Sunday, December 12, 2010

Entertainment of the day

Salam lovelies..and Happy weekend (yg dh nk abes ..duh T_T)

I think I've made all the reviews of my wedding. Duh..apparently I just remembered that I left one of them to be viewed here.

Please start by viewing this post first, will ya??

Ok now you guys know my original plan was..just to play my favourite love songs all day during the ceremony. Fortunately or not, I have a brother (my only brother) who's so into music since b.c I guess=p Yeah, he is sooo talented that he don't need any teacher teaching him, guitar, drum, piano..just name it=| He got the gene from my dad who used to be a 'star' in his village back just after Merdeka kot=p ahaha..So my dad just showed him here and there brother just have the talent and..he read musical notes better than other alphabets=p

My brother's hobby of course going jamming at the studio. Together with his highschool friends, he develop a group. Long story to be told since then. But now, they are all aging already with wife and kids around., they just play it for fun. Never at any wedding. However, since I am the first after him to get married..he was just soo excited and really really really wanna perform T_T..huuu..

During our meeting with tok kadi..we brought along the witness for the form (if you still remember that we need two separate witness for the form). Apparently one of my form's witness was a Tok Imam whose very old..I think his age was 80 at that time, however hale =p. So, when the tok kadi and the imam met..they start talking about 'maksiat' that took place around the area..yeah..we just have to listen (and I hadn't bathe yet T_T). One issue arose at that time..having musical band in a wedding ceremony! I don't know how to react when they asked me whether I'm going to have one for my wedding??!!

So, I was torn between the excitement of my brother to perform and also hukum. Is it sinful to have a musical band in your ceremony??T_T..I have googled for some thoughts about it. I would not reveal the answer here as I think it will be a sensitive issue to be discussed in this blog of mine who is still 'jahil' about most of the hukum.

Did I let my brother played??
Yes, I decided to let him play.

However, I located the band outside the hall so that it won't causes any trouble to the ears of our guest=p hihi..I usually produced extraordinarily loud sound which later irritate us, the guest.
My brother whose on that day in charged of so many things (since he's now the head of the family). However, who can refrain him from doing the thing that he love the most..T_T"

Is there any form of entertainment during my bertandang ceremony??
The answer is yes. We had Raihan performed during bertandang..However, I could not find any single photo of them performing. This is what I told you about some points that the OP missed. Not a single!duh..I hope there are a few people did snapped a few photos of them performing ^_^

The best photo (minus the Raihan..=p) Raihan selawat as we walk towards the pelamin.hehe...still no Raihan in the photo (if photo could ever keep the sounds T_T")

How do we contact Raihan???Oh well...I have no idea=p ahhaa..since this is bertandang kan. Remember..I didn't pry into any matter T_T..However, I felt special on that day despite of my unfinished w-dress=p ehehe..

Just eaten an awful taste of masak asam pedas ikan-survival way T_T..


  1. What? Ade raihan? wahhhh xtau pun. sebab dalam gambar mung xde gamabr raihan. huhuu

  2. tulah pasa..kawe pong br teringak ade raihan kok wedding kawe.carik2 gamba lgsg kt kamere adek aku yg cikai tu ade kot.nnt blik mesia korek2 eh=)
    u..kai knife tu u nak tak??



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