcohol. But, this one tutor who noticed that I didn't drink. Then he asked for ocha.
4)Closing speech by boss again. This time..we have to all stand up..and do "Banzai". End.
5) Sume jln dh senget2..

Later, everybody moved to one of a very famous entertainment center; Round1 for bowling. It was again..fully sponsored!Wonderful!And yeah..I wore my baju kurung la T_T

My group member...hehe..We won third place=p the guy is also a sensei in our dept. He was so drunk..and yet the best player among all..he got the most strikes and pins taken. Sugoi..even you drunk you can keep the ball straight??!!
The whole dept..without the boss=p ehehe. I guess I like it when they are drunk. They talked to me more =p

Fine, I'll carry more dresses when I got back to Malaysia nnt=|

Friday, December 24, 2010

Nipon's Kelisa;)

Konnichiwa everyone!

It's gonna b a hectic weekend this week. Popular dates to get married especially when it falls on weekend=) hehe..My return to Malaysia this time will be filled with meetings and meetings like years x jumpe=p hehe..

Back in Malaysia..I drove Kelisa. Whatever people said..I love my car (I bet you'll talk behind me as well when you see the condition of my car =| Please....I don't have time to stop by carwash ok.) But my sister everybody can see the real colour after 2 years=|

Alhamdulillah until now, I had never gotten involved in any accident. *pray that I will not be into any* Even though people keep making issue of me taking sharp junction with gear 5=|

Even though I am such a good driver (blueekkk=p)..I never know how to ride a bicycle=|
Yes..that used to be my secret. But now, no more. I ride the biggest bike among the lady here even though I am a new cycler=p ahaha..

This is my Kelisa..I so heart it like I heart my Kelisa (yang car punye..)...(aahhh...I just don't have the time to take off the plastic wrap=p).

I just learnt how to ride bicycle (at the age of 20++ T_T). haha..
Thank you Mr Kong Weng Sheng for the lesson=p

Now, I always find reason to go that I can ride my bike. husband just good at reading my guts T_T

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I miss You


Well guys, I'm going back to Malaysia this Friday.
I know..I just started my life here + the bankruptcy, that's kind of too much isn't it.
It's actually for my sister's wedding. On the new year. Alhamdulillah..I am so glad that we finally now a wife=)
I still remember the first few weeks I'm in Japan. That time I was a housewife. I refused to call my mom or any of my family members. My husband kept telling me to call..and questioning why I didn't call them??
When second week was over, I decided to call..after..this one incident. The incident..oh, let that be classified T-T

When my mom said 'Hello'..I was burst into tears..
So, that's why I didn't wanna call them..until I find the strength to do so..
Now, I am strong enough to laugh again through phones=)
It's just the matter of time kan??=)

This is my small immediate family. It will be perfect if abah was still around=) Look at the 3 stooges there..they reminded of us during our childhood. My childhood was all about my brother and elder sister (my younger sister was born at the time of us all already, she doesn't had that moment with us). I would probably share more stories about our childhood memory someday=) hehe..oh, the smallest exactly like me when I was about her age. That's her that I missed the most=)

Dear Baby, wait for Mak Lang k ^_^V

I can't wait to watch TV by my mom's side..hehe..she's just a cozy cushion for us=p Lol!

Caffe Latte

Salam everybody..

Hows ur morning??

You I have to really study since I am way left behind in this field??
but I just cannot use my brain in the morning..I'll feel sleepy..
But..i had found the remedy to this predicament!
Coffee!!!Of course I would prefer starbucks..but no no..I have to really watch my spending.
I love this cafe latte..until one day I was told that I cannot drink this as it contains nyukazai (emulsifier which originated either from animal or plant). Unfortunately, nyukazai in this coffee originated from wonder this coffee was not found in Malaysia kan??maybe that's the reason. This cup was from my colleague. A treat for my birthday. This was before I knew that I cannot drink lor..

So I decided to buy a tumbler...hehe..(padehal xde penah decide pon..sbb nampak tumbler ni kt starbucks=p).
And after I bought this, i noticed that our lab got so many types of coffee and teas. I can just make any as I, I guess my decision to get this tumbler was right!weee..
Trust me..the cuter the tumbler u get, the nicer your coffee will b;p

Jangan mare ehh bebeh;p

The Social Networking


Just tomorrow I'll be going back to Malaysia!!I don't know whether I am happy to be back. I am so confused T_T...maybe it's because I am already not happy with my life now=( So, even the adrenaline was actually secreted, the receptor was just not there to feel it..coz probably they all have already died=( OMG..pray hard so that I won't end up in psychiatric ward or something T_T

It's really hard to socialize in here I tell you. Especially when you don't have the motivation to catch their language=(

I had a very I must say a comprehensive chat with my friend in the embassy. In the middle of our chatting..we suddenly talked about the social life that I have in here. And to my surprise..he had described my social life here so missed points. Well...where else he got the informations none other than..he had also experienced the same thing=p ahaha...

Let me summarize the dilemma that we both are facing:

Most of the foreigners that we met in here are either from Indonesia (I think they are the major group of foreigners in the whole Japan=p), Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and China. I had no idea that they don't have second language like we do. So, they have difficulties to speak in english. Hence the motivation to learn Nihongo.

So, living in here made me appreciate Malaysia more, specifically our education system.
Therefore, I would like to declare in here my support for maths and science to be taught in english =p hihi..yeah..I am one of the worst student in my class in english subject and yet..they bow when they heard I speak=p bahaha..what the..

We have to be thankful to our system (and also that we was born in Malaysia)..for rising us like this. That we don't need to seek english lesson outside of school. Therefore, please advice your child or niece or other siblings to appreciate our school system and make full use of it. They'll know it once they go outside. By being able to talk the world language (I consider english as the world language), we Malaysians have no reasons to be scared to explore the world=)

Ok, let's stop this very motivational babbling!OMG..I am so adult!T_T

I love December.
Because my schedule are full with parties!Here I met more of foreigners and gotten to know more about their country. So glad that finally my facebook are coloured with so many different languages and..letters=p bahaha..

Faculty's Party..Much appreciate that they served foods that muslim can eat. Me with Indonesians, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese.
Some other foreigners=) However, Thai people that met in here all can speak english very well. Look at the paper that we hanged..that's out name tag=p
Malaysians in the faculty=)

Next party that I'm going to show is the Friendship Party hosted by the President of Hiroshima University. So, only those who received invitation could come=p This one party was actually a formal party (but I had no idea about it, hence the jeans T-T). If I ever told that that was formal..I don't have any dress to go with T-T huhu..I just arrived remember =(

The member from my Nihongo course=p
Malaysians with the President of Hiroshima University

In conclusion, I love party!I gotta meet people and be cute!bahaha..

I hate that I have to carry the name of Malaysia and University of Malaya everywhere I go=( Such a big responsibility T_T..I just wanna b a housewife la!err...yeah...housewife who makes money of course=p

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bunge telor jarak dekat


I am now officially the Sandy (in spongebob n squarepants) during the episode of her hybernating. So fat!fuh!!blame the winter!hehe...

Ok darls, I have promised this to a lottt of reader T_T..
Here's my bunga pahar close up.

I think the colour of my choice is not really 'naik'=( But still..I ok je ^_^V

Oh..what else that I forgot to share??

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help me planning a surprise!^-^

Hello hello..


I've been thinking about this for a very long time.
My brother is sooo good in music. Therefore, I am thinking of collaborating with him doing unplugged for my coming sister's wedding. It's been a long time since we do thing together. I missed that moment T_T"
So, for this last time, I wanna do something that's extraordinary for my sister and family.
I'm planning to sing a Malay song which symbolizes joy of love (suited the wedding itself). However, I have a mind block right now that I could not recall any malay songs that is best to be sang in wedding.
By chance, if you guys have ever attended any wedding and seen such an occasion with a very appropriate song that you think superb, please share ^_^
Or, if you guys have any songs in mind..please share ne ^_^.
Thank you in advance!

1st yuki in Hiroshima ^_^

Kate by kanebo eyeliner-for sale


Ohayou gozaimasu..

It's been two days I was playing makeup2 with my friends at the Lad. Dept of one shopping mall here..
sigh..I thought I will be missing Mid-valley-ing time which I usually did almost every evening in UM..
But now, I have my own version of MV here..even without starbucks..I guess this will do ^_^

You know..end of the year..our schedule is loaded with parties.
Hence, the make up 'requirement'=p ngahaha (alasan to put some finally T_T..what a dull job I am in right now T_T)

'Unfotunately' (for my hubby dearie)..I found friends who shared the craziness to shop with me..In fact they are much crazier T-T..I am no more the girl in a green scarf if I go out with them=p wee...but I still talks to figures wearing good goods=p ehehe

Ok2..back to the topic;
I am selling this! (when I wanna play makeup at home..I found that I bought the wrong eyeshadow!watthee....after 2 hours wandered around the ladies dept..I brought home the wrong thing that I wanted the most T-T..wat the...)

Kate eyeliners. Kate by Kanebo ye darlings..I love the sticks well on your skin and it doesn't comes out that easy even you smudge it with your hands. What I noticed with Kate's product was..they don't easily come out (like I have mentioned even if you x sengaje tersapu make up remover.) will clean off well when you wash your face with warm water=) I applied Kate's mascara everyday..I never have to apply back again and again after long tiring day here. It sticks like fibres^_^ and it comes out easy when I bathe at night.

I'll be back to Malaysia next week!So, will courier this along with me.

Here's the detail:
Colour: silver (uhuhu..that's y I don't see any reason to keep it T_T but who knows people who are looking for this!)
Price: RM20


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Konnichiwa!!! (whatever, I chose this as my universal greeting *grinning*)

I was known as a person who ate the littlest since I was a child. Name it kindergarten, darjah 1, friend knew me well as a small kenit girl who always cannot finish her food T_T But I know..they like me cz they can take the remnants=p

It's been 2 months and plus2 I am here. My friends are doctors around the world. Apparently I am the youngest in the batch. Well, but I ate the most!can you believe that??I hold a record of eating the littlest..but here I ate the most??erkk..I was so shocked when I see their bento. And now I'm feeling fat T_T..I am so hungry but I just don't have the saliva to ignite my appetite=( boo..all becos I saw their bento before I eat T-T

Therefore, now I am in front of my loud cracking laptop (dem!what's wrong with u, sexy??)

Ok, I think this will b the last post for the Tokyo Trip. Prequel?Ep. 1 and 2.

For the record..the place where I visited the most that time was..Akihabara??
Who know's this place??For those who's so into Japan they sure familiar with the name aite??
This city is also known as electric city (or something like that..). They sell electrical stuff from right end to the left of of the city. Can you believe it??the whole city..Made of buildings which all allocates electrical stuff. And that's why I assume my hubby thinks Aki is another heaven for him T_T
And can you guess why we spent most of the time there??T_T Yeah..because he was the tourist guide. I have to follow him no matter what T-T

It's the second day in Tokyo..OMG..why's my face like that=p ahaha..

Ha??What did I do?
Of coursela nothing..just tailing him around je=(

What did he do??
I have no idea even till now when I have to accompany him doing this one hobby of his; i.e. spending hours in electrical stores =|

Ok2..however, I always said ok when he were proposing for Akihabara (almost everyday=|). Because..I was that time addicted to tendon from this one particular restaurant=p ahaha
The moment when I fell in love with u..tendon!muax2=p to me to was my friend. Oh..she's so hungry cz she was fasting that day. Bukak puase pukol 4p.m=|

Also, only at Aki you could find stuffs for omiyage (souvenir). Tell u, so expensive! (esp when u keep converting T_T).

I love Ueno ^_^
This is Ueno..Just like Petaling Street in Malaysia. It's just that they sell authentic brands..with significantly cheapppp price!It's ok they just longgok2 everything..I don't care!(crapnye..I didn't take pictures of how they sell the
Boys love this place as they could buy their sport's equipments way cheaper than other places.

I could not remember the name of this place..but it's near to Tokyo Castle. Really near to the Tokto Station.

There's a park where you have to cross in order to go to ..
Tokyo Castle ^_^

Have you guys ever watched Mr. Brain??
That's one of Japanese Drama that I 'can' watch. haha..(actually I just watched)
I was so excited coz there's a scene in front of this place=p

The law court..hihi

Few shots at the koen near the castle..oh btw, there are a lot of parks there..seswai nk g hanimun ^_^
In the middle of Ginza..the home of LV, Chanel, it. All stores are located in buildings..sometimes, the whole huge (MV size building) for just one brand.

For example: The whole building for Chanel.. engagement ring's home =p
We are at Tokyo Tower ^_^ I remember it was so cold that night..I didn't enjoy much at outdoor=(
The time when I learnt the meaning of my name in Japanese..what do you think it means??T_T
This photo is our back is the real tokyo tower (in case the photo looks like gamba tampal to u T-T)

Next, it is tempat which I don't like the most..but it's a must go!
Asakusa T-T
The place is actually a very big shrine...people came either to visit pray kot..
Have u ever watch chinese martial art movies??Can you imagine their shrine??At first you have to past a huge pintu gerbang.After that just another huge empty space. You have to walk across it to actually arrive at the prayer space??
So, at that another hugeeeee space, they located stalls..Various stalls where you could find lots of things to be considered as souvenirs. The most that I like stalls!!takoyakis and kuihs.haha..I don't know the name of the kuih that I ate on the picture above but..x sedap=p

Also, check out moving stalls like this..

Spot where you could seen in a lot of Japanses dramas as well..can you see a building with 'something' on top??it was actually kilang arak..

One day, on the way for us heading home, the train station was so crowded..with girls!!Crowded until police have to make ways for other pedestrians. We were like...'what happened??ade org bunuh diri ke..kene langgar ke..kene ragut ke??'..some were screaming and some were jumping happily like in a concert. I push my bf to the crowd to investigate the truth *cehhh* haha..

Newly fixed Arashi's poster=|..huhu..n they were haf naked like wonder there's chaos..Even though there's so many girls himpit2 kt eki tu (keep in mind..their train station is not at all like ours. Their's so huge like an airport), no one were seen managed to get near the poster..there's even a police looking after the poster??absurd..I know. but I think that's just for a while kot.

However, the girls can still take pictures with other tiang with fixed poster of them in person=p ahaha

I took one with 'him'.fuhh..that's the only tiang which x ramai sgt girls..Oh, my objective??none other than showing thins to my friends who's into Arashi like nobody's business=p ehehe..

OMG..sakit pinggang dah..and I think that's all that I larat to share..
Time for Nihongo benkyoshimasu!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

High Table Hiccup


Too many posts in one night??hihi..while I have the chance and ideas to do so;p

I just had time to slowly go through our wedding photos. No, not yet finish all of 'em T_T

I noticed there were very few photos of us at the main table. No wonder..the main table was not decorated as we had requested!
Can you believe that our dais forgotten to put the back drop??So, the main table was left decorated with blue doors T_T

See..buruk kan??T_T..So, no matter how many lorries of fresh flowers are used to decorate the table, if the back drop is left naked like that...huhu..the whole photos pon akan affected T_T

Lesson must spend some time in the morning to check on everything!don't put 100% trust on them no matter how u love 'em. Good luck ladies ^_^V

Hate that I have to skype again even after being married!

Sisters sisters

Salam and Hai!!(I should have put a universal greeting by now ^-^)

Do you have a sister??
I mean..a sister who meant a world to you??
Who you spent most of ur life with and always support you that you never have to be worried of your future??
well..I do=)

I don't care if it is a good thing or a bad thing to have an over protected sister.
But as far as I concern, I love it. I did enjoyed the moment of being under her shelter. She supported me in every angle that you ever think or never think of. It's really hard for me to explain in words how the bond between us.
We survived our family doom together. When my dad passed away, I had totally lost direction. I didn't know what to do next in my life. I just finished matriculation. Just. In fact it was just 2 days when the final finishes. I got a result which I consider cemerlang jugak la=p ahaha...But, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
So, it's her that helped me going through it. Made selections even though now I think the decision I took was totally wrong! (what do you expect..I am still a child...n I seek opinion from another child!bahaha). It's not wrong in the sense of 'wrong' ( do i put it=p)'s just that..I didn't realized the thing that I would love to do yet. Now I know that I hate my job T_T

Before I decided to get married, when my husband start talking about marriage..ending the longgggg un-bonded of the thing that bother me was.."how do she lives without me??" Apparently, for her, I am her guardian really..I was like a cute contagious bodyguard. Due to her too many soft spot in her heart..people always took advantage of her. So, I will be the one people always feel afraid of (because..I was born with a bitch's tongue).

In a distinctive way, kakak looked over me like a mother. She fed me well. Dress me up like a princess and over protective that she never teach me how to ride a bike and also she never let me drive (especially when I first got my licence!). All the time, I ended up rebellious in order to experience things myself=p

I didn't cried as I salam relatives around me. But I was automatically broke into tears when I hugged her=( I was so worried how she's gonna go through days without me T_T

Somehow I think she didn't get married because of me.
When I decided to get married, soon after that she brought a news that she..gonna get married too. I was so happy and at the same time..there's a BIG question mark bugged me (and I was so sure the whole family was bugged as well). We had never heard of her going out with this future husband of her. Y suddenly??In the middle when all people were focusing on my wedding?

I don't care if people questioning. But I'm glad that she finally moving on. She being like a mother to me and my younger sister. haha..I wonder how she's gonna b a wife=p She's too old for her age=p Lol!

I love You Kakak!!Can't wait to transform into bridezilla for your new-year wedding!lol!
I would not dare to become one for my own wedding!Wedding org laen xpe=p


Entertainment of the day

Salam lovelies..and Happy weekend (yg dh nk abes ..duh T_T)

I think I've made all the reviews of my wedding. Duh..apparently I just remembered that I left one of them to be viewed here.

Please start by viewing this post first, will ya??

Ok now you guys know my original plan was..just to play my favourite love songs all day during the ceremony. Fortunately or not, I have a brother (my only brother) who's so into music since b.c I guess=p Yeah, he is sooo talented that he don't need any teacher teaching him, guitar, drum, piano..just name it=| He got the gene from my dad who used to be a 'star' in his village back just after Merdeka kot=p ahaha..So my dad just showed him here and there brother just have the talent and..he read musical notes better than other alphabets=p

My brother's hobby of course going jamming at the studio. Together with his highschool friends, he develop a group. Long story to be told since then. But now, they are all aging already with wife and kids around., they just play it for fun. Never at any wedding. However, since I am the first after him to get married..he was just soo excited and really really really wanna perform T_T..huuu..

During our meeting with tok kadi..we brought along the witness for the form (if you still remember that we need two separate witness for the form). Apparently one of my form's witness was a Tok Imam whose very old..I think his age was 80 at that time, however hale =p. So, when the tok kadi and the imam met..they start talking about 'maksiat' that took place around the area..yeah..we just have to listen (and I hadn't bathe yet T_T). One issue arose at that time..having musical band in a wedding ceremony! I don't know how to react when they asked me whether I'm going to have one for my wedding??!!

So, I was torn between the excitement of my brother to perform and also hukum. Is it sinful to have a musical band in your ceremony??T_T..I have googled for some thoughts about it. I would not reveal the answer here as I think it will be a sensitive issue to be discussed in this blog of mine who is still 'jahil' about most of the hukum.

Did I let my brother played??
Yes, I decided to let him play.

However, I located the band outside the hall so that it won't causes any trouble to the ears of our guest=p hihi..I usually produced extraordinarily loud sound which later irritate us, the guest.
My brother whose on that day in charged of so many things (since he's now the head of the family). However, who can refrain him from doing the thing that he love the most..T_T"

Is there any form of entertainment during my bertandang ceremony??
The answer is yes. We had Raihan performed during bertandang..However, I could not find any single photo of them performing. This is what I told you about some points that the OP missed. Not a single!duh..I hope there are a few people did snapped a few photos of them performing ^_^

The best photo (minus the Raihan..=p) Raihan selawat as we walk towards the pelamin.hehe...still no Raihan in the photo (if photo could ever keep the sounds T_T")

How do we contact Raihan???Oh well...I have no idea=p ahhaa..since this is bertandang kan. Remember..I didn't pry into any matter T_T..However, I felt special on that day despite of my unfinished w-dress=p ehehe..

Just eaten an awful taste of masak asam pedas ikan-survival way T_T..

Friday, December 10, 2010

Around Tokyo..ep.Two

Salam ladies=)

yey!!Finally I got some time to post in here..y??Because suddenly my training class got cancelled *grinning + jolted eyes* kihkih..besnye!!!(it would definitely b great if I can go back to Toyohashi by now T_T No use coz hubby work from 3pm to 5am T_T). So, now I am officially stranded in Hiroshima with lots of free time T_T..

As u guys could guess, is already winter.It's been 4 days since the sudden drop in temperature. At first I wonder how is the season transition occurs? Now I know (after being in three different seasons..)..they do it in a sudden. U will immediately notice it the next day. In here today..guess what..3degree celcius T_T but with the bright sun on ur head..I think i still can cope with this one just well=)

Anyways, since my life is now very dull with black and white prints, hence this post, i.e. My last winter ^_^

This post is actually the continuation of this one. Click here for the prequel ^_^

I left you guys around shinjyuku right??
Now let's begin this one with one of my fav city in Tokyo, i.e. Yokohama.
It was very cold that time, hence the pose. I was shivering unwillingly while stuffing my system with straberries..that one oso cannot control=p the strawberries, they are just irresistable (like sweet red lips for men=p). Behind us the view of Yokohama City. It is the 2nd largest city in Japan. My sensei had once mentioned Yokohama is a city full of foreign people hence call it city of foreign people (kidding..I don't remember the call T_T). Actually, the view was more beautiful than what I show here. If ever I could catch the photos exactly like what my eyes have seen=)
Just near the station, I think there's a museum (they were close that time for new year celeb I guess). Maritime museum for leftovers during wars. And the ship above, I think that's the ship they use to transfer bodies during war. Yokohama was once a fisherman village which then turn as a ship port. Their function was more or less like selat Melaka once upon a time.
p/s: friends in Yokohama, correct me if I am wrong ^_^

It was damn cold!but the light is nice for photoshoots ^_^
It was winter, hence all the togel pokoks. I had a hard time to climb on that..I know it's not that high..but I was shivering T_T (alasan!)
We are going to Akarengga!!The wind was so strong..My coat got flipped up so many times, hence so many shots looking like Marilyn Monroe pakai tudong =p
This is nearby Akarengga..
Oh, Akarengga??It is a long building..a mall made of red bricks all over. I cannot elaborate more on how beautiful the building was. Unfortunately, I don't have the picture here in my pendrive..I have to check in my HD=p Gomen..
Meanwhile..please enjoy the better picture of Akarengga here ^_^
Leftovers from a collapsed building due to earthquake la..ape lg=p They discovered there was actually a building buried when they wanted to develop the area. I could not remember much about the remnants was maybe a court.
We spent a few hour here, while waiting for the clock to tick 00:00 ^_^ The next day's gonna be the first day of 2010. So, people here usually went to out to watch hanami (fireworks). So did us=) A lot of things that has amazed me which I just seen it on TV=) In this CosmoWorld, what do you think they offer??

Hehe..yeah..lot's of rides.Just like in Genting Highlands, but bigger and full of Japanese=p Seriously this 'playground' was huge!I don't think we have covered all areas. Anyways, It was colder when night arrives (and they arrived so early during winter k. Gud to do your puase ganti ^_^). So, most of my energy were used to make myself warm.
Oh, the photo?That's me riding the ferris wheel..hontouni ooki desu!When you are on top..U could see the top of the tallest building nearby..yeah..that's how huge the wheel was.

Perfect memory of Yokohama=)

Oh, I had takoyaki je the whole face was like that due to sushi effect T_T

Last time, I showed you harajuku street at night. The photo was slightly blur kan??here's how it looks in a daylight..well yes, I didn't dare to walk in the seas of human there..that time was H1N1 outbreak..lg x can you squeeze urself to be drown in there??
So, I just walked around the Harajuku City je..Again for Forever 21.
Oh, this one I must tell you. About Fukubukuro. Look wat what I was holding. That's a bag full with tops from Forever 21. I just pay 2000en=rm60. I got 4 tops, a pair of pyjama, a bag and a belt!!But, what you got in the bag is not known. So, it's like a surprise bag!haha..
Almost all stores have their fukubukuro during new it Adidas, Nike, H&M, Onitsuka, Rolex..ade je fukubukuro.hehe..even the electrical stores offers fukubukuro..
Do not ask me more about gadgets..what do u think??
It's winter..I always have lust for food..hehe..especially those that I had never tried ^-^ On weekend, harajuku street was also lined with food stalls..that has made my visit to Japan..very Japan=p Lol!

Look at those fat takoyakis! See those squids..yeah..hence the fatness..

Another most memorable place in Tokyo that I have been was..Tokyo Disneyland =) The part that made it most memorable???Not that you can see in here=) It's of course..classified!hehe

To go here, I advice you to take the earliest train available from Tokyo City. Because Tokyo Disneyland is not located in the is actually in other city, that is Chiba..but still they call it Tokyo Disneyland=p ahaha..
However, do not worry..transportation wise is awesome here!
Oh another reason that you have to get here early is...the ticketing counter..fuhh..guess you get it!Just come early won't you? soon as you passed the will go chasing all the bf just have to chase me back with cameras=p

He's so 'uncute''s ok I look like a bunny there=p

A lot more pictures with characters loh...this entry would be like a movie if I put more of it=p
The should I elaborate any further how stunning it was!

Nearby the Minnie's house..with there..the muslim version of Minnie=p

All and all, I think my visit to Tokyo was sweeter than my pre-honeymoon.ahaks!It would be better if we are already married that time=p bole hugging2..haha (that time, if I was too cold what can he nasehat...or buy me a hot can drink for me to grip T_T)

We both are now busy with our own job. Yeah..being an adult is so not fun huh!

Am I finish about Tokyo..yet??

Well guess what??
Mada mada desu!
QueenForADay ^_^


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