Sunday, December 12, 2010

High Table Hiccup


Too many posts in one night??hihi..while I have the chance and ideas to do so;p

I just had time to slowly go through our wedding photos. No, not yet finish all of 'em T_T

I noticed there were very few photos of us at the main table. No wonder..the main table was not decorated as we had requested!
Can you believe that our dais forgotten to put the back drop??So, the main table was left decorated with blue doors T_T

See..buruk kan??T_T..So, no matter how many lorries of fresh flowers are used to decorate the table, if the back drop is left naked like that...huhu..the whole photos pon akan affected T_T

Lesson must spend some time in the morning to check on everything!don't put 100% trust on them no matter how u love 'em. Good luck ladies ^_^V

Hate that I have to skype again even after being married!


  1. HAHA. i pun same.
    i ingtakan pagi tue orang catering pasang backdrop,
    should be ade kain belakang meja makan, but sadly takde pon. ade canvas jer.
    nasib baik kaler putih kalau tak, nampak sgt cacat.

    rajin u post entry everyday :D

  2. hehe..wat to alone in a foreign country T_T..n its cold outside T_T
    tula..masalahnye dais tu siap dah ade sketch for the main table.skali on the day..satu habuk pon xde according to the sketch.if i jahat, i iklan je kt sini

  3. Eh, price camner?kurang ker tak??btw, please claim ur award..i tatau lah u dah dapat ker tak..hihih

  4. price??kurang banyak gle.walopon dpt balik still kan T_T..
    xpela, perkare kecik kan.yg penting bersyukur nikah berjalan lancar =)
    award?award ape tu cik Q??



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