Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Konnichiwa!!! (whatever, I chose this as my universal greeting *grinning*)

I was known as a person who ate the littlest since I was a child. Name it kindergarten, darjah 1, elementary..my friend knew me well as a small kenit girl who always cannot finish her food T_T But I know..they like me cz they can take the remnants=p

It's been 2 months and plus2 I am here. My friends are doctors around the world. Apparently I am the youngest in the batch. Well, but I ate the most!can you believe that??I hold a record of eating the littlest..but here I ate the most??erkk..I was so shocked when I see their bento. And now I'm feeling fat T_T..I am so hungry but I just don't have the saliva to ignite my appetite=( boo..all becos I saw their bento before I eat T-T

Therefore, now I am in front of my loud cracking laptop (dem!what's wrong with u, sexy??)

Ok, I think this will b the last post for the Tokyo Trip. Prequel?Ep. 1 and 2.

For the record..the place where I visited the most that time was..Akihabara??
Who know's this place??For those who's so into Japan they sure familiar with the name aite??
This city is also known as electric city (or something like that..). They sell electrical stuff from right end to the left of of the city. Can you believe it??the whole city..Made of buildings which all allocates electrical stuff. And that's why I assume my hubby thinks Aki is another heaven for him T_T
And can you guess why we spent most of the time there??T_T Yeah..because he was the tourist guide. I have to follow him no matter what T-T

It's the second day in Tokyo..OMG..why's my face like that=p ahaha..

Ha??What did I do?
Of coursela nothing..just tailing him around je=(

What did he do??
I have no idea even till now when I have to accompany him doing this one hobby of his; i.e. spending hours in electrical stores =|

Ok2..however, I always said ok when he were proposing for Akihabara (almost everyday=|). Because..I was that time addicted to tendon from this one particular restaurant=p ahaha
The moment when I fell in love with u..tendon!muax2=p oh....next to me to was my friend. Oh..she's so hungry cz she was fasting that day. Bukak puase pukol 4p.m=|

Also, only at Aki you could find stuffs for omiyage (souvenir). Tell u, so expensive! (esp when u keep converting T_T).

I love Ueno ^_^
This is Ueno..Just like Petaling Street in Malaysia. It's just that they sell authentic brands..with significantly cheapppp price!It's ok they just longgok2 everything..I don't care!(crapnye..I didn't take pictures of how they sell the barangs..boo)
Boys love this place as they could buy their sport's equipments way cheaper than other places.

I could not remember the name of this place..but it's near to Tokyo Castle. Really near to the Tokto Station.

There's a park where you have to cross in order to go to ..
Tokyo Castle ^_^

Have you guys ever watched Mr. Brain??
That's one of Japanese Drama that I 'can' watch. haha..(actually I just watched)
I was so excited coz there's a scene in front of this place=p

The law court..hihi

Few shots at the koen near the castle..oh btw, there are a lot of parks there..seswai nk g hanimun ^_^
In the middle of Ginza..the home of LV, Chanel, Dior..name it. All stores are located in buildings..sometimes, the whole huge (MV size building) for just one brand.

For example: The whole building for Chanel..

Oh..my engagement ring's home =p
We are at Tokyo Tower ^_^ I remember it was so cold that night..I didn't enjoy much at outdoor=(
The time when I learnt the meaning of my name in Japanese..what do you think it means??T_T
This photo is real..no editing..at our back is the real tokyo tower (in case the photo looks like gamba tampal to u T-T)

Next, it is tempat which I don't like the most..but it's a must go!
Asakusa T-T
The place is actually a very big shrine...people came either to visit or..to pray kot..
Have u ever watch chinese martial art movies??Can you imagine their shrine??At first you have to past a huge pintu gerbang.After that just another huge empty space. You have to walk across it to actually arrive at the prayer space??
So, at that another hugeeeee space, they located stalls..Various stalls where you could find lots of things to be considered as souvenirs. The most that I like was..food stalls!!takoyakis and kuihs.haha..I don't know the name of the kuih that I ate on the picture above but..x sedap=p

Also, check out moving stalls like this..

Spot where you could seen in a lot of Japanses dramas as well..can you see a building with 'something' on top??it was actually kilang arak..

One day, on the way for us heading home, the train station was so crowded..with girls!!Crowded until police have to make ways for other pedestrians. We were like...'what happened??ade org bunuh diri ke..kene langgar ke..kene ragut ke??'..some were screaming and some were jumping happily like in a concert. I push my bf to the crowd to investigate the truth *cehhh* haha..

Newly fixed Arashi's poster=|..huhu..n they were haf naked like this..no wonder there's chaos..Even though there's so many girls himpit2 kt eki tu (keep in mind..their train station is not at all like ours. Their's so huge like an airport), no one were seen managed to get near the poster..there's even a police looking after the poster??absurd..I know. but I think that's just for a while kot.

However, the girls can still take pictures with other tiang with fixed poster of them in person=p ahaha

I took one with 'him'.fuhh..that's the only tiang which x ramai sgt girls..Oh, my objective??none other than showing thins to my friends who's into Arashi like nobody's business=p ehehe..

OMG..sakit pinggang dah..and I think that's all that I larat to share..
Time for Nihongo benkyoshimasu!


  1. ade je part yg x bes elya=) but yeah..bes ^-^

  2. best gak tu jln2. i know what wani means... I told my friend in Malaysia, Wani is a girl's name. Itulah nama doubutsu yg paling cpt Yoo ingat.

  3. besides that..wani is also one species of shark in the north hiroshima..
    and some thing else symbolizes courage in bangladesh..
    all fierce T_T



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