Saturday, December 25, 2010

Experiencing Japanese Drama Scene


Let's talk average mind shall we??^_^

Yes..I have a dream to live outside Malaysia..
Yes, learning third language is one of my 'to-do' list before I die..

But..Japan or anything that associate with it has never been my dream.

Now, I am stuck in Japan..and HAVE to learn their language!I know that I wanted to experience living in a foreign country..but not Nihongo as my third language!at least let it be French T_T

Am I not happy??'s not that bad. I just numb. Probably because..yeah...again issue with my separation from my husband T_T..nothing ever could make me happy or satisfied right?

Ok, now you guys know how the 'not-interested' of me for this country. I never been the girl who likes to watch Japanese/Korean drama/movie. Never like the fashion (blame gossip girl). And never had the effort to learn a word (even though I had a decade relationship with some one who lived there for yearsss). Now everytime I have to do my husband have to make me do it. Either by buying me something or doing something for me so that I would do all the works T_T..

Have you guys ever watched Japanese Drama?From there you will catch some of their culture.
From what I have experienced here, I could say that Japanese are heavy drinkers. Almost everybody drinks. And they did drank a lot. That's why the highest cancer incidence in this country is the stomach cancer. tsk2..

Just last weekend, I attended our departmental party. I gotta say that I am lucky to be placed in such a rich dept. All other depts. were having end year party in a restaurant and self-sponsored. But us, in the best hotel in Hiroshima (according to my sensei=p). I didn't have a proper dress to go at first. SO, I decided to wear 'baju raye' in which I had forgotten to wear during last raya T_T.

Table members. Shocking rite..not many girls in our dept. Including me, total 5 T_T

During the speech..I just love to talk!wee..
My sensei. The boss of the whole dept. At this time..most guys have already drunk. Only god knew how I hold my breath (the smell..OMG T_T). I knew them as a boring people that have to work more than living. But, when they drunk..then you can see the fun side of, one of them revealed about my sensei to me. hehe...Oh..quite scary..but expected from a successful person like him.

The dinner was overall just fine. Nothing much happened other than lots of speeches and drinking. Let me share with you the must have occasions:

1) The dinner was started with speech by the boss (i.e my sensei)
2) Boss will ask everybody to hold their champagne glass and..cheers (in here they don't say cheers..replace with 'kanpai'). I just do the action and put the champagne back. Later one drunk colleague of mine asked whether he can have that??=|
3) (alhamdulillah...most of the food I could eat). At first, they served only alcohol. But, this one tutor who noticed that I didn't drink. Then he asked for ocha.
4)Closing speech by boss again. This time..we have to all stand up..and do "Banzai". End.
5) Sume jln dh senget2..

Later, everybody moved to one of a very famous entertainment center; Round1 for bowling. It was again..fully sponsored!Wonderful!And yeah..I wore my baju kurung la T_T

My group member...hehe..We won third place=p the guy is also a sensei in our dept. He was so drunk..and yet the best player among all..he got the most strikes and pins taken. Sugoi..even you drunk you can keep the ball straight??!!
The whole dept..without the boss=p ehehe. I guess I like it when they are drunk. They talked to me more =p

Fine, I'll carry more dresses when I got back to Malaysia nnt=|


  1. bestnye kat jepun. by the way, i alwaysreading your entry cause i love japan too. and i love your writing. best sgt2. leh la learning japan tru this blog je. hahahahha. btw, semuga akak berjaya kat sana yea.. i will keep read your blog no matter what...

  2. dear shaofie..thank writing best??waa...that's weird=p ahaha..
    thank u for the wishes.really appreciate that.
    sigh..akak x abes lg bace u nye blog though T_T ur blog is so much better indeed.thanks for dropping by.will put more japanese terms in the next post=p



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