Monday, December 6, 2010

A day of fighting phobia

Salam Girls..

Let me start a new entry with an old picture..
Look at my face..OMG..that I really felt like vomiting..the taste really awful! But since my 'bf' said that's d best sushi he ever havta swallow it and smile like it's a hagen dasz ice cream=|

Ok, enough of the elaboration.
I am not exaggerating here. That's how I felt.
I thought I am a person who can swallow almost everything. At least I can, even though I hate it. Few of my friends cannot eat sushi at all. The taste just doesn't suit them!I didn't get it at first. Before a year ago, I eat sushi. Even though it's not a favourite, I could eat. I have no problem if my friends wanna hang out in a sushi house.
However, on one fine bf brought me to a sushi house. He brought me to a sushi house 'yang mahal punye' so that I can experience the best sushi.
After that session, I cannot even heard the word sushi. The raw fish's taste sticked to my tongue, my palate, my gum, my tooth and I think they had as well inhabited my esophagus (because everytime I wanna swallow my saliva..the taste follows T_T). That's how awful it was. And so was the rest of the day..I drank coffee tasted like a fish's blood. Can u imagine that??everytime i breath..I can smell fish's blood through the exhaled air T_T

Since then, I had never go to any sushi house. I was then understood so well why some of my friends cannot put sushi in their mouth.haha..
Pity my husband then, because everytime he wanted to eat sushi, he has to go with somebody else.
But yesterday, I decided to try again. Fight the phobia. I think as I grow older, I have this urge to try things that I had never dare or want or had failed to try before. So, we went to a sushi house in Toyohashi.

For those 'some of my friends' who never step foot inside sushi house, here what you gotta experience;

It's cold that time..can't wait to hv some ocha to warm my blood=p
I used to eat sushi by biting it little by little (like eating rice with dishes).
This is my husband taught me the right way to eat sushi..haha..
In conclusion, don't make first date in a sushi house if you don't want your date sees ur face like that=p

Moving sushi..
I think this one is my favourite!wanna see closer??
It's ebi (prawn) with avocado and sprinkles of onions..seriously sgt2 sedap..I took two plates=)
The dessert...good to alter the after taste=) but, I just had very little portion of it T_T

Because I finally managed to fight my phobia..hubby rewarded me with this long wanted daifuku=)

It's pink and pretty!I like!(yeah..I love this cause they looked pretty!)
Slrrpp..some more..inside got could you not like it!^_^ Hv to find this daifuku in Hiroshima or else, I'll board the shinkansen again T_T

Call me emotional..but I feel weaker here T_T

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