Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I miss You


Well guys, I'm going back to Malaysia this Friday.
I know..I just started my life here + the bankruptcy, that's kind of too much isn't it.
It's actually for my sister's wedding. On the new year. Alhamdulillah..I am so glad that we finally now a wife=)
I still remember the first few weeks I'm in Japan. That time I was a housewife. I refused to call my mom or any of my family members. My husband kept telling me to call..and questioning why I didn't call them??
When second week was over, I decided to call..after..this one incident. The incident..oh, let that be classified T-T

When my mom said 'Hello'..I was burst into tears..
So, that's why I didn't wanna call them..until I find the strength to do so..
Now, I am strong enough to laugh again through phones=)
It's just the matter of time kan??=)

This is my small immediate family. It will be perfect if abah was still around=) Look at the 3 stooges there..they reminded of us during our childhood. My childhood was all about my brother and elder sister (my younger sister was born at the time of us all already, she doesn't had that moment with us). I would probably share more stories about our childhood memory someday=) hehe..oh, the smallest exactly like me when I was about her age. That's her that I missed the most=)

Dear Baby, wait for Mak Lang k ^_^V

I can't wait to watch TV by my mom's side..hehe..she's just a cozy cushion for us=p Lol!

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