Monday, December 30, 2013

Communication then- during the `ancient times`

We were just leaving Uniqlo. The usual one we visited in Toyohashi. I am about to leave Japan in a few weeks. I was taking orders from family members for things they would like me to buy from here and of course most of it are Uniqlo`s. Who can blame them when you can get a skirt worth RM15 here while in KL, you will be charged RM80 for the exact skirt!

With Whatsapp, Line and what`s not, I feel like they are there, shopping with me. They can make choices by themselves while just staying at home! How easy it is now to communicate, anywhere, anytime and most importantly for free!

While taking a break from entertaining all the messages, I said to hubby "How easy it is now to communicate. Send message as much as you want without worrying about the charges."

Hubby did not commenting further, just agreeing through his eyes.

Then he said "Ingat lagi dulu, I spent thousands yen every month just to talk to you. I created 3 maxis accounts to sms you. But still he had to choose words wisely since there was limit. Worse, sometimes, the system was down, I could not sign in to my account". That time, we do not have system that allows us to send short message to overseas numbers. I tried to send an SMS straight to his Japan`s no and it did not work. So, he had to carry M`sia phone there so I can contact him anytime. So, I can send him unlimited number of SMS per day. But for him, there was no easy way. I found this one system by maxis that you can send SMS from computer to maxis number. But the number of SMS allowed was so limited, about 5 of very short sentences if I not mistaken. He had to sign in with available Maxis no. So complicated, but he never complained.

He was right. With everything we have right now, I don`t know how we could endure the long term relationship across the oceans like that. Hebat sangat rasanya diri ini (well, hubby was doing most of the effort I guess -_-" So determine, that man).

We started to rapat gitu since high school. He often called me using his handphone at school. That time, a high schooler with handphone and be able to make calls for hours was luxurious. We both were from the same boarding school. We never go out for dating. I was hoping he never asked for me to do that. Fuh..If he ever asked, maybe I would say NO and the whole thing will turn awkward and it will never be as sweet as we have it now. hehe. Alhamdulillah he understood and probably he had never think of asking me as well. That`s good. 

And to tell you how awful I was, I never gave him a call. 

Oh, maybe one time I managed to leave him voice message because his friend told me that he is suffering of eye infection that he is now treated in the hospital and waiting for surgery. He told me like it was a life and death situation, and I had to confess -_-" er..through voicemail. I`m so gonna kick his friend`s butt one day. 

When we were very young (and skinny-er :p)
Location: Yokohama

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mimpi buruk

It was weekend and we fell asleep while watching movies. You know, under the blanket, winter and cuddles. How easy it is to fall asleep although you have slept for 12 hours before that -_-"

I rarely had dreams in sleep. I usually had deep sleep. Very baby like. bahaha..but I WILL get dream (which usually are weird) whenever I sleep besides the night sleep. Maybe that is why I dislike to take a nap! 

Anyway, like usual, I had a weird dream and I wake up screaming. A bit though. Takdela sepenuh hati gitu. And to my surprise, my sleeping partner awake at the same time, looking very pale like he had just seen a ghost!
I immediately said "I mimpi ngeri" with eyes and mouth opened so wide.
He replied "I pun!" "You mimpi apa?"
I said "I walked into the mirror, open my shirt and see there was a lot of bulu dada yang hitam tebal gila kat dada I!!!warghhhh!!"
He gave me a facepalm obviously. But I tell you, the bulu dada was just so eewwww :(

I asked him back "You mimpi apa?

"My car got towed. And I have to pay 50,000yen to get the car back!"
For that, I gave him the super face palm ever! 

Yours truly is the kind of person who has difficulties forgetting things. Although some things I did not really pay attention, but the memories will be buried deep at least for years at the back of my mind. That is why I dislike watching movie hantu Indonesia and getting inside dirty toilets. Do you need me to elaborate it more??I will have a hard time getting rid of images. 

For example, bedtime movies. Most of the times, some of the characters will enter my dreams and mess up with my mood when I wake up. Like the stories of bulu dada above, you know why I dreamt of having bulu dada?? It was because I fell asleep while watching Despicable Me 2. I love El Macho. One of the most favorite scene of him was when he requested cupcakes with Mexican flags like the one tattooed on his chest! bahahaha..I love that scene. Yes! there I got the image of bulu dada implanted in my head and it messed up with my dreams -_-"

Mr El Macho (nama seryes takleh blah!lol xp)
Source: Google

But for hubby to dreamt of his car got it is the `ngeriest` dream for all men! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Akiko Inc

Assalamualaikum everyone!!

It  has been a long time since my last post. Nevertheless, still in Dec. So, not bad..bahaha..
My long holiday is almost coming to an end. Despite of that why is on earth I have not updated anything here?? Oh my, I have a lot to tell, if (!) I would tell everything.

These have been making me busy lately.

Intoducing...Akiko Inc! My first online based business to fulfill my passion for fashion. Akiko Inc is the way for me to walk the talk ^_^ So many people do this and why not I follow suit. I don`t know yet whether I have what it takes to be successful in this business. I must say initiating Akiko Inc is one of the boldest decision I took in my life so far. But sometimes, spontaneous decisions came out great! I hope with the support from family members, friends and dear Superwani readers, Akiko Inc would be one of the sought after muslimah wardrobe store in the future. InshaAllah. There are so many plans for Akiko Inc. I hope I can maintain the momentum and motivation to move forward. 

Well of course I could`t make Akiko Inc to reality alone..I don`t know so many things. All I had was a vision and semangat! Big thanks to my cousin, Pn. Nurul who has done 90% of the job. When you see Akiko Inc, you would so surprise that she created that page alone! Sugoi!! I wrote about the event which led to Akiko Inc existence. Go read it at ^_~

For the shawls, they are indeed not the average like you used to see! Materials are mostly made in Japan! How rare would they be!
Anyway, your every purchase will be sent to you by our own minions! Akiko Chan will hug your purchase to your doorsteps! Well, in a way, we are sending our love as well to Akiko Inc`s supporter.

Just a sneak peek of one of our shawl collections! To buy, please visit

Hayai scarf is so interesting. This range makes Akiko Inc a whole lot different from other hijab store anywhere. It is our own invention of express hijab which will makes you looks like you were wearing a bawal tudung! How awesome is that?? So, try it! To purchase, visit our website
The vision I have for Akiko Inc is that a muslimah wardrobe store operated in two regions simultaneously, i.e. Japan and Malaysia. So, for postal fees, these two countries will apply domestic charges (depending on the stock at each branch). I am still figuring out how we can make this easy for the buyer. But it is okay, you can always send us message, shall there be any queries, ok? Nurul and me are accessible most of the time, except when we are on the plane. hehe.

Anyway, I welcome your opinions, comments, feedbacks. So, please like us on facebook (, and follow our instagram (Akiko Inc) for instant updates!

Support Akiko Inc by spread the words ok??

Love, Wani desu!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Coach sunnies in good condition-for sale

Assalamualaikum everybody!

I have good news here.

Does anybody looking for sunnies? I have one in a very good condition.

Here it is ^_^

Brand: Coach
It comes with its own casing and cleaning cloth. All are genuine.
Husband says it is important to showcase it in every angle possible. So, here you go!


You like?

Here's the details ^_^


Brand: Coach

Price: RM250 excluding postage.

Interested? Email me at



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love-Hate Relationship

I have a very high hope of my remaining 2 months holiday. I want to do so many things that I was forced to put behind for years. I have a long list of sweets to try making, the piano that has been waiting for me for years to attend to, and sewing which I have just started. So, going down with flu and fever for which for now has been 3 days, is so frustrating. Usually, drugs+antibiotics work well on me. But, for some reason, I have to refuse antibiotics and settle with a mild drugs for flu. It does not work! I did many things to make myself comfortable especially for the cough. I tried air asam jawa, honey with lemon, all tak jalan.. If it is just the hingus and kahak, I could still functioning. But, with all the body aching and the fever, I can't even solat properly.


Trust me, the caused is not the cold weather which had just started a few days ago. For some reason, I could not stand this thing..

The thing called danbou (heater). The more cassic the type, the more disasterous it is to me.


On this cold weather, of course danbou is the survival kit. You know, to prevent you from frostbite. But, I can't help it that I am in love-hate relationship with this thing. The highest temperature I can tolerate is apparently 25, and this is accompanied by the air purifier.


But, 4 days ago, husband was down with fever and he turned the heater to 28 for the whole night. The next day, I got sick and he is in the pink of health again. When I think back, it is usually like that. I can be among those who are demam, and get infected last and the worst! I am totally his guardian angel. I took away his sickness. If that's so, I am more than willing to do so ^_^




Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's with my face?

My skin for 28 years and 11 months, before it became...

Tompok-tompok macam baru lepas demam campak. I tell you, demam campak pun tak persist for months :/

The tompoks are so disturbing to me as well as other people masalahnya. haha...How do I know? When I meet my friends when I was in KL, that's the first thing they ASKED! yea..they are so sensitive like that -_-" Obviously it bothers them so much that they have to ask! "what's with your face??!" with facial expression very similar to when you just witness kemalangan jalan raya gitu -_-"


After I got questioned by so many people..about my face (!) , I think it's time for me to properly invest in skincare. I have been a loyal shiseido user since I was 20. So, I was thinking maybe it is time to change. I don't know other skincare yang trustworthy, except SKII. Don't you agree? The price for daily routine product also are no much difference with Shiseido (except of course the miracle water which I contemplated to buy).


So I went to the SKII counter for skin analysis at the MV. The result showed nothing wrong with my skin. They said in conclusion, my skin is healthy. I asked if they would recommend me anything to at least stop the arising of pimples. They said I would just have to deal with the change of hormone due to my skin is changing weather. Maybe it is true. But the problem started even before I arrived in KL. sigh..


I went to Shiseido and took skin analysis. The result was the same except oily at the T-zone (obviously, KL was so hot). But the pimples are nowhere near the T-zone -_-" I asked if I could use anything to prevent the problem from getting worse? They can't recommend anything because according to them my routine are fine. But I insist. haha. Finally they 'allowed' me to buy Ibuki. A range to improvise your pores. I bought the promotional pack. I must say that Ibuki work wonders in cleaning the pores, therefore it helps to reduce the pimples. Alhamdulillah.


The problem does not stop there. haha.


Now I'm in Japan. Ibuki is strictly a no-no in here. It is autumn. Your skin tend to get dry. Ibuki would just make it worse because it would eliminate all the oil needed that helps moisten your skin. Learned it by hard. So, I went to the Shiseido counter to get my skin analyzed. As the result, my skin is healthy, but dry. It has causes the pimple to come back again. I don't get it actually.haha...because isn't pimples are caused by blocked pores? that is by oil? skin are so messed up due to pindah randah negara. Sabar jela..


So, she told me to stick with my old routine, plus, ubat jerawat. haha.

End up with Shiseido shopping spree ^_^

So, I have returned to old routine with a little twist here and there recommended by the salesperson. Let's see how it goes :)

I read a few blog by other doctorate graduates who were having similar pimple attack. They said the pimples weren't just for days, they will persist for months! -_-" Am I one of those who suffers the same aftermath? If that's so, the tips here will only be, patience.

Sebotol patience cream please!





Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 2013

I mentioned this a lot of time whenever I got stressed up life during PhD period; "I will so going to have 6 months holiday after graduation!"

Yes, people the period has now come to an end. Well, it was actually last September, the moment suddenly Wani came to hiatus, again! So, feel free to congratulate me :p ahaha

Yours truly, officially pass her doctorate. Alhamdulillah


Unlike any other graduate student, I do not have contract. So, after finishing, I am free to determine the next 'life'. Well, the PhD itself was a kind of 'rezeki datang bergolek'. The kind of moment when you never plan about it, or even strive towards it. It just came knocking on my door, giving me the sign to say yes to the marriage proposal. At first, I really want to rush into starting working at my home university. But, a few days before my departure to KL, I received the most terrible news (to me at that time); husband has to extend his stay in Thailand. This situation has made every plan goes haywire, the only way to solve it is one of us has to give up working. It was not possible to have one half in Malaysia and another half in Japan. Marriage does not work that way. Trust me, I learned this by hard. 700km apart for 3 years was torturing enough! That time, I do not think I can carry any more than 700 for even a day.

But I did it for a month. I went back to KL and spent my October in Malaysia, where I tried so hard to spend quality time with both my families, and beloved friends (I tried. haha). I satisfied with all the time spent, although I owe so many other people time with them.

Leaving Japan. At this time, I did not know whether I would come back again. So, I've been telling people that I was coming home for good.
Spending some quality time with my nieces and nephew. They are so grown up and so pandai already. Im a proud aunty.
They are my highschool sweethearts. The friends who accept me for who I am. Who grew up with me.


Some girls time with the in laws.

One of the most important event; Dr Najo got engaged. I felt really sebak to let her go ;( many more moments that are so significant in my life! I have to say October 2013 has been one fulfilling month as well as..emotionally distressing.
I miss husband terribly, therefore I tried to have a busy schedule. For that, I decided to initate something totally new in my life and I will share it with you later. I made sure every single day was filled with activities to help me stop thinking too much about him. But you know, we can't control this. No matter how fulfill, how many people are surrounding us, he is the only person that matters. It's so annoying and..scary at the same time :/
I was so busy that I do not have time to properly shopping! On the day I board the flight back to Japan, I was so exhausted. haha. As soon as I arrived home, I slept the whole day! haha.But it is okay, I have no regrets :)
Oh, didn't I tell you? I decided to take 3 months leave! I asked my boss for it. And pheww...she's so get it! Since Im not tied up, I am free to do whatever I want! Well, actually I don't know if I want to go back to work after 3 months. I feel like I had enough and so looking for something else in life. Sometimes, I wish I can play by the rules, like most people do. Especially after so many epiphany that this life is too short.
Currently, I'm enjoying my role as a fulltime housewife many hobbies! I see my hobby as my personal mission in life. Everything I have to get myself familiar with before I die. I hope this life is an acceptably a long one, because I have a long list of to do, and the most importantly, I have so much love to give away :)
Write to you more, later!



Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Overwhelming Syawal

1 Syawal

-It was my first time bersolat sunat Syawal while on the way to rumah Tok We (husband's grandmother). It was the first time too I really see Temerloh!

- We didn't make any baju raya. In fact we did not think about balik raya until a week before our departure. Yes of course meghoyan cari tiket T_T So, I tried so hard to wear anything that match. A bit lari, but overall, our photos turned out really awesome! :')

My favorite memory on the 1st Syawal was, looking at how extremely happy Tokwe is:)


2 Syawal

Husband woke me up to show me houses that he had shortlisted from iProperty. I was like...what happen to you? Suddenly so crazy looking for a house to buy! haha..He made Ummi (his mother) called the agents, and the visiting times are set.

Then we left for Kuala Pilah, my uwan's (my grandmother) house. Following that, we left for Semenyih (my father's hometown) in the afternoon.

I think 2nd Syawal is an extraordinary day for hubby. It was fated, he got to meet and solat together with Yam Tuan Besar Negeri Sembilan. Kebetulan, that Friday the Yam Tuan went Friday Prayer at the mosque nearby uwan's house:) Husband was like just inches away! hihi.


3 Syawal
It was my in law's open house.
I accepted the task to cook meatball spaghetti. First of all, I seldomly cooked any spaghetti. Secondly, I am not a really good cook, especially when it comes to cater more than 2 persons >,< Alhamdulillah, all turned out ok :,D Eateble la..hahaha
This day had in fact the most overwhelming of all. First, my spaghetti was eatable, 2nd, finally I gotta learned how to operate sewing machine and actually produced a maxi by myself! and most of all, I met an inspiring person name Prof. Dr. Mazidah :') I consider her as the answer who came knocking on my door. Alhamdulillah..
I slept with a lot to be thankful to Allah s.w.t.

Days after Syawal, the 3rd

Our visit to empty or strangers' houses started..unti the day our departure back to Japan. Did we finally found our dream house?I will reveal it later (subjected to loan approval.hahahaha)

A bit frustrated though to cancel meetings with friends. But I assure them, I will be back in KL for good this Oct.! So, there is nothing to be mad about! haha.


Oh, didn't I tell you? I'm coming home!!

That's why I was in hiatus! I was busy with thesis, raya, emotions, packings! yes, packings! weehuu!!

See you, KL!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Ending

The story started on the August 7th, 4am.

The night before, the husband went home very late at night. Around 1130pm and only got to break his fast then. Well of course it broke the wife's heart every single time>,<

Anyway, they had to leave the house for the Narita Airport the latest at 4am. Why? First, subuh would only started at 340am. Secondly, the husband is apparently married to kura-kura.

Nevertheless, they successfully left at 4am, the weather was lovely, so was the traffic. According to the GPS, we would arrive 3hrs before the departure time which was just lovely! It was somehow, too surreal, until..they were about to enter Tokyo, where they seemed like..they were static. Like not moving at all.

Japan's highway is equipped with so many electronic information board, updating the traffic flow all the time. They will show you which point along the way, there are accidents or congestions, and the additional time you might need to reach your destination as the consequences. It happened that, on the way to Narita Airport, there were two major accidents in the middle of the already congested road! As soon as they enter the Tokyo and got stuck, the GPS recalculate the journey time and according to it, they will only arrived just in time of departure, which meant, they wouldn't be able to even check in >,<

The wife started to palpitate, nauseous and immediately her excitement just a few hours before gone! Just a few hour before she was dancing and singing in the car to Demi Lovato's (lol xp). Actually, since got married, whenever there's problem involving both of them, the wife had never really care because she knows the husband must have ways to solve it. The husband never really saw things as problems! Or he was just so lucky that way. But this time she could see his husband was so different and he seemed to putus asa sangat. The wife had to tell their situation to the family whom expected their arrival in the evening. The possibility they managed to arrive by time was practically 0%! Yeah..that was how hopeless they were!

They had to tell their family to expect the cancellation. Also, they had their aunty online to standby in case they have to cancel the ticket since she works in MAS. They really feel like being in Mission Impossible! It was nearly impossible! The picture of them beraya was erased, and husband had starting discuss the alternative ways to spend raya >,<

Suddenly, hubby just follow his heart and diverted to the city road. He knew it was not a good idea. The fact that it was Tokyo on the working day, just made it worst! GPS also did not agree with the husband. The calculation showed additional 2hr journey! Brilliant. The wife was about to cry! The husband diverted back to the highway, when suddenly magic happened..

Apparently, when the husband diverted to the city road, they skipped the jammed part! They suddenly on the smooth journey to the airport and managed to arrived 2hr before departure time.

That was the story of us, Wani and Asyraff balik raya. duh-_-"

(click on the picture. it is a short video;))

I always always love roadtrip (provided only in Japan).


Only Allah knows how indescribable our feelings to finally safely arrived and got to beraya with our family in this beloved country, Malaysia.

No where can beat Malaysia in my heart:)


I think it is too late to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya, but I think it is still okay to ask forgiveness from all of you in case I have offended you in any way:)

Maafkan saya:')


Friday, July 19, 2013

Taiwan to me


To celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, husband decided to bring me to Taiwan :) Like usual, esok nak pergi, hari ini baru la terhegeh-hegeh nak beli tiket T_T
I fly with Jetstar. Oh, yes, I fly alone.

Not bad lah Jetstar. The sole reason I chose Jetstar was because of the departure time. Dahla murah, lepastu departure time memang bagus sangat. Tak cepat sangat, tak lambat sangat. Most importantly, the foods served onboard are all halal :) I did not purchase meal at first because the travel time was just 3 hours. But because the departure time was my lunch time, I was so starving, I feel like merayu-rayu dekat flight attendant, please serve the food already!!I was really really starving! I don't know why, whenever I'm on journey, I always lapar gila :/ The journey back to Japan pun sama. But I was fasting, I really feel nk jatuh or nak makan orang yang jalan depan I >,<

Lagi satu yang bestnya Jetstar ni, nak change flight senang gila kacang. haha..Dia ada icon call them through skype (which is of course free!) So, kerja suami saya asyik nak tukar flight je T_T Asal lepas sahur tunggu azan je nak call Jetstar T_T Tapi dia tak naik Jetstar pun T_T
**disclaimer: Oh, btw, I don't know how the other airlines punya service. 

Leaving Taiwan on Jetstar..


Awesome! I think mostly because I love chinese cuisine. But of course I could not try everything on the menu. We only gotta choose seafood, but still it was all worth it! Sedap macam makan di Malaysia :) Untung sangat kita di Malaysia majmuk and are allowed to preserved everyone's custom. Keindahannya, we are more diverse in variety name it food, thoughts, and tolerance. I really hope so, especially the tolerance to last longer :)
Chinese cuisine yang paling sedap yours truly have ever tasted:)

Public transport

Metro coins. Murah gila..We go from Taipei station to Taiwan City Hall (about 5 stops) cost us 20NT= 60yen >,<

This is from my observation la ye. I'm not sure I got it right on the fact. I think Taiwan is just like M'sia in its public transport system. They have a train system connecting cities like us, KTM komuter, and they have subways which resembles Singapore's MRT. But basically that's it. In addition, they also have bullet trains although shinkansen looks far better to me :P 
We stayed in Taoyuan. Yes, very near to the airport. If you want to come to Taipei, Taoyuan airport would be the main airport for international arrivals. Taoyuan is not really in Taipei. Also like KLIA right? So, to go to Taipei, we have to get onto a train like komuter, which took about 40 minutes. It was a nice ride nonetheless. A good chance to expose you with the locals. When you arrived to the city, there will be MRT and buses to bring you around town. 
Prayer room in Taoyuan Airport. So much better than in Kansai :')

Oh, btw, beza antara komuter and their train was that...they are really on time! really!hehe..
Price wise, in my opinion, it was really made to be affordable for the rakyat. Like us, from Taoyuan to Taipei, 40 minutes ride only cost us RM5.70 or 150yen! You know, 150 yen could not bring you anywhere in Japan >,< Not even to the next station >,< 
So, in conclusion, their public transport is affordable and efficient!

One of the MRT station. Taiper City Hall where Taipei 101 is located. Also, main sites for tourist.

People and safety

I walked around alone most of the time. Especially in the evening, hunting for food for berbuka. Before beli makanan tu of course la kita beli bende lain juga :D At first, husband was so worried to let me jalan sorang-sorang while he's at work (he is here for business). Habis takkan nk makan di hotel hari-hari. Tak Taiwan langsung lah kan. But I found the courage to step outside and interact. So far so good. Plus, I walk around the town, full with people. I think as long as I be around people, I should be okay :) 
Most of the people are very nice and surprisingly, friendly. For some, they have a considerably good command of english. For those who can speak, they speak with no accent! To ease your communication, you have no choice but to go to those high end areas. Especially in choosing restaurant for you to eat. Easier for you to explain your situation as muslim :)
But, do not expect hospitality like those Japanese. haha..

While walking I had so many times get stopped by the locals. They were fascinated by my appearance. Most of them knows about Muslim. That wasn't a surprise considering the many mosques you can find in Taiwan. And they are huge and nicely built. What made me a little uneasy was, how can they don't know the existence of Malaysia T_T Always they thought I came from Indonesia. One of the guy who talked to me even said, my scarf was different from Indonesian around. lol xp
Another thing fascinated me plenty Indonesians in the town! There were even more of them in Taipei..and in the train alone! So, I think they would never feel foreign considering numbers of them have already populated the area. And yes, not a single M'sian I met there T_T

This photo was taken by a family if Chinese Indonesian. 


In Chung-li (Taoyuan), I really felt like staying in Jalan Tar. Seriously. Behind the hotel, there's Sogo complex. Surrounding it, there's a lot of street shops like in...Jalan Tar! xp

Deretan kedai yang tak ubah macam di Jalan Tar. Something you wouldn't see in Japan. When I saw this..waa....macam balik KL je perasaannya :')

A lot of stalls like this. They are mainly selling cut fruits and fruit juice! Murah sangat fruit juice depa :') Terharu sangat tengok kesenangan mendapat bekalan fruit juice di mana-mana. I was skeptical on the clenliness, but one day I pass by them and saw they were wearing gloves while cutting the fruits :') Maybe not all stalls but these stalls did :)

Waa..hisashiburi Watsons :') Kat Jepun takde Watson. Pardon my kejakunan :') Yea..hari-hari pegi sini walaupun takde beli pape :p

Tempat shopping selame 2 minggu >,< 

Many streets like this surrounding the town. Senang je nak tahu orang tu boleh cakap english tak..those who approach you. haha.


Well, I'm sorry..I could not review on this area much..sebab kami hanya jalan-jalan tanpa hala tuju je. Because most of the attractions are zoo and temples which are so not our interest. hehe..
Taipei 101..was behind me

Muka hampir terbeli LV T_T


Feels like Malaysia! Except on the day of the typhoon. Tu macam kat Jepun.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Berbuka di hotel

Suspicious sangat tajuk..
Nevertheless, I mean it! I'm going to show you the juadahs I've been having for iftar in HOTEL so far. 
Mind you..all '5 stars'..
Mari kita lihat..antara-antara juadahnya:


Amacam? spesel tak? :') bahahaha..
Ape nak buat..berpuasa di perantauan..pastu accomodation tak ada pula dapur. Have no choice but to tapao everyday. Eating out was not an option la coz I gotta berbuka alone most of the days:)
But, see the big fish there? That's when hubby was around:) Special sikit la :') 

I mentioned before, that I am constipation-prone during fasting month. So, a big portion of the hidangan have to be fruits. Tapi tak constipation prone pun memang gini :D Despite of this effort, it still hasn't reduce the risk nonetheless:( Tapi, cuba jela kan..mana tahu it will become worst if I didn't >,<


Back in M'sia I would love to have rice, tembikai (a lot of it) and sedikit kuih. Yep, I'm fussy like that. But in here, bersahur around 3am, and I usually fell asleep at 1.30 T_T so...
Nevertheless, I am all bersemangat to serve my husband. Although it was only tapaoed food. He is so easy to take care of la..have to thank my MIL a lot :')

So far, we only had leftovers from the iftar. I am okay with that. I usually don't have the appetite, so it's okay:) But I must have a sip of orange juice, my milk and recently prunes. Blerghhh

And..I found my favorite cereals! I love trix by the way..but this is froot loops!can do la..nk sama dah rasa dia tu:') Di Jepun, mashaAllah..tak jumpa la trix ke...froot loops ke..koko crunch pun tak ada T_T So, if you want to make your friends in Japan happy, those are some of the things you can consider to bring here, alongside KFC and McDonalds. haha

I love my moreh. If in M'sia, moreh means the time I can finally eat my kuih! Yours truly ni memang makan banyak kali. In normal days, teatime is my joy of the day. I love kuih. In Japan, I have no choice but to replace them with cookies, cakes and all sorts of sweets. My favourite teatime menu, pisang goreng! Imma simple girl like that. It is easy to make me happy!
Tapi in puasa day, of course I can't swallow everything during the iftar. So, I have to let the maincourse settle smpai colon, then I can have my stomach for kuih muih:')

But as musafir, this is my moreh. In spite of all the hurdles, I still have my moreh.haha.. oreo pon oreo la..
And..I still have to get my coffee kick. Usually, after I have coffee, my cognitive function would become so active, and I would suddenly became so productive too! caffeine dependent T_T
And that people..why I had a hard time to fall asleep every night these past few days >,<


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