Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help me planning a surprise!^-^

Hello hello..


I've been thinking about this for a very long time.
My brother is sooo good in music. Therefore, I am thinking of collaborating with him doing unplugged for my coming sister's wedding. It's been a long time since we do thing together. I missed that moment T_T"
So, for this last time, I wanna do something that's extraordinary for my sister and family.
I'm planning to sing a Malay song which symbolizes joy of love (suited the wedding itself). However, I have a mind block right now that I could not recall any malay songs that is best to be sang in wedding.
By chance, if you guys have ever attended any wedding and seen such an occasion with a very appropriate song that you think superb, please share ^_^
Or, if you guys have any songs in mind..please share ne ^_^.
Thank you in advance!

1st yuki in Hiroshima ^_^


  1. kalau malay song;
    lagu ayu by VE.

    kalau nak english song;
    piih lagu bruno mars. semuanya best!!

    bestnye play acoustic!!!

  2. how about sempurna - andra n the ape tah..hihi

  3. haofie:yeah..thinking of marry u ^_^ i love walking to the stars..chickeyyyy
    sikecil:OMG..great!!thank u sgt!^_^

  4. lagu siti! kamu seswai dgn lagu siti! ;)

  5. adeh cik rose oi...ramai beno request lg siti ni ha..tepaksela den masokkan dlm list ni ha..



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