Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sisters sisters

Salam and Hai!!(I should have put a universal greeting by now ^-^)

Do you have a sister??
I mean..a sister who meant a world to you??
Who you spent most of ur life with and always support you that you never have to be worried of your future??
well..I do=)

I don't care if it is a good thing or a bad thing to have an over protected sister.
But as far as I concern, I love it. I did enjoyed the moment of being under her shelter. She supported me in every angle that you ever think or never think of. It's really hard for me to explain in words how the bond between us.
We survived our family doom together. When my dad passed away, I had totally lost direction. I didn't know what to do next in my life. I just finished matriculation. Just. In fact it was just 2 days when the final finishes. I got a result which I consider cemerlang jugak la=p ahaha...But, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
So, it's her that helped me going through it. Made selections even though now I think the decision I took was totally wrong! (what do you expect..I am still a child...n I seek opinion from another child!bahaha). It's not wrong in the sense of 'wrong' ( do i put it=p)'s just that..I didn't realized the thing that I would love to do yet. Now I know that I hate my job T_T

Before I decided to get married, when my husband start talking about marriage..ending the longgggg un-bonded of the thing that bother me was.."how do she lives without me??" Apparently, for her, I am her guardian really..I was like a cute contagious bodyguard. Due to her too many soft spot in her heart..people always took advantage of her. So, I will be the one people always feel afraid of (because..I was born with a bitch's tongue).

In a distinctive way, kakak looked over me like a mother. She fed me well. Dress me up like a princess and over protective that she never teach me how to ride a bike and also she never let me drive (especially when I first got my licence!). All the time, I ended up rebellious in order to experience things myself=p

I didn't cried as I salam relatives around me. But I was automatically broke into tears when I hugged her=( I was so worried how she's gonna go through days without me T_T

Somehow I think she didn't get married because of me.
When I decided to get married, soon after that she brought a news that she..gonna get married too. I was so happy and at the same time..there's a BIG question mark bugged me (and I was so sure the whole family was bugged as well). We had never heard of her going out with this future husband of her. Y suddenly??In the middle when all people were focusing on my wedding?

I don't care if people questioning. But I'm glad that she finally moving on. She being like a mother to me and my younger sister. haha..I wonder how she's gonna b a wife=p She's too old for her age=p Lol!

I love You Kakak!!Can't wait to transform into bridezilla for your new-year wedding!lol!
I would not dare to become one for my own wedding!Wedding org laen xpe=p



  1. hehe. jom bagi pendapat dekat entry terbaru ni lak.

  2. OMG...sayu nye tengok gambar tu. *_* I don't wanna cry nanti. huhuhu

  3. Shaofie:Done=)
    SCR: You wouldn't ^_^ Daijoubu=)



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