Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Love

Salam Ladies..

Ngantuk T_T..n lapar T-T

Hence, blogging=p

Everybody in facebook were posting about coming new year..year
Oh, rupe2nye today is the 1st of dec. Final month for a year. Oh, how fast time flies. So many unexpected things happened within this one year. Even it is only a year, I can see..why la my face looked so different as months go by. wonder...maybe marriage changes my seri kot=p ahaha..

Well, Let's take a peek at my last Dec, shall we??

Can you guess...where is this place??Stunning background kan??I know I would be better if I already have a DSLR during that time.Lol!

I must say that Dec 2009 was one Dec that I had the best. I wonder how it could better this year??Goodluck hubby ^_^

How's your Dec?


  1. december last year aku kat offshore.. bau minyak, bau gas.. yuckkks... december thn ni, will be the first month aku jadi real wife.. hehe.. hope next december will the first december kita 2 org jd mommy.. :D aminnn...

  2. waaa....lg bes nye T_T..insyaAllah..Aminn..aku maybe next2 dec kot=|

  3. insyaAllah klu ada rejeki ko & son, blh jadi thn dpn.. sama² kita doa.. :)



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